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Friday, May 14, 2010

Arab driver: accident, or something more sinister? Remember all the cases where arabs deliberately ran their legally driven, massive vehicles into a crowd: a bus driver's license can also be used as a license to kill; very sorry for the victims.

Five Killed in Galilee Bus Crash

Sivan 1, 5770, 14 May 10 10:38
by Maayana Miskin
( Five people were killed Thursday and dozens wounded in a crash between an Egged bus and a semi-trailer. The crash took place in the north, between the cities of Carmiel, east of Haifa, and Tzfat, located in the Upper Galilee.
Among the dead were two soldiers and a Prison Services worker. The victims were identified as 21-year-old Sargeant Eina Svardelov of Tzfat, Major Salah Abdallah, 42, of Kisra, 25-year-old Captain Aviv El-Dan of Carmiel, Asher Nidam, 62, of Tzfat, and Zohar Zahavi Yitzchak, 56, of Haifa.
Thirty people were wounded, five were in serious condition, five others were moderately wounded, and the remainder were lightly injured. The crash was classified as a mass-casualty incident, and medical personnel were called up to local hospitals to deal with the flood of patients.
Police have begun an investigation into the circumstances of the crash. An initial probe showed that the bus had swerved out of its lane, hitting the truck.
The bus driver, a 25-year-old from Kfar Sajur, received his license less than six months before the crash. He was recently censured for tailgating, and Egged had received complaints from passengers about his driving.
The driver is hospitalized and police said they would not question him until he has recovered somewhat from his injuries.

A  few comments from readers:

Earle said:

could be true, since (as you point-out) a pattern can be estabished.........

SHmuel wrote:

I rode once with that assassin as a driver.
It was a terrible loss of life and not for a moment I believe it was an "accident". Yet.The fact is that nothing will be allowed to come out.
PC all the way.

Joel wrote:

Why should we suspect anything else than that this is a terrorist act. Israel is paying a small price now for the Arabs it has, but the price will be much, much higher when war begins. Israelis should demand that Egged do serious background checks on all drivers including psycho testing. Face it Daisy, the Arabs in Israel are a Fifth column. The Arabs in Galilee can see that they represent a force that can aid their Arab brothers in splitting Israel in two in the coming war. Israelis should in their dealings understand that Arabs are potential murdering terrorists. I would say that the National railway system would be absolutely insane to have any Arabs in control of trains or switching of trains.
Genesis 16:12 is what it is...the absolute truth!
DS adds:
Excellent comment, Joel!

1 comment:

Shiloh said...

Kahane was right! Will we ever listen to any warning we get, no! What will it take, our bathing suits and the long stroke before we wake up. Stupid, stupid, stupid.