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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

... And what is Israel doing about THIS REAL epidemic? It OBVIOUSLY KNOWS ABOUT IT - see below . SO WHY GIVE H1N1 vaccine, likely ineffective? And what about a QUARANTINE INTO ISRAEL FROM THERE??? WHAT IS GOING ON? THE TRUTH, PLEASE!

A Tale of Two Stories: The European BioWar outbreak and the censoring of it by the mainstream news media.

by Dr Rebecca Carley

The biggest story on the Planet today is the outbreak of a very
serious Advanced Biological War virus in Europe.

The second biggest
story on the Planet is the suppression of this story for almost two weeks by the corporate owned mainstream news media.

There is a lot we know and a lot that we can only speculate on about what is unfolding in Central Europe. We know that in mid-October, less than a month ago, there was a growing number of cases of what many thought was Swine Flu (A/H1N1) in the western part of the Ukraine. We know that many hundreds if not thousands of people in western Ukraine witnessed low flying light airplanes aerosol spraying something over
Ukrainian cities during the days of October 29, 2009 and October 31, 2009.

We know that beginning the night of October 29th, massive

numbers of people begin to get very sick. We know that the Ukraine
government issued a statement denying that it was doing any aerial
spraying to combat the growing disease or authorizing any spraying
over Ukrainian cities. We know that by October 30th, the Ukrainian
authorities closed all schools for three weeks and banded public

We do NOT know what disease the people were/are coming down with. We
do know that doctors are describing the disease as Pneumonic Plague,
or as some type of hemorrhagic fever, or as hemorrhagic influenza, or
as hemorrhagic pneumonia. We know that the illness, whatever it is,
does not appear to be A/H1N1. We do not know if the disease is a
recombination of A/H1N1 with other viruses or some totally different
virus or if it is in fact a virus. We know that the World Health
Organization (WHO) has had several days to sequence the genes of the
disease but has failed to release this data.

We know that WHO has NOT called for the quarantining of the Ukraine
or the shutdown of all global travel to/from the area of infection and
that this is the same thing that they did when Mexican Swine Flu
(A/H1N1) first broke out and that the failure to contain that virus
early on ensured its spread throughout the world.

We know that the internal temperature of the lungs of those with a
terminal case of what many are calling 'Ukrainian Plague' is often
from 130F to 135F. We do know that autopsies show that the lungs are
filled with blood, and are black in color, and that the lung tissue
has turned to mush. We know that patients who first show any signs of
illness usually crash in less than 48 hours, sometimes the same day.

We know that the disease was spreading by about 200,000 per day but
that this has slowed to about 100,000 day now, in the Ukraine, as
people take extraordinary steps to contain the spread of the disease.
We know that well over one and a third million people in the Ukraine
are very ill with the disease (according to published official
sources) and that over 60,000 are hospitalized in serious to critical
condition. We know that the disease has a very high transmission rate
with a likely low amount of viral (if it is in fact a virus) material
needed to cause an infection. We know that the official reports of
deaths are under 300 in the Ukraine. We also know that it is normal
for hospital admissions of people with ARI (acute respiratory
infection) to have a fatality rate of from 5% to 10%. We know that
non-official sources were reporting over 3,000 deaths several days ago
and that this number is more in tune with the 5-10% fatality rate than
the official figures.

We do not know what effective treatments are for this illness. We do
know that young adults seem to be more in danger of this illness. We
suspect that 'cytokine storming' similar to that in the 1918 Spanish
Flu, that killed approximately 50 million people, is taking place.

We know from official Ukrainian Health Ministry reports that the
illness does not test out as Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1). We do not
know if the existing Swine Flu vaccine has any effect, but based on
the non-positive response to Swine Flu in testing, we suspect that the
vaccine is ineffective as the viral protean shell is different than
A/H1N1 (if in fact it is a virus that causes the illness).

We know that the illness has spread to Poland, where over one quarter
of a million people are now very ill. We know that it has spread to
Belarus and to Hungary and elsewhere in central Europe. We know that
900,000 people are said to have Swine Flu in Norway but we do not know
if this is related to Ukraine Plague in any way.

We know that on November 8th a South African site (

) carried the following:

/"Suspicious aircraft were forced to land. A US operated
(Russian-made long-range heavy transport) AN-124 changed its call sign
from civilian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF
(Indian Air Force) upon entering Pakistani air space (forcing) the
plane to land in Mumbai while (a) second one was forced down by
Nigerian fighter jets that also arrested the crew."

