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Sunday, May 30, 2010

NOT up for discussion! This is the red line, the acid test, if you will: anybody who wants to cross this line is clearly Israel's enemy - whether from within or from without. So Peres, Benedikt, Obama, Bibi, Barak, Beinisch, what do you say???


Shiloh said...

Sorry Daisy, I oppose this plan. Why you ask, because it even refers to a 'Palestinian demilitarized state'. I certainly oppose giving one grain of sand to the invented political movement to rid Israel of Jews. I believe all who think giving away our land is not Jewish. But they may agree with the plan. I guess they are our enemies also. Annex Judea and Samaria and to hell with the goyim's opinion. Guess that take place as we forgot about G-d and worry more what the 'leaders' think.

DS said...

Shiloh: Of course, you are absolutely right, I meant, AS A MINIMUM. Thank you for clarifying things. I will actually change the title of this post, thanks to you. Please keep sending comments! Best


Shiloh said...

Daisy, did you have the chance to listen to The Tamar Yonah show last week when Prof Gil-White discussed the US involvement of destroying Israel using their proxies Iran and PLO. He made the comment that we should not be waiting for one coming on a white horse to save us. With leaders who are clients of the US and the Vatican, can we really expect anything or anyone to step in except the one on the white horse? I have listened to ex CIA saying that Israel is in mortal danger. Barry Chamish (taken with a grain of salt) states it's the worst that Israel has seen since it's founding.

Not to blame Israeli leaders completely, the rabbanim are silent as they are more afraid of the gov't and Shabbak then they are of G-d. They refuse to listen to any rebuke of their errors of the Torah and their ignoring the major commandments of the Torah and replace it with a politically correct 'judaism'. Do they listen, no, they censor so the sheeple can't wake up. Yes, where you live too sadly.

We live in the second Temple again, where 'Jews' are our worst enemies. Where they have their loyalties confused to say it kindly. Troubling times ahead is an understatement.

Shavua Tov.

DS said...

Shiloh, I don't know you, and I don't know where you are coming from. But your comment about "one coming on a white horse" does not sound like a Jewish comment; it sounds more like the comment of an Evangelican Xtian, or a Jew for Jesus. Am I reading you correctly

We Jews count on GOD HIMSELF, HASHEM, to save us,just as HE intervened to save the Jewish People from Pharaoh in Egypt. He did not send an angel, not a Shaliach, not a Mashiach: He HIMSELF intervened.

Read the Haggadah, to refresh your memory.

But then again, who am I to know HIS plans???

Shiloh said...

That was Gil-Whites comment (as I stated, please reread) refering to us waiting for the Mashiach as opposed to us doing something about it. If you had listened to the show, you would have noticed that he clearly states he is not Jewish. His blog is rather clear he has done incredible research on our enemies and anti-semitism. In all reality shows how much the media has hoodwinked the Jewish leaders including your faithless shephards you follow (oh, in the Tanach if you care to read it).

I figured much that you too would prove to be suspect with your arrogant patronization. Thanks for showing it so openly.

We are going the hard road to the geulah, you believe in the geulah (yes, that Jewish teaching) I hope? You can take that to the bank. You lost another reader of your extreemly low traffic blog.

DS said...


Thanks for reminding me about Gil White's accomplishments. I respect the man highly. Actually, if you bother to look you will find that he is quoted on the sidebar of this blog.

And no, I did not hear Gil White on Tamar's show. Maybe later tonight, thanks for sharing this info with us.

Oh, and one last point... the venom! Did I hit home??