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Thursday, May 20, 2010

After the Chag...You have to watch this: this is what the U.S. has become; unbelievable. Arresting perfectly innocent citizens: who wants to go there anymore? It's like going past the Iron Curtain!

Received from Brasscheck.

"Welcome to America.

An experience at the border by two
Canadian citizens coming to the US
to go shopping...

Jail for not showing proper deference
to the border guards."


Joel writes:

This is almost unbelieveable. With all due respect, I think your reading of the situation is totally incorrectly. The Canadian motorist just would not shut his mouth. He ran his mouth and had a disrespectful, pretty bombastic tone of voice to the officers through the entire audio, until he finally realized he was in trouble. Then he calmed down.
I cannot imagine talking to law enforcement the way this guy did and his continual asking questions about why this and why that.  Naturally without seeing the body language of the motorist and the officers it is impossible to discern the entire encounter, but from what I heard, I have no sympathy whatsoever for him.  He caused himself the trouble, not the officers.
Daisy,  I assume you realize that Canadian landed immigrant laws have allowed substantial numbers of terrorist groups to set up shop in Canada over the past 20 years or more. Montreal at one time had probably the largest collection of known terrorist groups in the West. The motorist is living in lah lah land if he doesn't understand there is a war on terror going on in North America and it is serious business. Also Canada is a major source of marajuana coming into the US and maybe other drugs as well. The guy said he is familiar with law enforcement procedure, well if he is, they must be Keystone Cops because he was way over the top in helping those officers to efficiently do their job. 
Personally, I hope idiots like him never darken our borders again.

Allan concurs:

The Canadian male was a typical wise-guy.  He knew exactly what he was doing: provoking the border guards, for whatever his own reason.  Why was he making a recording of the event which he “couldn’t know” would happen?

The first border guard was obviously a novice.  He didn’t know how to handle the situation.  He should be transferred to patrol the southern border fences.

If the Canadian and his wife had turned out to be members of al-Qaida, or Hamas, we would have blasted the guards for dereliction of duty.  They have a difficult job and the Canadian “set them up.”  Perhaps he was testing our security system for his later terrorist buddies?

My criticism is that our American border guards don’t act more like the Israeli border guards at some Gazan or Jordanian checkpoint.  That’s what we need here.  I have no sympathy for the Canadian provocateur.

Sorry to disagree…

--  Allan

Old Indian Saying: Don’t judge your neighbor ‘til you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.

DS says:

I guess I am looking at it as somebody outside the US, as opposed to inside. It seems so ridiculous.... on the other hand, the Mexican border is totally porous, and the terrorists are well-entrenched south of the border.... oh well..... glad to be in Israel. 

SHmuel said:

He and his wife had a great problem.
Neither are mexicans or iranians or kenyans, etc.

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