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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More of the same... as SHmuel had predicted, when totalitarian regimes start to get scared, they become very brutal - BEFORE THEIR DOWNFALL! This is a very dangerous time for Jews, with Kadima thugs and bosses desperate to retain power, and elections


forwarded with comments by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

If you had any doubt before about Israel's current, retired but still standing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his Kadima gang adopting the methods of totalitarian government like the Soviet Union, put your doubts away. This horribly corrupt and unjust government is an incurable cancer that is metastasizing and spreading poison every day. Olmert, the Leftist tyrant gives the orders and his hand-picked thugs, seeded into the valiant, upstanding Israeli Police and IDF - as well as the Courts click their heels and say the equivalent of: "Yes, Sir!"



ISRAEL COURT REMANDS JEWISH DISSIDENT TO COMMUNITY ARREST AMID GOVERNMENT CRACKDOWN ON SETTLERS                                                                                                          Date: 10/5/2008

KFAR SABA -- An Israeli court ordered a Jewish 'dissident', charged with assaulting a police officer, to be held under community arrest and post a bond of $1,145 until the start of her trial, as part of a government crackdown on Jewish settlement in the West Bank.
Kfar Saba Magistrate David Gadol rejected the demand by the police prosecution that Daniella Weiss, former mayor of the Jewish community of Kedumim, be remanded in custody until the end of judicial proceedings.  [OUTRAGEOUS in this writer's opinion.EW]
"You have until Oct. 12 to investigate her," Gadol admonished police prosecutor Shir Laufer, who said she would appeal the decision. "After Oct. 12 [the start of the trial], she [Weiss] will be free on bail."
Weiss was arrested outside her home in Kedumim on Oct. 2, following the destruction of the nearby Jewish outpost of Shvut Ami. The police prosecutor's office rushed through an indictment on charges of assaulting a police officer and interfering with the police.
"In the passed few weeks I have noticed that the attitude of the police and the army towards the settlers became much tougher, even brutal," Weiss said. "As far as my arrest was concerned, I noticed a very aggressive approach [on the part of the police]. While I was being interrogated, Samaria Police Commander Albert Ohayun flung open the door and aggressively threatened me. 'Don't worry. It's not just you we are going to take care of. We are going to arrest your husband as well.'"
The arrests of Weiss, 62, her 57 year-old former aide Shoshana Shilo and six others, followed the evacuation and destruction by security forces of the two temporary structures at Shvut Ami outpost, established last year by the Land of Israel Faithful group. After the evacuation, police said settlers torched fields near the Palestinian village of Kadum. Police said they saw a car driving away from the blaze, which they then found parked near Weiss's home. According to police, when officers approached the home, Weiss and Shilo came out of the house and attempted to stop police from coming inside. Police then raided the Weiss home and arrested two suspects inside as well as Weiss's husband, Amnon, who was later released.
Shilo, who said she had worked with Weiss for 11 years when Weiss was mayor, said she heard about the destruction of Shvut Ami and came to help.
"They [police] were dragging her [Weiss] on the ground," Shilo said. "They pushed her and pulled off her head covering and pulled up her shirt. I asked for female police officers but they just mocked me."
Weiss said that at least 10 policemen raided her home on Oct. 2 without a search warrant and arrested two suspects.
"They burst into my home, flying passed my daughter who just gave birth two weeks ago and arrested my husband," Weiss said. "I understand that if they had pursued the suspects from the scene, then they could enter my home without a search warrant but this was not the case. They entered illegally."
Weiss said that Samaria Police Chief Detective Gil Desher, who was dressed in civilian clothes, flashed his identification tag in front of her face and asked for permission to search the house when he was interrogating her after her arrest but when she refused, he told her that they had arrested people in her home.
"It's so aggressive," Weiss said. "Last night police raided a Yeshiva high school [Yeshivat Dorshei Yechudecha] in the Jewish community of Yitzhar, known for its dissident community. They came in the middle of the night, turned everything upside down and made 15 year-olds stand with their faces towards the wall."
Over the passed few months, the Israel Army has launched an offensive against Jewish dissidents in the West Bank. Military sources said the army's Central Command has been ordered to dismantle unauthorized Jewish outposts and arrest organizers in the West Bank. The sources said the military has assessed that Jewish opponents of the government would try to accelerate construction and settlement amid the expected departure of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
"They [the police] have a license to act above the law," Weiss said. "The general atmosphere from the government and the ministry of defense is to go ahead with putting an end to the settlers' activities, especially to crush their spirit, especially with the new outposts."


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