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Sunday, January 3, 2016

THE WAY TO FIGHT THE EREV RAV IS SO SIMPLE: STUDY THE ZOHAR! Just ask the Chafetz Chaim and the Vilna Gaon.


Shavuah Tov to all,

There is a lot I want to say tonight, and need to condense my message as best I can because there is so much to discuss here. So, first things first. 

I listened again tonight to the shiur of Rabbi Richter, which I posted in my post "...Chasdei Hashem", in which he demonstrates that the torture perpetrated on the 10 boys by the Shabak and the entire establishment of the state of Israel is a continuation of the policy of the Labor Zionists, pre - and after - Independence. I, however,  would go back even further: Barry Chamish states this very well in his most recent post, "Hitler lived ". No wonder there are no more Chovevei Zion, as Rav Richter points out! A lot more has been written about this very dark chapter of Labor Zionist history.

  "The Labor Zionists cut a deal called The Transfer Agreement in which the Nazis agreed to ban all German Jewish parties but Labor Zionism in return for a massive no boycott of the Nazis after. Read the excellent book by Edwin Black before you mock the accusation. Without Labor Zionism, there would not have been the Holocaust as we know it.
     Look what the head of Labor Zionists and thus world Jewry, Chaim Weizmann, said before the Holocaust began:

    "I told the British Royal Commission, Weizmann is quoted (on pages 19-20) by Hecht as telling the Zionist Congress in 1937,
that the hopes of Europe's six million Jews were centered on emigration. I was asked "Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?" I replied, "No" ... The old ones will pass... they were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...
     Or, so sorry. Only those Jews who disembark in Palestine get to survive. The other 4 million, they're of no use to us and thus are "dust."
     And he was the leader of the Jews and that was his policy. He gave Hitler a free pass to mass murder.

But what I would like to focus on today is two fold. First of all, I am struck by the fact that most of the boys being persecuted by the Shabak come from a Kahanist background, and the aggression of the state seems focused on Kfar Tapuach , a Kahane stronghold, and related communities. It is the old war of the Labor Zionists, who call themselves Zionists, including today's statist National Union, the "Mizrochnikim", against the Kahanists (WHO MURDERED MEIR KAHANE? WHO MURDERED BENYAMIN AND TALYA KAHANE? WE know); For instance the famous wedding that was set up and framed by the Shabak was the wedding of Lenny Goldberg's child. Lenny is a leading figure of Kfar Tapuach. Then there is Meir Ettinger, the grandson of Rav Kahane, HY"D. Then there is the son of Rav Richter, also from there, etc. etc. Put two and two together and it becomes very clear that this whole witch hunt is once again persecution of Rabbi Meir Kahane's followers - they must be growing in numbers and influence or the Erev Rav government would not have decided to crush them once and for all!

This brings me to an interesting fact, which once again shows "Hineh lo Yanum velo Yishan Shomer Yisrael" - the G-d of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps: the very same week that the boys were falsely convicted of a crime to which they confessed under torture and therefore under totally inadmissible circumstances, Ehud Olmert was convicted of a crime for which there is more than enough evidence. Now watch here a old video pitting Ehud Olmert against Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY"D. Ehud, pathetic Erev Rav symbol, who did everything he could to give Yishmael a role in  Yisrael, debates Rav Kahane, who warns that giving Yishmael a role in Israel is a recipe for disaster. Today's events in Israel prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, THAT MEIR KAHANE WAS RIGHT! Look around, see the daily attacks by Arabs; see the headlines:JUST TODAY AN ISRAELI ARAB COMMITTED A TERROR ATTACK IN TEL-AVIV! JUST TODAY THE POPE FINALIZED THE ACCORD BETWEEN THE VATICAN AND THE SO-CALLED STATE OF PALESTINE! THE UNIFICATION OF ESAV AND YISHMAEL IS THE GOAL OF THE EREV RAV! And through that their other goal is the destruction of the Jewish People and of Torat Yisrael! They want to separate between Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David.

Which brings me to the second point I want to discuss: the Zohar, the Erev Rav, and today's events: what is happening today is described in great detail in the Zohar as well as by the Arizal, by the Vilna Gaon, and by so many other Gedolim and Tsaddikim.

The Vilna Gaon states that whoever does not participate in the war against the Erev Rav, would have been better had he or she not been born. 

