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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Will discuss the boys again soon....Meanwhile here is "There are no coincidences...", Part IV; I must have been on to something after all; notice how New York and HARRISBURG are mentioned back to back; interesting, isn't it?

The whole article is definitely worth reading, but here are a couple of quotes that got my attention:

"For example, earlier today a mainstream news report indicated that authorities had discovered a “credible threat” against New York City.  The phrase “credible threat” was later retracted, but it is a fact that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton did hold “an emergency meeting” on Tuesday to address the threat of terror…
Top NYPD brass including Commissioner William Bratton held an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the need for increased vigilance, sources said.
All New York City police officers received a bulletin Tuesday afternoon outlining the department’s tactical plan and warning officers to stay vigilant, according to sources. That internal memo mentioned social media being used as a tactic and that a possible attack could come without warning.
Expect to see increased police presence at iconic locations across multiple boroughs, including Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Midnight Mass on Thursday, and Barclays Center in Brooklyn, marking the first time a threat has sparked a swell of police presence in a borough other than Manhattan."

"And there is some evidence that radical Islamists have been planning just such an attack inside the United States.  Just check out what authorities found when they recently raided the home of a 19-year-old jihadist in Pennsylvania
Thursday, The U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of 19-year-old Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz, who lived in a home with his parents in the 1700 block of Fulton Street in Harrisburg.
According to an affidavit, Aziz was preparing to conduct or assist in an attack in the U.S. An investigation also revealed that Aziz attempted to aid ISIS supporters in traveling to Syria for the purpose of becoming ISIS fighters.
On November 27, investigators raided Aziz’s home and found five loaded M4-style high-capacity magazines, a modified kitchen knife, a thumb drive, medication and a balaclava inside a backpack Aziz’s kept inside a closet."

UPDATE 12/30::

From Bill Holter, JSMineset:
...Another little problem is COMEX now has about the same amount of gold standing for December delivery as they claim is deliverable.  The process should be finished by this Thursday.  Then what?  COMEX has received very little gold into the registered category over the last 75 days and the cupboard looks to be empty, will they pull another rabbit out of their hat?
Only time will tell but we are living a very dangerous game of musical chairs in the gold market.  A “bank run” by owners to verify or withdraw their gold is logical and inevitable.  There are many out there who say “don’t worry, no problems here, please move along”.  History shows us this ALWAYS happens with gold under a gold standard or not.  More receipts are issued than gold in existence.  The fraud goes on until it is discovered and then the price moves higher.   …And “history” was generally a time when we had a rule a of law.  Ask yourself this question, do we live in an era of a “rule of law”?  Not for us little guys, for those running the circus?  How many went to jail after the 2008 episode?  Do you believe the fraud is more, or less, rampant today?  It is only a matter of time until the mother of all bank runs occurs and I am not talking about digital or electronic withdrawals or currencies!
To finish, I have been asked numerous times what I thought the world might look like when the run begins.  I wrote a fictional article about “Jack and Jill” last year and have reprinted it here  .  The only thing I would now add is a gigantic false flag (because what comes MUST BE BLAMED on something other than broken policy) might be what kicks this off in which case it won’t be as slow as I described.  I wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe New Year!
Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
Comments welcome"

UPDATE 12/31:

( if you can believe a word of it; I have a hard time believing any news published by the MSM. My feeling is it's another contrived story for the sake of diversion; who knows what really happened, if we ever find out).


Neshama said...

You know, I don't care what happens to America. We have a situation here at Home in Eretz HaKodesh that is beyond evil. Since you Asked? Do I live in a police state? I am in tears right now writing this. The only thing I can think of that comes near this is Mitzrayim and Nazi Germany. How could anyone do this to his "brother?"

Neshama said...

It has to be in Pennsylvania, this is where i grew up, in Philadelphia, in the City of Brotherly Love, in the city of the Liberty Bell, in the City of one of the first Jewish Synagogues, in the city of the many 'Founding Fathers" of America. More than anything, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, represents America. And as for NY, this is where the majority of Jews live, those that follow Rebbi Yoel, the anti-Zionists, and the other half, the misguided, lost Jews slowly fading into oblivion via assimilation and to be no longer Jews.

DS said...


The reason I looked at the news in America last night is that I was so distraught by what is happening to the boys, and the whole evil maarechet, that I couldn't even deal with it; so I escaped.

Still, Jews of New York, even though they are not on our wavelength, are still Jews. There are plenty of good Jews there too, I am afraid you have too dark an impression of them. I can't stand the Satmar either, BTW; and the story of the Satmar rebbe of Hungary is disgraceful.But the great majority are not Satmars, there are plenty of normal Chareidim there, Chabad, Modern Orthodox, etc. But the problem is, they are too materialistic, and I am afraid that will be their downfall. That is the influence of Edom!

Neshama said...

You're right its the Land of Gashmius!

About NY, Boro Park, I lived there and all my friends are there. I am no longer against Satmar, because I have come to believe that Rav Richter in his explanations and elucidations validated the Rebbe's outlook against the Zionists. The Israeli version of haredism is much different because they are on the soil of Eretz Yisrael; they feel like they are the guardians of the ancient Israelite religion. AND yes there are erevrav among all these differing perspectives of Jews.

Caveat: I do NOT believe that is a reason to not make Aliyah and return to the Land. AND I do NOT believe every Jew has to be like them. Because as far as I understand, there were differences between the Tribes. Rabbi Moshe Grylak wrote an article on just that. Maybe I'll type it into a post because i cannot find it on their website just yet. Hashem is intertwined in all of this, like a puppeteer, pulling strings in this or that direction.

Hindsight is a great teacher. I've spent time in Chabad and Satmar (BTW they are closer than you think, their Rebbes got along very well). I also have Chabad friends in CH and BP.

I like to follow Aaron HaKohen's path of non-conflict and making peace between Jews.