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Friday, October 10, 2008

Look how scornfully "UNIVERSALIST" Gal-On speaks of Israeli citizens: utter contempt! I think this should be publicized, to show just how fake her concern for people really is!

MKs Criticize Postponement of Akko Festival

11 Tishrei 5769, 10 October 08 12:53

( Chairman Ophir Paz-Pines of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee said on Friday that canceling the Akko Alternative Theater festival because of rioting in the city on Yom Kippur was a mistake. During a radio interview, the Labor lawmaker said the festival had become an "impressive symbol of coexistence in Acre." He added, "I recommend not giving in to violence, violent people or extremists, and that the Akko festival should take place this year despite the violence and maybe even because of it,"

Meretz faction head Zehava Gan-On echoed Paz-Pines's call, saying "The festival must go ahead in order to send out a message to extremists, both Jews and Arabs that they cannot dictate the city's routine. It is a big test for police to ensure that the democratic rule of law prevails." She added that the "rabble should not be given veto power."

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