What I discovered today is precious: you see , I thought that in order to fight the Erev Rav you have to be politically active, you have to actually get into a fight with them. But thanks to a brochure I read over Shabbat, written by a great Talmid Chacham whom I heard at Kever David this past summer, Rav Yehuda Gross, it was made clear to me that the reality is so much simpler, and so much more attainable. And this reality has apparently been validated by at least 1000 Talmidei Chachamim, including the Chafetz Chaim, the Arizal, the Rashbi, the Vilna Gaon, the Ramchal, and many, many others: the way to fight the Erev Rav AND WIN is by studying the Zohar every single day. That, the Erev Rav cannot withstand. And one more thing: rabbis who oppose learning the Zohar are apparently from the side of the Erev Rav. Now we understand why so many rabbis signed on that infamous letter regarding the Shabak. It is said that at the End of Days the Erev Rav will rule, and most of the rabbis will be from the side of the Erev Rav, because all they want is money and power. Rings a bell? But it also says that at the End of Days HASHEM WILL KILL ALL THESE EREV RAV CHARACTERS. Now you see why they are scared? They know their time is coming, and soon!

So, thank you, Vilna Gaon, and thank you, Rav Yehuda Gross, the Holminer Rebbe.

By the way, the Holminer Rebbe distributes his material for free. It is awesome. He writes the Zohar in Aramaic, because he says that the Sitra Achra gets attached to the holy tongue, Hebrew. Difficult to understand if you don't speak Aramaic, and I don't. But there are many sources in Hebrew to study your passuk of Zohar every day. He recommends to study  daily at least one pasuk of the Zohar connected to the Parshat Hashavuah, and he also says to study the Zohar of Tehillim at Kever David ( if you can make it there ). I am sure that is a battle you will be happy to join. I am starting. Will you? 

PS: please read the comments below; there is important information there, both regarding the Erev Rav actions, and regarding study of the Zohar. 

And here is the Holminer Rebbe speaking: I think he is quite marvelous, so genuine, so simple, yet what an amazing person, he accomplished so much in his life:



DS said...

SHmuel said:

Since about ten years ago I have exposed the facts regarding to so called israeli military.
Bottom line, we financed a huge pile of junk, soon to be supplemented by the bottom of the pile junk, the f-35. All of that load of trash has not real strategic worth and that includes a thick layer of pseudo staff officers. Long ago I introduced the idea of hiring twelve Paraguayan Colonels to replace ALL the unJews in top uniforms.
Too late now...

What is there?
There are a few units protecting the unJews holdings ONLY.
Soldiers are prevented from defending themselves, Jewish Heritage, properties and lives.
A vast complex of units are trained to... attack Jews and will do so in masse.
No need expanding notes about the police or so called judicial or the infamous SSabak.
IRAN: Netanyahu received orders to fabricate a TV speeching show while he allowed Iran to become a nuclear power.
Believe not on the stupid one shot rockets defenses. No defense on this prospect.

EVIDENCE: After 50 days of pretend tzahal dances selling out our soldiers, HAMAS was not finally defeated. Neither was Hezbollah earlier. The "cease fire generals" at work led by the supra betrayers line up, Olmert, Peretz, Livni, Halutz, Netanyahu and the ya'alon. etc.

Days ago the top isreali rocket scientist was suddenly fired by Ya'alon.
The miserable renegade claims that the scientist had top secret information in his private computer... If so it was planted there by you know who.
Within the informed circles the common thread says that he was about to disclose the facts to our people and the combina had to clamp him physically and otherwise.

Expect that the well timed Tel Aviv... terrorist attack, two murdered, will serve as smoke screen to cover up the monstrous torture extracted confessions and secret trials alreay effected on four kids. Those young Jews may well become the first desparecidos.
Never before, even after many fold victims terrorism in Jerusalem of Y & S was such show enacted as it is done in Tel Aviv..

Jesterhead45 said...

What Zohar would be recommended for those of us wanting to play our part against the Erev Rav yet currently unable to speak Aramaic or Hebrew?

DS said...

