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Friday, November 6, 2009

Great! My letter to Professor Engelhard was posted on THE FLU CASE, Jane Burgermeister's website, together with a letter from the SWISS-ISRAEL ASSOCIATION. Gruezi, Mittenand!


 Doctors protest Israel's decision to give toxic Focetria and Pandemrix jabs to people

Protests are growing over the decision by the Israeli Ministry of Health to give people in Israel the toxic and untested swine flu jabs Focetria and Pandemrix produced by Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

At least five people in Sweden have died shortly after receiving the intested Pandemrix swine flu jab, classified as a bioweapon by EU and US regulators.

The German army rejected the "swine flu" jab vaccine with mercury and squalene as too toxic for its soldiers .

The Polish Health Minister has said she will not allow the untested jab to be given to people without more evidence of safety.

Dr Daisy J Stern outlined her concerns in a letter to Professor Dan Engelhard.

The letter (below) comes as the Swiss-based Association Around Israel has produced a leaflet about the dangers of the swine flu jab.

Professor Dan Engelhard

Head, Department of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein-Kerem
POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Fax: 02-6434579
Tel: 02-6778960, 050-7874040

Jerusalem, Nov. 4th, 2009

Dear Professor Engelhard,

A few days ago I spoke to you on the phone, and expressed my serious
concerns to you regarding the decision of the Ministry of Health in
Israel to administer Focetria and PandemRix, the two adjuvanted H1N1
vaccines respectively from Novartis and GSK, to the unsuspecting
population of Israel.

I reminded you of the squalene and polysorbate 80 contained in these
vaccines,  and about the dangers of auto-immune reactions,
neurotoxicity, and infertility that these vaccines present. You
responded to me that you were well aware of the dangers involved, but
that you and your panel of physicians , specialists in their respective
fields, had decided that benefits outweigh the risks, based on worldwide
mortality statistics due to the H1N1 virus.

Professor Engelhard, please let me remind you of the following facts ( I
have included one or two references for each topic, but there are many,
many more, some peer- reviewed, some not. Time is of the essence and
unfortunately I do not have time to include them all at present).

Main points:

1.The statistics presented by the CDC and other monitoring bodies are
severely distorted: the proven number of deaths due to the actual H1N1
virus is much smaller than previously reported: most cases were of
patients who died of underlying, concomitant conditions, yet were
labeled as H1N1 related deaths. Furthermore, a ;arge number of so-called
H1N1 cases were never actually proven to be such, cases counted even
including phone calls made to doctors by patients worried they might
have the H1N1 virus.

2. H1N1 is a mild influenza virus, much milder even than regular, yearly
seasonal influenza. The number of deaths is relatively small, compared
to yearly influenza mortality rates.

3. The Southern Hemisphere winter season passed without any major
catastrophe. The flu season already peaked in the USA.

4. There IS vaccine available that does not contain either adjuvant or
thimerosal. That vaccine is being used on 250,000 German soldiers.

5. Squalene is highly neurotoxic and causes severe auto-immune
reactions., even deaths.

6. The concentration of squalene in both Focetria and PandemRix is
between half a million to a million times higher than the squalene
contained in the anthrax vaccine administered to US soldiers in 1991,
which was seriously implicated in the Gulf War Syndrome, and from which
hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffered terribly, and many thousands

Ongoing administration of unlisted vaccines in the US military caused
severe reactions and even deaths in thousands of people. The IDF also
recently participated in illegal anthrax vaccine experiments on 716
unsuspecting Israeli soldiers ; administration of toxic substances by
the US and Israeli government is nothing new.

7. The unnecessary H1N1 vaccination campaign of 1976 caused many cases
of Guillain-Barre, some of them permanent. Just as today, people were
not informed of the potential dangers involved in taking these highly
toxic substances..

8.Pandemrix has barely been tested on children at all, and has been
banned from use in Switzerland below the age of 18, because of lack of
clinical data.

9. The only studies done with Focetria, containing the MARKETABLE
PRODUCT, were on a total of 132 people.


10. The combination of squalene and polysorbate 80 in a buffered
solution has been shown to be an excellent anti-fertility combination,
in anti-fertility research performed by scientists for the W.H.O., who
were assigned the job of developing anti-fertility vaccines to reduce
world population. Giving these vaccines to our young population is
tantamount to sterilizing them.

(Fertility Impairing Vaccine And Methods of Use' This application claims
the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/070,375, filed
January 2,1998, U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/071,406, filed
January 15,1998).

11. Giving these vaccines to our population  is equivalent to using them
as guinea pigs for the rest of Europe, the world, and specially for
pharmaceutical companies, as they have not yet been properly tested in
children or adults in other countries.

See reference , article #8.

12. Because of the recombinant nature of the H1N1 antigen used in the
manufacture of these vaccines, there is significant risk that the
vaccine itself will lead to a much more serious pandemic, by reassorting
itself with other viruses in the community.

I understand that, in accordance with W.H.O. directives, and with Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's agreement, the goal of the Ministry of
VACCINES by December 31st.

I urge you to cancel the decision to use PandemRix in our children ages
3-10, and desist as well from using Focetria in the rest of our
population. The orders of the Ministry of Health significantly and
unnecessarily endanger our whole population; the current risk of H1N1
pandemic clearly does not warrant such a step at this time. And even if
there was a real need for a vaccine, using an adjuvanted vaccine that
contains thimerosal is totally unwarranted and contraindicated.

Yours sincerely,

Daisy, J. Stern, MD
Family and Preventive Medicine.

USA and Israel.

