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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fwd: Brasscheck TV: Fraud, bribery and threats of violence

Confirms what Tamar Yonah has been saying on her blog. Good job, Tamar, you knew it right away!


Do you wonder how the Wall Street Welfare plan
(aka the bailout plan) ever passed Congress.

In most Congressional offices opposition
by voters ran 10 to 20 to 1 AGAINST it.

And for good reason.

The bailout is a total and complete fraud.

It does nothing to solve the root problem which
is a severe crisis of confidence in the banking

Instead it gives George Bush dictatorial powers,
through his Secretary Treasury, over three
quarters of a TRILLION dollars in tax payer

(Part of the bill gave Bush $100 billion in
his own personal discretionary fund.)

The banking crisis is real, but there was
a much simple, cheaper solution.

Go behind the scenes and hear about the
fraud, bribery and even threats of violence
that were used get this corrupt piece of
legislation passed...

Legislation which never had a public hearing
and likely no one who voted "yes" for it ever

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