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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fwd: Not your typical Wednesday in NYC.( Worth a read DS)

Forwarded by Jack

Can you explain the Netorei Carta? I cannot. They are the same "rabbis" who appeared in full Haredi regalia carrying placards, on Shabbat, to pay homage to Arafat. 

I want to share my Wednesday with you. 


Parviz Morewedge, an astute scholar in Medieval Philosophy and a well-known publicist, approached me yesterday. My first assumption was that this man was a simpleJ ewish man from Long Island (that's obviously before he told me his name). He first started talking to me about the chicken and the egg and which came first. We were then interrupted by what could have been a simple phone call from his wife. But then I overhead him say 'elle presidente' and ended his conversation with 'I'll see you tomorrow, I love you'. I asked him what was going on and what president he was referring to. He then proceeded to tell me that the president of Iran, Achmadinijad, would be speaking to 350 students. (You have to understand that my trip from Hofstra University into Manhattan is about an hour and twenty min commute, and by chance, Parviz was headed in the same direction. This 74-year-old professor was my entertainment for the next 84 min of my life). He told me he was coordinating the lecture with Achmadinijad and immediately asked for my attendance. And before I rsvp'd, I said, I was just at a rally against him. What else could I have said at that moment? I was nothing but honest. We began talking and he was extremely inquisitive and very intrigued by my studies in aging. He even asked me for advice about how to prepare for his older years. I gave him my usual shpeal. Use it or lose it.

In any event, the train ride consisted of him telling me that I was like steak and vegetables and that I looked like a shiksa among a variety of other things. Just when he told me I was like a beautiful melon, I decided to direct our conversation to Achmadinijad. I asked him a million questions and he answered them as if he was talking about a great Gd. Our journey together had finally come to an end and I ventured home.


Parvizsent me an email at 6:30am the next morning and told me where Achmadinijad would be speaking. Since I was out late the night before, I forgot to set my alarm and slept through the lecture. However, I decided to take a long shot and see if I could catch the tail end.


I rushed to Grand Central station on the 6 train and walked into the lobby of theGrand Hyatt on 42nd St.. The first man I saw was an Orthodox Rabbi draped in propaganda. His pins said 'Anti Zionist' with a big red ex crossingover the flag of Israel. I was clearly at the right place. I had asked him if the lecture had begun, and he said it had not. Confused and nervous I asked him to direct me. He directed me to the mezzanine and introduced me as media to the coordinator of the event. Before I knew it, I was being searched and directed into a small room with about 30 seats around a 'U'-shaped table. This was 100% not the lecture Parviz had invited me to. 


I waltzed in there like a true media relations person, along with press from The New York Times and other revered media groups.  We sat at the back of the room.


And then, Achmadinijad walked in. A man not much taller than myself with big glossy brown eyes. My own eyes popped out of my head and I could not get over the fact that a man who holds identical values to Adolf Hitler was 10 feet away from me. I remained strong although I was in great shock. At one point I had full eye contact with this villain, a man whom the black hats saw as a 'distinguished man' and I wanted to be sick. As soon as he entered the room, he was immediately swarmed by the black hats who greeted him with great admiration and gratitude. I quickly realized that this was a private meeting between Rabbi Weiss and his comrades and President Achmadinijad; and somehow, this small Jewish/ Zionist Toronto girl who just recently moved to NewYork had made her way in. I became a witness to one of the most disturbing meetings of all kind. I took notes and captured the essence of the meeting just like a true media relations person. Rabbi Weiss spoke of how happy he was that Achmadinijad understood the 'difference between Zionism and Judaism and that this made for a happy occasion.' Rabbi Weiss further said that the more 'Jewish you are, the less Zionist you are'. How does that make sense? I think I'm pretty Jewish and I am a damn proud Zionist. But that does not mean anything to the black hats. He kept repeating how happy he was that Achmadinijad understood the difference between Judaism and Zionism. Rabbi Weiss also said that Achmadinijad respected Jews and tried to justify that Achmadinijad did not want to see the Jewish people wiped out! Rabbi Weiss also said that the Iranian president never denied the Holocaust. These dudes are seriously delusional. 


Sickto my stomach, Achmadinijad began to speak. He started off reciting a prayer for peace, which was probably the biggest oxy moron I could witness. And then he went on to say that 'Jews are the first victims of Zionism.' He concluded his speech and reassured the black hats that he sees a bright future where Zionism no longer exists. This was just a snap shot of what he said. The rest I recorded on my camera.


I don't know who poses a larger threat on the State of Israel and to the Jewish people. However, what I do know is that Achmandinijad and these anti ZionistJews are equally manipulative and evil and that I have never been more afraid for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Furthermore, I also know that I have never been more proud to be both a Jew and a Zionist. 

Just like you, I can't believe I was witness to this. This was not a typical Wednesday in New York City.

Feel free to share this with others. 



Elise S. Kayfetz

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