Tel: 054-587-2756

Die Gefährlichkeit der H1N1-Schutzimpfung (Schweinegrippe)

Liebe Freunde und Bekannte
Die sogenannte Schweinegrippe ist immer noch aktuell. Mit der Gefährlichkeit dieser
Krankheit wird aber sehr übertrieben. So ist es nun auch in vielen Ländern so, dass
Massenimpfungen durchgeführt werden mit verschiedenen Substanzen. Es ist daher wichtig,
sich mit dieser Impfung genauer auseinander zusetzen. Die Medien lassen Fachleute zu
Wort kommen, welche die Nebenwirkungen bagatellisieren und sogar Falschinformationen
liefern. Gerade in der Diskussion um die Zusatzstoffe werden Aussagen gemacht, die
irreführend sind. Man spricht davon, dass schon immer Zusatzstoffe in den Impfungen
waren. Allerdings unterschlägt man dabei die Tatsache, dass in der jetzigen Impfung
neuartige und schwach erforschte Mittel verwendet werden. Lest daher diese Informationen
gut durch.
Als erstes ein Bericht zum offiziellen Beipackzettel des Impfstoffes der Firma Novartis:

Inwieweit in der Diskussion der Nebenwirkungen eine allgemeine Uneinigkeit herrscht sieht
man an zwei Beiträgen. Die Vereinigung der Ärzte für individuelles Impfen:

Dem deutschen, unabhängigen Informationsdienst für Ärzte und Apotheker (Arznei-


Einige der Zusatzstoffe sind schon bekannt. Ihre Gefährlichkeit ist gut dokumentiert:

Neuartig ist aber die Verwendung der Zusatzstoffe in einer Partikelgrösse im Nanobereich.
Die Nanotechnologie ist in vielen Gebieten in Gebrauch, allerdings sind die Nebenwirkungen
unerforscht. Es gibt aber schon dokumentierte Schadenfälle:

Eine sehr gut recherchierte Zusammenfassung zu den Nebenwirkungen, die etwas länger
ist, findet sich hier:

Verein Rund um Israel
Roger Vismara
Buhaldeweg 24
CH-5034 Suhr

Der Verein Rund um Israel fördert die internationale Freundschaft zu Israel und den Aufbau des Landes Israel. Der Verein
finanziert sich durch Überschüsse aus Verkäufen und Aktivitäten, Mitgliederbeiträgen und Spenden.

Man sieht, dass in dem jetzigen Zeitpunkt eine Impfung nicht nur unsinnig, sondern geradezu
gefährlich ist. Es ist wichtig, diese Informationen daher weiterzugeben. Die Seite Eltern für
Impfaufklärung hat dazu gutes Info-Material zum Runterladen. Verbreitet dies doch! :

Wer sich trotzdem schützen will, der hat in der Pflanzentherapie eine gute Alternative. Dazu
zwei gute Testberichte:

Was diese Pflanze sonst noch alles kann, findet ihr hier:

Falls jemand aber eine Impfung trotzdem will, hier eine Impferklärung, die man dem Arzt
vorlegen kann, damit er die Ungefährlichkeit der Impfung in seiner Verantwortung
bescheinigt. Ausserdem gibt es ja schon Länder, die eine Zwangsimpfung durchführen, oder
dies vorhaben. Auch in diesem fall ist diese Erklärung nützlich, denn wenn die eigene
Gesundheit nicht garantiert werden kann, so ist dies ein Weigerungsgrund, sich impfen zu

Es existieren in der ganzen Diskussion auch verschiedene Stimmen, welche eine
Verschwörung im Ganzen sehen wollen. Vielleicht wurde auch schon jemand damit
konfrontiert. Daher hier auch noch zwei Quellen dazu. Selbst stehe ich dem offen, aber sehr
kritisch gegenüber:

Im Sinne der Verantwortung für seinen Nächsten, sollte dieses Mail und die Flyers so breit
und schnell wie nur immer möglich, weitergegeben werden! Diese Zusammenfassung ist
auch im Internet abrufbar unter: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

zuerst den Ordner "Impf-Fakten", und dann die "pdf-Datei" anklicken.

Verein Rund um Israel
Roger Vismara
Buhaldeweg 24
CH-5034 Suhr

Der Verein Rund um Israel fördert die internationale Freundschaft zu Israel und den Aufbau des Landes Israel. Der Verein
finanziert sich durch Überschüsse aus Verkäufen und Aktivitäten, Mitgliederbeiträgen und Spenden.

And this is my response to Jane Burgermeister and to Rund-um-Israel:


Daisy J. Stern, MD 2009-11-06 09:00:51

Gruezi Mittenand, wie gahts? Vielleich koennen wir zusammen arbeiten?

Hello, Rund-um-Israel, so glad to meet you. It is very fitting that the first country to pick up the story should be Switzerland.

And of course, first of all, thank you so much to Jane Burgermeister for her tremendous work, for this invaluable resource,the Flu Case, as well as for posting my letter to Professor Engelhard on her website.

To be noted that if there is no change of policy as a result of this letter, we intend to go to the Supreme Court with a lawsuit, in order to expose the whole story and let public opinion do the job.

I am also a Swiss citizen, raised in Geneva, the seat of this horrible W.H.O. decree, and I feel it is my responsibility, as a Swiss citizen, to counter this anti-humanitarian project of the UN. Switzerland has always been concerned with the welfare of humanity, and we cannot allow this travesty of medicine to go on.

I hope we get a chance to cooperate in the future over this issue.


Please access my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES, for a wealth of information on the H1N1 vaccine and the pandemic charade.

You can find the relevant articles by searching for the labels:

SWINE FLU, BIRD FLU, VACCINATIONS, WHO, UN, UN with teeth, Contamination of vaccines, Vatican schemes and lies.

Thank you, and G-d bless you!

Daisy J. Stern, MD  

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