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Sunday, May 30, 2010


A Tel Aviv court on Sunday sentenced a minor to 4 years in prison, and an additional 15 months suspended sentence, for stealing a credit card belonging to IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, along with weapons, which they tried to sell to Arabs. The theft, which the youth carried out with his brother, an IDF soldier, were convicted in a plea bargain several weeks ago. The two are Arabs from the town of Kalansuwa.


by Avi Goldreich

(Translated from the Hebrew by Nurit Greenger.) So again friends, there is no such a thing as "Palestinian Nation"; never was never will be. We are speaking about a fiction of the Arabs with the encouragement of the Israel Left, now known to be suffering from a deeply seeded mental disease of self hate that is cooperating with the worst of Israel and Jews' enemy!
We are launching a world war, a war for the identity of our land, our country!
If there is Palestine, then there is such a nation too and so they have such country too. BUT, PAY ATTENTION: if there is Palestine then there is NO Eretz Yisrael -- the Land of Israel; end of story!
So the battle, the war is to defend our identity. The enemy is the Left that surrendered to the enemy and adopted the Arab enemy propaganda. We have not!
So, the only way to win is for each and every one of us to take upon ourselves to embark on a mini crusade: we no longer use the terms Palestine and/or Palestinians. We tell others to do the same because there is no Palestine only Eretz Yisrael -- the Land of Israel. If there is no Palestine, there are no Palestinians, either. They are Arabs shrewdly disguised for one purpose only: to destroy us, to destroy our land and rob us of our identity, our history. This is the psychological war awaiting all of us. The sooner you join, the sooner -- together -- we will turn the tide. .
The time machine is a sensation that nests in me when I am visiting Mr. Hobber old books store in Budapest, Hungary. Hobber learned to know my quirks and after the initial greeting and the glass of mineral water (Mr. Hobber is a vegan) he leads me down the stairs to the huge basement, to the Jewish "section."
The Jewish section is a room full of antiquity books on subjects that Mr. Hobber sees to be Jewish. Among the books there are some that are not even worthy their leather binding. However, sometime, one can find there real culture treasure. Many of the books are Holy Books that may have been stolen from synagogues' archives: Talmud, Bible, Mishnah, old Ashkenazi style Siddur, and others. Customarily, I open them to see who the proprietor is; who was the Bar Mitzvah boy who received the book two hundred years ago and to whom did he pass the book at the end of his days. It is simply curiosity.
Many of the books are written in the German language. They are books of Jewish rumination written by Christians or assimilating Jews. Sometime one can find a hand written Talmud volume that is very expensive; thousands of Euros, set in the specially aired cabinet. Hobber knows their value. Sometime one can find a bargain such as the book Palestina by Hadriani Relandi -- its original professional name Palaestina, ex monumentis veteribus illustrata, published by Trajecti Batavorum: Ex Libraria G. Brodelet, 1714. One can find such original books in only few places in the world, also in Haifa University. Go to palaestina-ex-monumentis-veteribus-illustrata.html for places where the book could be found and details about the author, etc.

The author Relandi[1], a real scholar, geographer, cartographer and well known philologist, spoke perfect Hebrew, Arabic and ancient Greek, as well as the European languages. The book was written in Latin. In 1695 he was sent on a sightseeing tour to Israel, at that time known as Palestina. In his travels he surveyed approximately 2500 places where people lived that were mentioned in the bible or Mishnah. His research method was interesting.
He first mapped the Land of Israel. Secondly, Relandi identifies each of the places mentioned in the Mishnah or Talmud along with their original source. If the source was Jewish, he listed it together with the appropriate sentence in the Holy Scriptures. If the source was Roman or Greek he presented the connection in Greek or Latin.
Thirdly, he also arranged a population survey and census of each community.