Jesterhead 45: excellent question, to which I don't have an answer at this point. Why don't you look up the Zohar on the internet, see if you find translations here and there. What the Rav recommends is even one passuk a day, connected to the Parsha of the week. For instance, the Zohar of Shemot, this week. There is a Zohar for many books of the Tanach, I haven't explored them all, but for instance Tehillim, Psalms, has a Zohar. Shir Hashirim, the Song of Songs, has a Zohar, etc.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

DS, thank you so much for your insight into what is going on currently. I hope more GOI "leadership," where there is the evidence, will also get convicted of crimes they have committed, be"H.

I would also like to know where there is more written about that very dark chapter in Labor Zionist history. We need to separate this from the birth of the State itself (the establishment of Jewish territory), if possible, because our enemies have already levied these charges against us and apparently they are true, that *certain* Jews collaborated with the Nazis. Ugh!

RE: Zohar, do you have any recommendations for a Web site that doesn't promote the "scanning" of the text and teach Zohar to non-Jews? I had subscribed to one called Daily Zohar, and then unsubscribed after a considerable length of time (I am patient).

Or is there anything wrong with either of these practices?

The pluses are that Zion Nefesh, the teacher, speaks and writes in many languages fluently; he posts in Aramaic and Hebrew and gives a short summary in English, as well as gives an audio reading of the Aramaic in fluent Mizrahi (not Temani) Hebrew. The negatives are above. Your comment, however compressed, will be valuable.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Here might be a good beginning for English speakers (including me):

5 Things You Should Know About The Zohar.

It also answers the question of whether a superficial reading (such as scanning) is sufficient and has effect: No. Preparation is required, and this site says it provides it. I haven't gone thru it to confirm. But it at least assures me that they are serious.

Also, it's for people who have some awareness of their spiritual root(s). I still don't know what that means, and whether I have any idea what mine are. Maybe that's why it's so important - that all Jews avail themselves of ways to attain these things, in addition to our names, dress, language - and now inner spiritual understanding.

All the best!

DS said...

Bruce said:

As people are beginning to realize: Kahane was right. I have always said that his message was correct, but that his style of delivery wasn't effective.

DS said...

David said:

ZOHAR is good stuff,
I love it !!

DS said...

SHmuel continued:

(I am....) terribly concerned about what is about to start by the unJews if not already in motion.

Have you seen any records of Netanyahu attending immediately the scene of a terrorist attack anywhere else than at Dizengof? Hmmmm

....I am a believer with my feet firmly planted on reality.
Amalek and Erev Rav can only be defeated if we so do it ourselves, with help from the Highest.

....Self defense is a must.
The rest is on His hands.

DS said...

SHmuel continued:

It is plain to see who is that filthy specimen.
His posing and pretense is only bought by renegade unJews, bribed criminals, morons or zombied items. No normal person could possibly miss the very clear lines of the betraying speechster and his pillaging wife.

Those children, their families and villages are in immediate life danger.
This here ghastly mess passing as demokkkratiah israehellii is just as bad as the Juntas. Or worse to come.
NO smoke screen terrorism, likely ordered in a timely basis, will be allowed to cover up massive torture by the netanyahu.
Remember that the now dead Ezra's set up the beasts in the JS under Sharon and Livni directions prior to "disengagement"..

DS said...

DS reply to SHmuel:

I was thinking of that too: it shows where his heart is; that is the world he identifies with. Religious Jews? Pheh!

Do you see something else in it?


How can anyone do self-defense when they won't even allow you permits ( not to mention somebody like me, or young mothers, who don't have a clue how to use the stuff).

....I was thinking: the reason they put a gag order in place is so people won't understand what they are up to. But it is clear to me that it's the kahanists who are the target once again. Do you agree with me?

....maybe we should put up posters: alert, kahanists in immediate danger...

DS said...

SHmuel continued:

Permits... I forgot all about that. No one should be allowed to NOT "permit" a Jew from defending herself or himself.

.....Jews in general and Kahane's family in particular.

HOLD ON to the chairs folks...
THREE children and I believe their mother have just been arsoned out, burnt alive that is, in RAHAT, a bedouin enclave in the South.
The ya'alon, his fellow sleaze rivlin, el fantastico speechster and master betrayer netanyahu, hapless jackass erdan and the usual hyenas with them, including the maggot bucket passing as ag weinstein are preparing to send out an already serial printed accusation against "them Jews" in Y & S... problem is that the beasts they use are still torturing the previous batch of young Jews so the next batch will have to wait.


