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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fw: See Obama aide calling for mammoth military incursion into Israel

C.sent this.

Listen to this Obama foreign policy advisor speaking about Israel's "major human rights abuses" and the need to land a "mammoth force" of US troops in Israel to protect Palestinians from genocide, even though it may "alienate a constituency of major political and financial import" (i.e. American Jews).



This is the Obama camp that said invading Iraq was a mistake and presumably would have been content to allow the genocide to continue with Saddam Hussein throwing live dissidents into tree shredders. But for Israel … which for all its terrorist prisoners has not had anything close to an Abu Ghraib scandal in 60 years …  she's all for a "mammoth military force".


Samantha Power was Obama's foreign policy advisor until she called Hillary Clinton 'a monster'. 


But how many other Pulitzer-prizewinning bigots still have Obama's ear??



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