His most prominent conclusions
1. Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. Most of the settlement names originate in the Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Roman languages. In fact, till today, except to Ramlah, not one Arabic settlement has an original Arabic name. Till today, most of the settlements names are of Hebrew or Greek origin, the names distorted to senseless Arabic names. There is no meaning in Arabic to names such as Acco (Acre), Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Gaza, or Jenin and towns named Ramallah, El Halil and El-Kuds (Jerusalem) lack historical roots or Arabic philology. In 1696, the year Relandi toured the land, Ramallah, for instance, was called Bet'allah (From the Hebrew name Beit El) and Hebron was called Hebron (Hevron) and the Arabs called Mearat HaMachpelah El Chalil, their name for the Forefather Abraham.
2. Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrate in the towns Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins. Nablus, known as Shchem, was exceptional, where approximately 120 people, members of the Muslim Natsha family and approximately 70 Shomronites, lived.
In the Galilee capital, Nazareth, lived approximately 700 Christians and in Jerusalem approximately 5000 people, mostly Jews and some Christians.
The interesting part was that Relandi mentioned the Muslims as nomad Bedouins who arrived in the area as construction and agriculture labor reinforcement, seasonal workers.
In Gaza for example, lived approximately 550 people, fifty percent Jews and the rest mostly Christians. The Jews grew and worked in their flourishing vineyards, olive tree orchards and wheat fields (remember Gush Katif?) and the Christians worked in commerce and transportation of produce and goods. Tiberius and Tzfat were mostly Jewish and except of mentioning fishermen fishing in Lake Kinneret -- the Lake of Galilee -- a traditional Tiberius occupation, there is no mention of their occupations. A town like Um el-Phahem was a village where ten families, approximately fifty people in total, all Christian, lived and there was also a small Maronite church in the village (The Shehadah family).
3. The book totally contradicts any post-modern theory claiming a "Palestinian heritage," or Palestinian nation. The book strengthens the connection, relevance, pertinence, kinship of the Land of Israel to the Jews and the absolute lack of belonging to the Arabs, who robbed the Latin name Palestina and took it as their own.
In Granada, Spain, for example, one can see Arabic heritage and architecture. In large cities such as Granada and the land of Andalucía, mountains and rivers like Guadalajara, one can see genuine Arabic cultural heritage: literature, monumental creations, engineering, medicine, etc. Seven hundred years of Arabic reign left in Spain an Arabic heritage that one cannot ignore, hide or camouflage. But here, in Israel there is nothing like that! Nada, as the Spanish say! No names of towns, no culture, no art, no history, and no evidence of Arabic rule; only huge robbery, pillaging and looting; stealing the Jews' holiest place, robbing the Jews of their Promised Land. Lately, under the auspices of all kind of post modern Israelis -- also hijacking and robbing us of our Jewish history.
[1] From "Adrian Reland (1676-1718), Dutch Orientalist, was born at Ryp, studied at Utrecht and Leiden, and was professor of Oriental languages successively at Harderwijk (1699) and Utrecht (1701). His most important works were Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata (Utrecht, 1714), and Antiquitates sacrae veterum Hebraeorum."


TA University Conference: No Entry for Settler Reporters

Sivan 17, 5770, 30 May 10 06:44
by Hillel Fendel
( A reporter for Israel’s newest radio station, Givat Ze’ev-based Galei Yisrael (Israel Airwaves), was not permitted to enter a Tel Aviv University conference on the "Nakba" – as nationalist Arabs and anti-Israel elements refer to the Arab armies' crushing defeat in Israel's War of Independence.
The event was held last week in TAU, featuring events connected with the Nakba – (Catastrophe, in Arabic). The conference also dealt with the “need” to allow hundreds of thousands of Arabs, or more, to flood Israel under the “right of return.
Galei Yisrael reporter Kobi Tzucker showed up to cover the event, but things did not turn out exactly as he thought. Tzucker said that one of the organizers, History Prof. Gadi Algazi, “saw me enter with a recording device and asked me which media outlet I’m from. I told him Galei Yisrael, and he said, ‘the radio from Givat Ze’ev?’”
“I told him that yes, it’s in Givat Ze’ev, and then a few students gathered around me, and he said quite insultingly, ‘I will not have anyone from the settlements coming here to cover this event.'”
Givat Ze’ev is the fifth-largest Jewish town in Judea and Samaria, with some 11,200 people, located just north of Jerusalem. Only Modiin Illit, Beitar Illit, Maaleh Adumim (each with between 35,000 and 45,000 people), and Ariel (16,700), are larger.
For its part, Tel Aviv University is located in northern Tel Aviv, on lands occupied until 1948 by an Arab village named Sheikh Munis.
Tzucker didn’t give up, however, and managed to sneak in from another entrance. He was able to hear Muhammed Bakri, referred to in the conference as a “Palestinian producer,” discuss how the Nakba continues on in Israel. Bakri is an Israeli-Arab actor and filmmaker, whose most notorious accomplishment is the anti-Israel film “Jenin, Jenin.”
Prof. Algazi sat in prison for a number of months 30 years ago for refusing to serve as an IDF soldier in Judea and Samaria.


The Arabs must be laughing their heads off at our stupidity ( or is it deliberate treason by certain known members of government?). This openly hostile MK, WHO PARTICIPATED IN A LYNCH AGAINST ISRAELI SOLDIERS, is allowed to set foot in the Knesset. She should be in shackles and sent away to Gaza instead, or hung in the public square. 



