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Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is exactly what the state of Israel should do... don't count on it, though, servile as they are. EVERY COUNTRY SHOULD FOLLOW SUIT TOO: after all, THE VATICAN WAS NEVER IN, RIGHT?!

Russia Could Withdraw from WHO Over Swine Flu Corruption
Saturday, 28 November 2009 10:16

A Russian deputy of the Duma has called for Russia to withdraw from the WHO if an investigation into the alleged collusion between the WHO and pharmaceutical companies on the swine flu scandal proves to be accurate, according to reports in the European media.

Igor Barinov, Member of the Commission of the State Parliament (Duma) in Charge of Corruption, said that there needed to be an investigation into whether experts advising WHO received money from pharmaceutical industry and whether this influenced WHO to declare a pandemic level 6 emergency for the first time in 40 years in spite of the fact that the swine flu is neither lethal nor spreading rapidly.

Danish journalists belonging to "Information" concluded that the swine flu could be the biggest case of corruption in our era after examining links between experts of WHO and the pharmaceutical companies.

WHO recommended the purchase of the controversial Swiss-based Roche’s Tamilfu in spite of evidence the drug causes serious side effects. The Ukrainian ministry for health bought large and excessive stocks of Tamiflu.

“The organization is suspected of corruption. We certainly must carry out a meticulous inquiry before making any decision,” Barinov declared on Friday to journalists.

“If the information is confirmed, we will have to put the question of whether it makes sense for Russia to belong to WHO, and to suspend our membership if necessary”.

Russia has spent more than 4 billion roubles so far on the swine flu.

Barinov suggested making the head of the investigation of WHO, the Russian representative in this organization, the member of the executive committee of WHO, Vladimir Starodoubov.

“Nobody calls into question the services rendered in the 20th century by WHO in the fight against the malaria, AIDS, but today it should asked whether this organization is not struck itself by the virus of corruption, and up to what point these recommendations are founded, up to what point can we trust it,” said Barinov.

The director of the Russian National Sanitary Surveillance Institute Guennadi Onichtchenko said in a meeting with the general prosecutor of the federation of Russia for legislation in the pharmaceutical field that the fight against the swine flu in the world has the characteristics of a plot.
There is also mounting evidence WHO was instrumental in spreading AIDS.

News item from the Flu Case.

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