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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mexican Assassin

Received from A.M.

Although this came from a usually reliable source, it is anonymous and unverified.

I cannot vouch for its authenticity or accuracy.

But I think it's worth reading on the chance that it's true.

--  Allan


From a retired Border Patrol friend. I feel this will help to enlighten some of my non Western U.S. friends and relatives as to what Texas and Arizona are facing. Too bad our federal government doesn't get it, and doesn't care. God Bless the Governor of Arizona!

 As you may know, one of the local ranchers was murdered in Douglas two weeks ago. His funeral is

tomorrow. I received three messages similar to the one below from different officers within the

Rangers and law enforcement. 

Yesterday afternoon I talked to another rancher near us who is a friend of ours and whose great

grandfather started their ranch here in 1880.  These are good people.

He told me what really happened out at the Krentz ranch and what you won't read in the papers. 

The Border Patrol is afraid of starting a small war between civilians here and the drug cartels in

Mexico .

Bob Krentz was checking his water like he does every evening and came upon an illegal who was

lying on the ground telling him he was sick.  Bob called the Border Patrol and asked for a medical

helicopter evac.  As he turned to go back to his ATV he was shot in the side.  The round came from

down and angled up so they know the shooter was on the ground. Bob's firearm was in the ATV so he

had no chance.

Wounded he called the Cochise County Sherriff and asked for help.  Bleeding in the lungs he called

his brother but the line was bad so he called his wife but again the line was bad.  Several

ranchers heard the radio call and drove to his location. Bob was dead by this time.  The ranchers

tracked the shooter 8 miles back towards Mexico and cornered him in a brushy draw.  This was all

at night. The Sherriff and Border Patrol arrived and told them not to go down and engage the

murderer.  They went around to the back side and if you can believe it the assassin managed to get

by a BP helicopter and a Sherriff's posse and back to Mexico .  So much for professional help when

you need it.

One week before the murder Bob and his brother Phil (who I shoot with) hauled a huge quantity of

drugs off the ranch that they found in trucks.

One week before that a rancher near Naco did the same thing. Two nights later gangs broke into his

ranch house and beat him and his wife and told them that if they touched any drugs they found they

would come back and kill them.  The ranchers here deal with cut fences and haul drug deliveries

off their ranches all the time. What ranchers think is that the drug cartels beat the one rancher

and shot Bob because they wanted to send a message.  Bob always gave food and water to illegals

and so they think they sent the assassin to pose as an illegal who was hungry and thirsty knowing

it would catch Bob off guard.

What is going on down here is NOT being reported.  You need to tell people how bad it is along the

border.  Texas is worse.  Near El Paso it's in a state of war.  5000 people were killed in Ciudad

Juarez last year and it's over 2000 so far this year.  Gun sales down here are through the roof

and I get emails from people wanting firearms training.

Something has to be done but I don't hold out much hope. These gangs have groups in almost every

city in the US ..   This is serious business. The Barrio Azteca and their sub

gangs are like Mexican Corporations and organized extremely well.  If this doesn't get dealt with

             down here you guys will soon be dealing with it on your streets.



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