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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MEDICAL LAW violated in Switzerland; and what about in Israel? Is the law being violated? Is it about to be violated? Read below.


"Hans Binz, the head of Swiss Commission for Vaccination Issues, has accused the Federal Health Ministry of acting "irresponsibly" by failing to inform people about the possible side effects of the swine flu jab.

People going to get their jab in Zurich are not being informed about the possible side effects, reports Swiss TV.

The requirement to give adequate information about the side effects of the jabs has been violated, according to the newspaper SonntagsZeitung.


Zu wenig Aufklärung bei H1N1-Impfungen
Sonntag, 22. November 2009, 6:02 Uhr, Aktualisiert 21:47 Uhr

Bei der Impfung gegen die Schweinegrippe werden die Sicherheitsanforderungen des Bundesamts für Gesundheit (BAG) offenbar verletzt. Das berichtet die «SonntagsZeitung». In der Stadt Zürich seien Impfwillige etwa nicht über mögliche Nebenwirkungen informiert worden.

Zudem sei bei ihnen nicht abgeklärt worden, ob eine chronische Erkrankung und Allergien bestehen, oder bei einer Frau, ob sie schwanger ist.
Der Vizepräsident der Eidgenössischen Kommission für Impffragen, Hans Binz, hält diese Unterlassungen für «verantwortungslos», berichtet das Blatt weiter. Im schlimmsten Fall könne eine Allergie einen tödlichen Schock auslösen.
Kantone für Sicherheit verantwortlich
Gleichzeitig werde auch die Rückverfolgbarkeit des verimpften Serums nicht gleich gehandhabt. Arztpraxen notierten lediglich Name und Geburtsdatum – ohne Adresse. Bei Problemen mit dem Impfstoff müssten die Behörden eine öffentliche Rückrufaktion machen. Laut BAG müssen die Kantone für die Sicherheit beim Impfen sorgen.
Grosse Unterschiede zeigen sich auch bei der Verteilung des Impfstoffs, den die Kantone selbst organisiert haben. Eine schweizweite Umfrage zeige: Basel-Stadt hat für ein Viertel seiner Bevölkerung Impfstoff verteilt, der Kanton Jura bildet mit 6 Prozent das Schlusslicht. "

From the FLU CASE.

While here in Israel.....

See the following 1999 article re: medical law in Israel, PATIENT RIGHTS.

Journal article by Michael L. Gross; The Hastings Center Report, Vol. 29, 1999

Autonomy and Paternalism in Communitarian Society.

Patient Rights in Israel

The Israeli Patient Rights Act attempts to accommodate personal autonomy within an avowedly paternalist communitarian state, Although Israel is still groping toward a solution, the legislation begins to show the different form a communitarian version of autonomy must take.

The critical question now confronting Israel is whether and how it can accommodate the idea of patient autonomy. Very often, the patient rights rooted in the idea of autonomy are not positive rights, as the right to universal health care would be; they are of the peculiarly American negative sort. They involve, at bottom, the right to be left alone, to make health care decisions away from the prying eyes of the state. Coping with this issue is proving to be a major challenge. One solution, not unique to Israel, is reflected in the rise of private medicine. In this case the American transactional model describes the emerging relationship between health care providers and consumers. But this remains a marginal solution. Far more fundamental is the attempt to synthesize state or, more precisely, social paternalism with some recognition that good health care requires informed patient participation. One of the first fruits of this attempt, Israel's new patient rights law, offers an example of communitarian legislation. Among its provisions, patients are accorded the right of informed consent while being denied the right of informed refusal. Instead, refusals are resolved by committees that are accorded juridical status to resolve patient-doctor disputes and, if necessary, impose treatment....

I searched for, but was unable to find a copy of the informed consent form offered patients and medical staff before taking the H1N1 vaccine.

However, I saw a copy of the letter sent by the Ministry of Health to the medical staff of the Kupot Cholim, pressuring them to get vaccinated for the good of the country. (I also heard from patients about the strong pressure exerted on them to get injected.)

Nowhere do I see mentioned the possible life-threatening,  or simply very severe side-effects that can result from Focetria administration. I would hope that every person who got immunized was informed beforehand of the very real possible dangers involved. Sorry to say, but it was not done so on a routine basis, from what I have heard here and there: I spoke with a couple of medical personnel, and they were NOT informed verbally of the possible dangers of Focetria injection: instead, they were just urged to take the vaccine, and dutifully complied, as per superior's request. Thank G-d nothing happened to those persons so far, but who knows what will evolve in the future, and it just as well could have happened to them, just as it did in many other countries and cases.

It would be very important to find out what the situation is ON THE GROUND. How much do recipients of the vaccine really understand before agreeing to getting jabbed? Is the informed consent in a clear language that every person can understand? Does it list EVERY POSSIBLE consequence of taking this experimental vaccine - despite protestations to the contrary-? Does it clearly state that the vaccine is entirely voluntary? I am only asking questions at this time.

However, as I was researching this matter, I stumbled on a much more disturbing and sinister piece of information: a clinical study is being planned, about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting Israeli public, that I find particularly shocking:

They are planning to TEST FOCETRIA, AN ADJUVANTED H1N1 VACCINE, ON PATIENTS WITH AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES, here in Israel. What on earth do they expect? Injecting squalene, which INCREASES THE IMMUNE RESPONSE MARKEDLY, into a patient who already has an auto-immune condition -  which crazy, totally ignorant, or totally destitute person would be willing to participate in such an injurious experiment? Whose brilliant idea was it, I wonder - and approved by the Ministry of Health to boot? I SURE HOPE THAT PATIENTS WILL BE WARNED ABOUT THE VERY SERIOUS LIKELIHOOD THAT THEIR SYMPTOMS WILL WORSEN MARKEDLY as a result of their injection.

POSITIVELY RECKLESS, to say it in a nice manner; or NEGLIGENT, which is still too nice a term: if it were done under duress, I would call it criminal.

I also wonder who will be getting paid what, to do this testing on Israelis. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY if you want to understand the bottom of a story.

See also the link in the article to this item: this shows clearly that the Ministry of Health can change their decision anytime about such a study. I sure hope the sheer shame of exposure will be enough to stop them in their tracks.

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