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Sunday, May 9, 2010

RED ALERT! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! - On Middle East Coming War - US General Vallely - Watch it NOW! See also comments below, and please give us your own opinion: it is important, as the situation is very fluid, and the PTB are so deceitful!

Former US Maj. General Paul E. Valey, Chairman, Stand Up America US Warns of Chemical Attacks against Israel|12min

Sent by Jack, who said:

What has to happen before the Israeli government moves? We cannot allow Iran to launch the first strike.
Terror by Teheran... the Middle East tipping point is in the Summer of 2010...scary to say the least...
Whose Checkmate will it be? Israel or Iran, Hezbollah Syria, West Bank and Hamas?

SHmuel said:
Did you have a chance to get your new government issued gas mask and BCN kit? I suggest to do it .
He also added:
PS: Have you noticed how fast the high treason parties in the IDF document theft including that duo of degenerates with "ha'aretz" unJews has been silenced?
There is far more...
I hear that many of the GOI folk is preparing to run out of here if real war starts.
Rumor?  I don't believe so.

DS adds:

The whole volcanic ash saga seemed suspicious to me ( even though I was on a flight back to Israel the very day the volcano was erupting, so that our plane had to be diverted towards Athens - quite a story ); coupled with the recent increased scrutiny by the U.S. as to who is allowed to board a plane to get out of the US, and who is not,  I had a feeling that the ultimate goal of the whole exercise was maybe to close off the skies to Jews and other such "enemies of the state", as Al Cuppett had repeatedly warned us about such a possibility.

Notice, also, how the no-fly zone in Europe is getting closer and closer to Israel. Now we are talking the Mediterranean region, Spain, Italy, France, and flights out of Israel are being stopped, even though, according to a report below, SPAIN HISTORICALLY NEVER HAD VOLCANIC ASH ON HER SOIL, EVER. And now all of a sudden Spanish air space is full of ash? What is going on ??? Something is not quite kosher here.

But now that I have seen this video, I wonder if the purpose of the no-fly zone in Europe is actually to
prevent Jews from leaving Israel by air if and when Iran/Hezbollah attacks?!

If not, I have a feeling it might be some kind of WAR PREPARATION and restriction of the European air space that is being sold to the public as "volcanic ash". Maybe Europe will not permit Israel to fly over it in case of attack on Iran, under the pretext of volcanic ash?? I don't even know if Israel needs the European air space, maybe it doesn't need it at all.....

What do you think??

Your opinion is precious.


Thank you.


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Shiloh said...

Daisy, who knows. Today, there is such media disinformation. Even the video of the summer war cannot be proven to be true.

With flying, in so much as preventing Jews from leaving Israel, there may be a problem with Jews getting to Israel. What is to say that airlines can 'safely' fly into Ben Gurion if a war breaks out. If there is to be a scape goat, watch out, Jews in the galut will be in just as much danger as those in Israel. Times are bizarre to say the least.