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Monday, November 16, 2009

How interesting, isn't it: how come all these Catholic countries somehow have the inside scoop, I ask you?Who told them all the secrets? And the Church will make a statement AFTER POPULATIONS ALREADY RECEIVED THE VACCINE? Suspicious indeed.

November 15, 2009

Controversy in Croatia after famous Croatian priest Miroslav Bustruk appealed to Croatians not to get vaccinated against the Swine flu vaccine.
In a church ceremony dedicated to St Martin, father’s Bustruk statement caused an avalanche of reactions in Croatia.
What is it that he said?
“I appeal to you, to not get vaccinated for the so called Swine Flu under any circumstance. There is a plan for massive destruction of humanity worldwide. For this purpose we will see new diseases springing up everywhere” reports Croatian daily “Jutarnji List”, quoting father Bustruk.
“The H1N1 vaccine itself is a very sophisticated weapon whose implanted microchip will control the health of the human being” added the Croatian priest which prompted a great deal of disagreement by Croatian officials.
In defense of his colleague stood Don Jure Zubovik who said father Bustruk’s statement only defended the Church, adding – “certain people who have spoken out or warned against the vaccine are already in jail”.
More will be known in few weeks when the Vatican is expected to issue a press release addressing all World’s Governments.

Just as a reminder; the direct link between the Vatican and genocide of Jews, gypsies and Serbs.


Anonymous said...

its not just catholic countries. it is anyone with access to the free flow of information on the internet.

dr len horowitz is a jewish believer in Christ who has devoted his life to exposing these scandals. since his graduation from harvard med school he has witnessed the horrid corruption of the jewish dominated medical, pharmaceutical, and governmental regulatory professions.

it is not jew vs catholic. it is a matter of finding out the truth that is freely available for all with unprejudiced minds and unimpaired ability to think.

the rabbis will be of no help. they are at best just monkeys parroting the findings of others.

DS said...

You are some rabid Jew hater, and rabbi hater, aren't you, Michael Korn. Why all this hatred? Is this your wonderful 'love'? How deluded of you. You need help. What a self-hating Jew.