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Friday, October 31, 2008

EVERYBODY has to see this, whether in Israel or the US: see how EASY it is to FLIP VOTES, UNDETECTED! I bet you the technology is available in Israel too: how do we know the votes will be GENUINE?????


Two choices today:

Election fraud

Food contamination in the US

If you'd like to see how out-of-control
and subject to fraud vote counting is
in the US, you can do that here:

If you'd like to see more information
we've uncovered about melamine contamination
in US food products, read on...

This will be the third and last Brasscheck TV report
on melamine in the US food supply.

If you are just joining the story today, there
will be background links at the bottom of this
report you can follow.

We've not only been able to independently verify
everything from Mike Mozart's original video about
this, we've also found more information.

For example:

1. Melamine has been found in manufactured
cookies and cakes in Europe.

2. It has been found in manufactured food
products in the US that do not list powdered milk
as an ingredient.

3. It has been found in Snickers bars
and Nestle chocolate in Korea.

Bottom line:

Two million pounds of powdered milk was
imported from China into the US before
the Chinese government admitted to the
melamine contamination problem.


* The federal government knows EXACTLY what
companies imported these raw materials

* These importers know EXACTLY what food
manufacturers they sold these materials

* The manufacturers know EXACTLY what batches
they put this material in and EXACTLY what
stores they shipped these potentially
contaminated products too.

* If alerted, the retailers could pull
the products from their shelves today.

And none of them - not the FDA, not the
food manufacturers, not the retailers,
not the Bush administration - are doing
anything to protect the public.

In fact, they are deliberately NOT releasing
this public domain information - gathered
with tax payers dollars - to the public.

And, of course, US news media is completely

Today's update is here:


The ORIGINAL report from Mike Mozart several days
is here:


Yesterday's Brasscheck TV background videos
are here:


I can't find this information organized
in a comprehensive, comprehensible form
anywhere else on the Internet so...

If the people in your life are going to hear
about this, it's up to you.

- Brasscheck

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- Brasscheck

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