Rare Jewish Unity as Naval Showdown Spills Over into Knesset

Sivan 20, 5770, 02 June 10 05:46
by Gil Ronen
( Monday's high seas showdown between Muslim jihadis and Israel Navy commandos reached the Knesset plenum Wednesday, and four parliamentarians – one Jewish, the others Arab – were ejected in the course of the fiery debate. The session centered upon MK Hanin Zouabi (Balad), who had been on one of the flotilla boats. When Zoabi got up to speak, MK Anastasia Michaeli (Israel Our Home) tried to physically remove her from the rostrum.
The emotions evoked by the bloody maritime clash broke down some of the traditional barriers between left and right in the Knesset, and seems to have created some rare Jewish unanimity. Arab MKs found themselves under attack not only from Jewish parliamentarians from Likud and more nationalist parties, but also from the left-leaning Kadima. The Knesset Speakers - first Carmel Shama, then Ruby Rivlin - tried in vain to address the plenum from the dais, as the shouting and heckling grew wild.
MK Miri Regev (Likud) expressed her anger at Zouabi in Arabic: “Go to Gaza, traitor!” She also called her a “Trojan horse.” MK Danny Danon (Likud) called out to Zouabi: “You belong in the jailhouse and not the legislature!”
MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) held up his diplomatic passport and said that Knesset Members like Zouabi and Ahmed Tibi should not be allowed to hold such passports. MK Yisrael Hasson (Kadima) called Zouabi “a shedder of blood” and warned that the Arab leaders in the Knesset shed blood and lead their people to disaster.
MK Yochanan Plesner (Kadima) addressed Zouabi with a suggestion that she go spend a week in Gaza “and we will see how they treat you there. We will see if you talk about human rights and women's rights. We will see how you get by there, as a 34-year-old single woman.”
MK Aryeh Bibi (Kadima) shouted at the Arab MKs that their very presence is a disgrace to the other Knesset Members. He suggested to Zouabi that she grab a pneumatic tube and float on it down to Gaza.
Fellow Kadima member Yulia Shmuelov called out in Zouabi's direction: “You are parliamentary spies!”
MK Moshe Matalon (Israel Our Home) chanted “Traitor, traitor” at MK Muhammad Barakeh (Hadash). MK Eli Aflalo (Kadima) gave a short address which he ended by saying, “I am ashamed that you are Knesset Members in this Knesset.”
MK David Rotem (Israel Our Home) called the Arab MKs “wicked,” reminding them that “Gilad Shalit is being held by the ones whom you represent and you have never said a word or mentioned Gilad Shalit from this plenum.”
Zoabi herself maintained an amused expression and appeared, at least outwardly, to enjoy the attention. When she got up to speak herself the commotion reached fever pitch, as most MKs left the plenum and others shouted, “We will not let the traitor speak!”  MK Anastasia Michaeli tried to remove Zoabi from the rostrum, but Knesset guards prevented this.
Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsur (Raam-Taal) called out “murderer” at one of the Jewish MKs and was pushed out of the plenum by the security personnel. The debate was recessed to allow spirits to calm

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Yehuda Draiman said...

“Israel’s Disproportionate Restraint.” 2

Israel is guilty of anything it’s of disproportionate restraint.

Israel has the right and obligation to defend its citizens – Protect its borders

The brutal slaughter of a family of 5 in Itamar just shows that we are dealing with a barbaric mentality.

Add to it the bomb at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

A rocket at a school bus.

The daily launching of rockets from Gaza against civilian population and schools.

No country and government that cares about its citizens would tolerate such atrocities.

Terror should be handled in the following manner. When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely.

It is a known fact that any country if attacked, its citizens kidnapped, rocket bombardment on a daily basis.
Has the right and obligation to defend its citizens.

It is sad that innocent civilians are hurt, but that is the cost of war and conflict.

Any government and its citizen who do not resist terrorism and let terrorist organization entrench themselves in their country and utilize those countries as bases of armed terrorism against a neighboring country. Eventually pays the price for permitting such actions.

If you gave the Arab population a vote in Israel and the west bank and Jerusalem the option to vote freely and without intimidation, you would find out, that they would rather be living under Israel’s government. They derive more stability more benefits, pensions, welfare, etc.

If the United States or any other government were to be attacked from across the border on a daily basis, have its citizens kidnapped, rockets launched at them on a daily basis, the citizens would demand that immediate military action be initiated with no holds barred, collateral damage or not. That is the fact of life.

Terrorist and those who support them do not know what peace is, they thrive on violence. That is the only way they control the masses. Any negotiations or compromise only strengthen those terrorist organizations. When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely.
There is no such thing as a “disproportioned response to terror.”
Our problem today is “Israel’s Disproportionate Restraint.”
This puts Israel and its citizens in grave danger.
When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely.
That is the way the terrorist organizations should be treated.

“Like all sovereign nations, Israel has not only a right, but moreover, an obligation, to ensure the safety and security of her citizens”.

As quoted in a statement “the only time of a chance for peace is, when the Arab mother would love her children more than she hates the Israelis.

The big mistake is that people are missing the economic benefits for Israel and its neighbors. That is if there was a true peace, you take the Israeli Technology and know how, add to it the Arab labor and natural resources – and you have an economic prosperity beyond your widest dreams.

Nothing will change, nothing can change until the Palestinian people recognize this reality; their greatest enemy is not Israel. The greatest threat to the Palestinian people is, and always has been, their own leaders.

And Israel cannot negotiate with Hamas, anymore than Chamberlain could negotiate with Herr Hitler.
The Qur'an 17:104 - states the land belongs to the Jewish people
Every time there is a terrorist act, Israel should vacate an Arab village and raze it.

Any Arab rioting and or throwing stones at Israelis and violating Israeli laws – should be deported and his home destroyed.

There never was a Palestinian Arab State and there will never be an Arab Palestinian State on Jewish land - Anyone who thinks that there is going to be one is delusional.

YJ Draiman