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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fwd: Obama citizenship: I think there's a coverup

Thank you, Ted!


Ted wrote:

If Obama had not been born outside the USA to a 17-year old underage american mother and a Kenyan father, he might be considered "native-born" and eligible for the Presidency.  She would have to have been at least 18 when she gave birth.  Since she was not, the law considers the child as NOT  "native-born" american.  

Plaintiff Philip J. Berg had a case in court about this.  His website "" has 55 million hits.

All Obama has to do to stop the case is produce a legit LONG FORM American birth certificate (not a "short form certification of birth" - legally there's a big difference).  Instead, he tried to get the case dismissed.  That attempt failed.  

Obama had until Oct 15 2008 to respond to the case.  He did not respond.  He could have simply provided the vault copy of the long form birth certificate and that would have settled the issue and proved to everyone that he's a natural born citizen.  But noooo.  Instead it went to court and just the other day, the judge considered it not worthy of a trial.  Whatever.  Let's see if the truth really gets out eventually.  

Meanwhile, everyone in Africa seems to know Obama was born in Kenya.  (So I guess Phil Berg also managed to manipulate the masses of Kenya and Uganda to believe his fabrications, huh?)  

Headine from an African newspaper in August:
"Kenyan-born Obama wins Democratic nomination"

Everyone in Kenya seems to know he was born there, and boy are they psyched. Watch the video:

Ugandans are extremely proud that an African has done so well in America:

Even African-Americans are proud Obama is a Kenyan!  Houston newspaper "USAfrica" posted this headline (notice it says "Kenyan-born" not "Kenya-born" meaning he was born a Kenyan):

pastedGraphic, first African-owned U.S.-based professional newspaper to be published on the internet, is listed among the world's hot sites by the international newspaper, USAToday.
USAfrica has been cited by the New York Times as America's largest African-owned multimedia company. 8303 SW Freeway, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77074. Phone: 713-270-5500. Cell direct: 832-45-CHIDO (24436)

The Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis on rally Congress now has:
1,263 Signers
2,223 emails and letters sent.

If you like to sign here's the Link:

In my opinion, this is not a fluke.  No one can rightly say that Philip Berg is a fraud.  

People better put pressure on the Democratic National Convention to withdraw Obama before the election or there will be race riots.  Not just in America but around the world.

-Teddy Chadwick

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