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Monday, December 28, 2015

Just when you think things look the darkest.....CHASDEI HASHEM!


Bechasdei Hashem.... everyday I am more amazed at how Hashem rules the world, how His presence is intertwined in my daily wanderings through life. You won't believe what happened to me tonight, pure Siyata Dishmaya:

This afternoon was a beautiful, sunny but chilly day, and I had to run some errands in the center of Yerushalayim. I was walking briskly, feeling full of energy and free of pain after an debilitating seasonal illness, walking, walking, not able to find what I was looking for. My meanderings took me all the way to the shuk, where I decided to linger on and pick up a few choice products - Otzar Beit Din fruit; then, loaded like a donkey I proceeded to walk up Ben Yehuda... and where did I find myself? Right in the middle of a demonstration in defense of the tortured boys!

You probably know me by now; I "can't let a good crisis ( or in this case a good opportunity) go to waste", so I jumped right into the fray - and found myself in the midst of a group of lovely, dedicated men and women, mostly women but also a few rabbis and adult men, young mothers, teens, young men, and recognized a few faces. As I tried to speak with the organizers, I was introduced to the MC, a lovely woman in a sheitel and a business suit. It turns out she is an attorney and mother of 6 children, - not a small feat -, unrelated to the prisoners, and is doing this out of her deep concern for the welfare of the kids. I made contact with her, and shortly thereafter Rabbanit Lior, the wife of Rav Lior, arrived. I know the Rabbanit from Kiryat Arba - her husband is my rav and I have a lot of admiration for his Torah learning but mostly for his courage, which stands in sharp contrast to the many rabbis mentioned in earlier posts. (By the way Rav Krakover is also to be commended for his outspokenness, and he is the one who introduced me to Miriam, the MC). So the rabbanit gave me a warm welcome, we spoke, I told her how much I appreciate her husband's courage and activities; and then, out of the blue, another woman asked me if I would be willing to give an interview to the media, as there was a TV crew there and I was the only one at the time speaking good enough English and having the right persona for this. This is not my first time in front of TV cameras, so I fixed up my hat as best I could, and gave an interview to REUTERS, of all things! This way I had a chance to present the case of these kids to the whole world, stressing the terrible injustice that has been done to them, how the Shabak is attempting to squeeze a confession from these kids through torture. I also mentioned the sexual assault perpetrated on one of the boys, how all this is against international law, against Israeli law, and against moral law. I got to defend these kids in the court of public opinion in front of the whole world. Does Hashem work in marvelous ways, yes or no? 

Then  women in the group and I shared phone numbers. We will from now on, G-d willing, be working together, so we can share information  in English, the lingua franca of our day, and so the  whole world can have access to information about this case directly from the lion's mouth. THIS is how the silence is broken, THIS is the REAL BDS. 

Not only that, but I managed to speak with Rabbanit Lior and another Rabbanit from Hevron about the problem of Sinat Chinam there years ago; I hope from now on that problem will be solved too, G-d willing.

Chasdei Hashem ki lo tamnu ki lo chalu rachamav"
"It is because of Hashem’s overwhelming mercy
that we are still standing
in strength; His compassion never fails."

 And here is a MUST SEE video to understand today's situation in Israel:

Thanks to Tomer Devorah blog



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Neshama said...

B"H you were in the right place and the right time. Next time if you had let me know, I would have come to the group also. I'm not that far, and could have walked. I saw someone else I know there, Sarah Feld. We were in the mercaz klita together in 1983-4. I was frequently by her and the children when they were young. She was amazing. Strange how things changed since then.

I think Rav Richter's video is so important it would be good to have it written in some format to give for people to really understand what we are living thru AGAIN.