PS: By mere coincidence of course, the father appears to be the taxi driver murdered last Friday in Chicago, sorry, Lod, Tel Aviv... somewhere ya now. Can this rumor be confirmed or refuted by anyone reading?

DS said...


to answer your questions: Re: Labor Zionism and the Nazis, Barry Chamish is a good source, he studied the material quite a bit. Of course there is the book of Ben Hecht, Perfidy; also the book, I think it's called the Transfer Agreement ( I didn't read it). You are right, our enemies use that against us. The problem is, the Erev Rav play right into the hands of the antisemites; they are only too happy to use that information as an indictment of all of Am Yisrael, not understanding that we are the first victims of the horrible Erev Rav passing as real Jews. The Berur is taking place these days, hopefully righteous gentiles will see through the deception, and the evil gentiles will be punished by Hashem anyway when their time comes...

Now regarding the Zohar, your questions - and answers are wonderful. I frankly don't have answers, except for these few comments:

The Gedolim recommended study of the Zohar to their YESHIVA STUDENTS. You are right that if it falls into the hands of ignorant Jews, or even non-Jews ( that is why he writes in Aramaic, so only the learned will get it, I guess), it can be used the wrong way. Just like the Kabbalah center, a center of great Tum'ah. Once has to make a great effort to become knowledgeable in Torah, and observe Mitzvot, and then the Zohar opens one's eyes to the truth. It is meant for Torah Jews. First, learn Torah, do Mitzvot. However even at Kever David I didn't hear Rabbi Gross saying that only Talmidei Chachamim should learn the Zohar. The Zohar is the HEART of Torah, and he states that by cutting off the life, the heart of Torah, rabbis estrange Jews from the Torah, and I think he is right. So where do we find the balance? Now as far as sources, I go by his brochures for now, read his material, which as I said he distributes for free. Maybe he even has English translations, I haven't checked, although I doubt it.

DS said...

SHmuel said:

This is an interesting tifbit.
Children and mother I believe, living in the bedouin town of RAHAT, in the south, were arsoned out, burned alive I believe Firday. The taxi driver from Lod murdered in the same or related terrorist attack in Dizengov, also Friday, was a member of the above mother's family. Apparently the same arson style to the one used in DUMA was used in RAHAT.
Since the SShabak is still torturing the first batch of Jews they want to make into criminals to cover up the SShabak true fellowship that did the arson in DUMA, rivlin, ya'alon, cohen, weinstein, jackass erdan and their common "boss" el netanyahu are having a hard time finding more young Jews to kidnap and torture to make them also appear guilty of the RAHAT hit.
A dilemma for the gruesome guv garbage..

The school kids Pollsters found this. If elections today.
El netanyahu likud: 22
La shelob livni and her gollum: 16
Don Bennett and his jolly chumps: 14
lapid and such: 12
musloids with knives 12
lieberman 7
shas 6
loverly meretz traitors 5
open mandates 15

DS said...

DS's response to SHmuel:


I have said all along that the Shabak themselves did the arson; no wonder they can't find the 'culprit'. But why are you saying that they can't find any more Jews to blame? Why would that be so hard?

DS said...

SHmuel replied:

I have no way to ascertain if anyone of the young Jews was involved in DUMA.
Nor had the SSabak, otherwise they would have had solid evidence w/o having to resort to violence, torture and even sexual assaults.
Once a government official ORDERS torture, the rest is semantics.

This is the way murderous juntas work. I have seen it Argentina, Chile and while not a Junta but just as brutal, South Africa.
Much as the above precious monsters had lists of folk they wanted to make into "desaparecidos", the SShabak has a list of targeted Jews who they catalogued over time with the help of specialized screeners as likely to break under torture. And Jews they want to destroy anyway.
From that list they took the few they could destroy into "confessing" even retracing so to speak.
Eventually the ghastly garbage raped into submission two Jewish youngsters after a month of tortures.
The degenerate unJews and not longer unJews but plain murderers do have a hard time to kidnap more candidates out of that list now. Not too many remain alive or free.

DS said...

I get it, SHmuel. Thanks... and utterly ghastly.

I hope you saw the letter of Attorney Aviad Vissouli, which I posted as a separate post.