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Sunday, November 29, 2009

If you recall, UK scientists brought specimens of the lungs of Ukraine victims to the UK for analysis; small cohort, granted; still, quite significant: the CURRENT VACCINE DOES NOTHING AGAINST THAT PARTICULAR, FATAL, H1N1 INFECTION!

WHO Confirms D225G Vaccine Failure

Recombinomics Commentary 03:31

November 28, 2009

One isolate from Ukraine with the mutation had changed so that swine flu vaccine probably would not protect against it well, Britain's national medical laboratory reported Friday.

"Flus mutate so fast, Dr. Fukuda cautioned, that announcing each change is "like reporting changes in the weather."

The above quote from tomorrow's NY Times piece by Donald McNeil, acknowledges the vaccine failure for viruses with D225G. However, although WHO has publicly confirmed the failure, they don't think an announcement is required. Thus, they continue to offer altering opinions on the significance of D225G, which directs H1N1 to the lung and was present in four of four fatalities in Ukraine.

The associate of D225G with the Ukraine fatalities led to a survey of samples in Norway, where D225G was found in three patients (two who died and 1 who was in serious condition). Similarly, France found D225G in two fatal infections, including one who was Tamiflu resistant.

However, even though this change is drawing additional attention daily, WHO has taken a position that the vaccine failure against H1N1 with this D225G is not worthy of an announcement.
This mindset is significant cause for concern and is hazardous to the world's health

Article from the Flu Case

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