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Monday, October 27, 2008

Another column " to the point" by Barry. You're a master, Barry!:Always zeroing in on hot topics, with profound insights. Thank you. DS

                                                                       ARISE YE, SAINTS AND KNIGHTS by Barry Chamish

      On Yom Kippur, the former Nazi, Pope Benedict XVI, announced that he would approve Pope Pius XII as a saint. Pius, the Holocaust Holy See, could have done much to stop the slaughter of the Jews if at one Sunday sermon, he had warned the murderers that they would face an eternity in Hell. But he would no more do that than the popes would have warned their monasteries that enslaving and working to death millions of American Indians was a crime against his God.
      His apologists insist that a fascist gun was put to his head during the war, so somehow, he was innocent of the charges of aiding genocide. These same apologists have no answer to the post-war Vatican ratlines, which saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nazis by hiding them in Vatican monasteries, providing them with fake passports, and liberating them worldwide. Yes, Pius knew and approved.
       Everyone, but one in Israel, objected to Benedict's plans to raise the butcher pope to sainthood. Unfortunately, the one who did not object was Pres. Shimon Peres. He was too busy planning the pope's visit to Israel for that.
       And then, on Nov.4, the anniversary of the Peres' murder of Yitzhak Rabin, the Vatican will be mending its ties to the Moslems in Rome:

ROME 4-6 November 2008 Catholic and Muslim scholars initiate formal talks,8599,1848707,00.html
On Thursday, Benedict put his moral weight (though not yet his signature) behind the cause for sainthood for Pope Pius XII.
At a special Mass on Thursday marking 50 years since Pius' death, Benedict praised his wartime predecessor's actions to save Jews and called on Catholics to "pray that the cause of his beatification goes forward smoothly."
Peres on Sunday told reporters the issue should not be a barrier.
"The visit to the holy country is nothing to do with anger or disputes," Peres said. "It's holy all the time, it's holy for all of us."
Benedict has repeatedly defended Pius, saying he worked "secretly and silently" during World War Two to "avoid the worst and save the greatest number of Jews possible.." \
At an Oct. 9 commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Pius' death, Benedict said he prayed the process which could lead to Pius' beatification "can proceed happily."

Pope Benedict made Peres very jealous when he named his plotter buddy, 'Rabbi' David Rosen, a Papal Knight. Not to be undone by his pipsqueak co-conspirator, Peres is pushing hard to be made a knight himself, this time by Queen Elizabeth II of the British Commonwealth.
       Now, forgetting Sir Assassin's career of murder, let us just concentrate on Rabin. For that story, visit
       And do tune in to the related videos as well.
       The Queen should know, as if her intelligence services hadn't already told her, the Israeli public is well aware that Peres knocked off Rabin. November 4 is fast approaching and two phone calls from Israel this week tells the public's story.
       Caller one had just watched Israel's most popular reality show, Big Brother. A favored contestant spelled out Rabin's murder in great detail down to the one bullet too many and the murder of Rabin's bodyguard in his limousine. Another contestant broke down in tears hearing it. "It was your book exactly," the caller excitedly said.
       The next caller was just as thrilled by a two page report in Makor Rishon 17/10/08. The paper interviewed Ami Meshulum, whose father Rabbi Uzi Meshulum worked to bring Peres to trial for his role in kidnapping 4500 Yemenite babies and toddlers to America, to die in ghastly atomic experiments in the 1950s when Sir Shimon was head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. Ami, who I had met at age 11, ran to Canada recently because of threats to his life by the secret services, the Shabak. "They showed me a film of them with Adir Zik, warning him to stop the Rabin research. Then they showed me him getting injected with cancer because he wouldn't shut up. That was my message to escape Israel or I'd be next."
       " You were right about Zik all along," exclaimed the caller. Like I didn't know. And no one is telling my story about being in America against my will because I'd be dead any other way.,7340,L-3611965,00.html

Peres to be knighted
Israeli president to be awarded United Kingdom's highest honor, hailed as one of Queen Elizabeth's knights. Official presidential tour of kingdom to include meeting with British premier, address at Oxford University
IQueen Elizabeth II is expected to bestow an unusual honor on President Shimon Peres in a few weeks, and name him a knight in her order.
Peres is to be awarded the title, regarded as the United Kingdom's highest honor, for his contribution to world peace and the relationship between Israel and the UK.
Peres is expected to leave for an official presidential visit in Britain on November 18. When in London, he is slated to meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
The highlight of Peres' visit will be a speech before both houses of the British Parliament – the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Oct 24, 2008 0:34 | Updated Oct 24, 2008 8:14
Arise, Shimon Peres, knight commander?

Efforts to have President Shimon Peres "knighted" during a visit to London next month may have been set back by premature publication of the move, Foreign Ministry sources said Thursday.
Yediot Aharonot, under a headline "Sir Peres," reported Wednesday that Peres was expected to be appointed an honorary knight by Queen Elizabeth II in appreciation of his contribution to peace efforts in the Middle East and to furthering Israeli-British ties. While admitting that the embassy in London was working on the issue, the sources said that revealing these efforts prematurely could lead anti-Israeli forces in Britain to try to scuttle the idea.

Queen: For thy boundless energy in assassinating cruel enemies like Rabin, Sharon and Zeevi, for working tirelessly to divide Jerusalem, and for subjecting a generation of your Sephardic subjects to humanistic atomic experiments, I do proclaim thee, Sir Shimon, Knight of the Royal Bounds.

Sir Shimon: Watch that sword. It's going to hit my shoulder. Don't hurt me with that sword.

      I don't know why, but as I researched this essay, the words of the formidable Allan Sherman, in his Sir Greenbaum's Madrigal, kept haunting me:

Said he, forsooth, 'tis a sorry plight
That engendered my attitude bluish'
Said he, 'I don't want to be a knight,
That's no job for a boy who is Jewish.'


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