"According to reports, China's People's Liberation Army Air Force
contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the
presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft amidst growing
concern that the United States was spreading 'biological agents' in
the Earth's atmosphere, which some Chinese officials believed to be an
attempt to (commit) mass genocide via the spread of H1N1 swine flu."

These aircraft "were carrying 'waste disposal' systems that could
spray up to 45,000kg (nearly 100,000 pounds) of aerial type mist from
sophisticated....nano pipes" in the planes' wings - called

We know that Baxter International Pharmaceuticals sent 72 kilos of
human influenza H3N2 vaccine materials to 16 labs in European nations
which contained live H5N1 Bird Flu viruses. We know that this was only
discovered when a Czech lab tested the material on several ferrets
(ferrets have a similar respiratory system to humans) and all of the
ferrets died in short order. We know that Baxter claimed that this was
human error. We also know that such a 'human error' is basically
impossible with the containment protocols in place at Baxter and any
other modern biolabs using Biosafety Level 3 (BLS-3) lab technology.

We know that in mid-August a Joseph Moshe, who is a Mossad biological
warfare expert, called in to Dr. A. True Ott's national radio talk
show and reported that Baxter was getting ready to release a deadly
plague from its Ukrainian lab and that he was shortly meeting with US
Attorneys in Los Angeles to give evidence about this. We know that
shortly thereafter Moshe was apprehended by Federal agents and LA
police and taken to the Israeli Consulate. We know that he was quickly
flown to Israel and that no further word has come from him.

We know that over the last three or so years a large number of
biological experts, from a number of places all over the world, have
died strange deaths and that this has been commented on by various
publications in the past.

We know that the sudden appearance of Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1)
virtually had to have been a release from a biological warfare lab. We
know that A/H1N1 has gene sequences from three different types
(American, Asian, and African) of Swine Flu, of Bird Flu, of two
different types of human seasonal flu, and of Spanish Flu and that
such a recombination is so unlikely in nature as to be virtually
impossible. We know that the WHO policies of not requiring a major
quarantine of Mexico ensured that A/H1N1 would spread throughout the

We know that the current Swine Flu "Vaccine" is almost totally
untested, and that the manufactures are protected from lawsuits for
even deliberate acts that result in deaths and that nations acquiring
the vaccines are required to sign contracts agreeing not to release
negative information on the "vaccine" to the public. We know that
published additives to the "vaccine" include highly
dangerous-to-human-health substances.

We know that the corporate owned mainstream news media (with strong
links to global banking families) have censored this story in a way
that has never happen before. We know that the outbreak of a unknown
but deadly and very rapidly spreading disease in Europe is the largest
story on Earth but that it is NOT being reported on.


// 13.11.2009 // 14:24 //
Doctors learned why Ukrainians dying! (updated at 06:25 pm)

All victims of the virus in Bukovyna (22 people at the age of 20-40)
died not from bilateral pneumonia, as was previously thought, but as a
result of viral distress syndrome, i.e the total destruction of the

At first the cardio-pulmonary insufficiency comes, and consequently
cardiogenic shock is developed, which causes cardiac standstill and
death, told the chief of bureau of the Chernivtsi regional forensic
examination, doctor of science, Professor Viktor Bachynsky, UNIAN

"During a bilateral pneumonia some morphological picture is observed.
As of data of deaths, there is no such morphological picture. The
virus, which causes death, is very aggressive, it does not strike the
trachea, but immediately gets into the lungs and causes heavy swelling
and solid hemorrhage. Mixed types of parainfluenza and influenza
A/N1N1 lead to this state. This is a very toxic strain, which has not
yet answered to the treatment of the Ministry of Health", - said
Viktor Bachinsky.

According to him, there is a need to change the treatment standards,
because those which were used earlier, resulted in nothing – doctors
failed to save all people infected with the virus in the reanimation.
The belt ventilators did not help also.

For this reason a group of professors of Chernivtsi Medical
University appealed to the Ministry of Health and National Security
and Defense Council with a demand to review the standards of treatment
of patients in Bukovyna. Scientists-morphologists sent to Kyiv
reports, studies and analysis of critically ill patients and people
who died of virus.

Viktor Bachinsky noted that the virus is extremely toxic, it is able
to penetrate not only through respiratory apparatus but also through
the eyes. Chernovtsy scientists recommend in any case use masks and
even wear protective spectacles. An important condition to prevent
deterioration of the situation is also the observance of quarantine

06:19 p.m. Ministry of Health does not consider it is necessary to
publish data on the number of confirmed cases of influenza pandemic in
the laboratory. "Ukraine is in the A/N1N1 influenza pandemic, and now
it does not matter how many of these cases will be detected, we should
treat everybody equally," - said Deputy Minister of Health Vasyl
Lazoryshynets at a briefing on Friday.

Vasyl Lazoryshynets also reminded that in Ukraine since the beginning
of the epidemic 1,25 mn people became ill with pandemic influenza,
influenza and acute respiratory diseases, including 61,000 people -
over the past day, which is by 8,500 less than the previous day.
65,615 people are treated in hospital, including 392 - in the
reanimation, 60 have artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine 239 people died,
including 26 people during the last day, most of them are in the
Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Ternopil Regions. He also said
that according to the laboratory data, 14 people died of pandemic
influenza, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

06:25 p.m. To date, swine flu in Ukraine is dominant, but not the
only strain, said the head of mission of the World Health Organization
in Ukraine Yukka Pukkila.

Yukka Pukkila said that the strain of pandemic virus is detected in
22 cases of 34 samples sent to the control laboratory, which
collaborates with WHO in London.

At the same time, Yukka Pukkila stressed that, besides Californian
flu in Ukraine there is a large number of varieties of acute
respiratory viral diseases and many other viruses that infect the
respiratory system, reports Liga.

The genocide is now on being fast tracked, as promised by the
murderous cabal controlling the world:

Remember, folks, WE can stop the not be afraid! We are
reaching critical mass, if we have not already done so...

Dr C

Example of Chemtrail spraying, in Austria. Watch the spray buttons. Some strange airplane!

Daily Mail, UK:

Last updated at 10:41 PM on 15th November 2009
British scientists are examining the strain of swine flu behind a deadly Ukrainian outbreak to see if the virus has mutated.
A total of 189 people have died and more than one million have been infected in the country.
Some doctors have likened the symptoms to those seen in many of the victims of the Spanish flu which caused millions of deaths world-wide after the World War One.
An unnamed doctor in western Ukraine told of the alarming effects of the virus.
He said: 'We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal.

Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (L) visits flu victims at a hospital in the western Ukrainian city of Lutsk
'They look like they have been burned. It's terrifying.'
Neighbouring Poland has called on the EU to take action, fearing the mystery virus may spread westwards.
Prime Minister Donald Tusk has written to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who holds the EU presidency.
The letter said: 'The character of this threat demands that rapid action be undertaken at the European Union level.'
Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania have already launched health checks on Ukrainians entering their territory.
Slovakia has closed two of five border crossings.

People wear protective masks as they sit in a subway carriage in Kiev
A butcher wearing a protective mask reads a magazine at a market in Kiev
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has called in the World Health Organisation.
A team of specialists are carrying out tests in Kiev and Lviv in an effort to identify the virus.
President Yushchenko said: 'People are dying. The epidemic is killing doctors. This is absolutely inconceivable in the 21st Century.'  
In a TV interview, the President added: 'Unlike similar epidemics in other countries, three causes of serious viral infections came together simultaneously in Ukraine: two seasonal flus and the Californian flu.
'Virologists conclude that this combination of infections may produce an even more aggressive new virus as a result of mutation.'  
Four men and one woman have died from the flu in Lviv, said emergency hospital chief doctor Myron Borysevych.
Two of the dead patients were in the 22-35 age group, with two others over 60.
He diagnosed the disease as viral pneumonia.   
'We have sent the analyses to Kiev. We don't believe it's H1N1 swine flu. Neither do we know what kind of pneumonia it is.'  
Universities, schools and nurseries have been closed, public meetings have been banned and theatres shut.
The virus from the Ukraine is being tested at the Medical Research council labs in Mill Hill North London .
A spokesman said: 'We do not have a time scale for the results of the tests, although some preliminary results have been obtained. I cannot tell you what they are.
'We did not have enough of the virus samples so we will have to grow some more before we can come to a conclusive decision about its nature.'


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