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Thursday, December 10, 2015

There are no coincidences.... Part II: I decided to REPRINT TONIGHT'S UPDATES and make a separate post of them; it has some new material too. This is very important, SPECIALLY FOR NEW YORK RESIDENTS.



Maybe I am totally wrong, and if I am then please forgive me for alarming you unnecessarily. But I stumbled upon such critical information that if I am right, this could absolutely save your lives. Do with it as you wish, I am writing this in good faith and for your sake, not mine. I am far away from New York, thank G-d.

But the immediate danger would only apply if the gold HAS to be delivered NOW. If the customers, whoever they are, are willing to accept cash in lieu of gold, then there is no immediate danger. The next few days hopefully will reveal this information. But if not this month, then next month, or the one after that, or the one after that, could recreate this exact same scenario....

My advice to all NY Jews, and also to all Jews living on the East Coast: don't stay there another minute, you are in great danger. This is what I believe. Now, again, I could be absolutely wrong.

This is a reprint of the updates to my post of last night, the third night of Chanukah. I found out new information tonight, the forth night, that I feel compelled to share with you. You do with it as you wish.

For those who did not read my previous post, here is the link, complete with all the sources at the bottom of the article.

And here are the two updates:

UPDATE #1 on the 4th night of Chanukah:

MORIAH posted a fantastic article plus video here:

First of all, this is a great and very informative piece, thank you Moriah.

In addition, in good Chanukah tradition, a LIGHT went on in my head, and I instantly connected the contents of this article to puzzling information I had been gathering as well, the links to which are also to be found in my sources in last night's article, and to which I could not find an explanation. Now I do.

You see, I am very familiar with ISLAMBERG in Hancock, NY, a major training ground for Islamic terrorists in the US:

 Whatdoesitmean recently reported that top ISIS terrorists had been secretly smuggled by the CIA from the Levant to ISLAMVILLE, Dover, Tennessee. Islamville is a branch of the same mother organization in Islamberg, which used to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, - we know the Muslim Brotherhood completely infiltrated the White House, as exemplified by Huma Abedin and several others whose names I don't recall off hand; not to mention that CIA head John Brennan is a Muslim - ; now somehow the Islamberg network has become Jamaat Al Fukra, headed by Pakistani Sheikh Gilani. ( I am not sure what happened to their Muslim Brotherhood connection.)

Then we have the report, again from Whatdoesitmean, of 14,000 " Syrian refugees" who were rejected by Sweden ( for being high risk according to some other source I have not included), yet were brought to the US thanks to Obama. 

In addition I have included a video that discusses UPS airplanes sighted depositing under cover of darkness  in Harrisburg, PA, instead of packages, enough men to fill 30 buses. Those buses full of men then left Harrisburg in the very direction, on the very same highway leading to the headquarters of Gulen in Saylorsburg; however they stopped in Annville, PA.

 Why did the men land in Harrisburg of all places? Why are they in Fort Indiantown Gap? Who are they and where did they come from? What are they doing in Pennsylvania?

It so happens - see below - that I had researched how long it takes from various points of interest to the Gulen headquarters ; I also researched how long it takes from Annville to Saylorsburg. Lo and behold, they all take less than two hours by car; that is less than a full tank of gas!

Distances to Gulen's compound:

Exactly 2 hours from NYC;
Harrisburg, Pa to Saylorsburg also less than 2 hours
from Annville, PA, Fort Indiantown Gap where the UPS trucks are going: 1 hour 38 minutes

On the other hand, if they had landed in Harrisburg, PA to reach one of Islamberg's training camps, either in Hancock, NY, or the closest one in the Poconos, PA, it does take a bit longer, although it is not impossible.

The closest Jamaat Al Fukra terrorist training camp to Harrisburg and Annville is in the Poconos;

from Harrisburg PA to Hancock, NY - 3 hours 2min
from Annville, PA to Hancock NY - 2hours 49 minutes
 from Annville to the Poconos Islamberg training camp: 2 hours  13 min.

Interestingly enough, though,  there are closer airports to Saylorsburg , Hancock or to the Poconos than Harrisburg; so, is there a link between those men and terrorist training camps?

Closest airports to Hancock, NY: Binghamton, NY, and Scranton, PA.
Closest airports to the Poconos: Stroudsburg and  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

Closest airport to Saylorsburg, PA: Lehigh Valley, Wilkes-Barre and Morristown.

If Sibel Edmonds is right and Fetullah Gulen is arming and training terrorists in Central Asia and other places, why wouldn't he do it in the US too, since he has the protection of the CIA?
Is that where part of his ill-gotten wealth would be spent?  What a wonderful money laundering operation that would be: imagine, teachers have to return half of their officially earned money to the organization, probably in cash, under the radar: the money would be earned in the US and immediately funneled to local terrorist training camps, buried in plain sight. 
On the other hand, there is the Islamberg Jamaat al Fukra training camp in Pennsylvania, connected to Islamwille where the top commanders were flown to by the CIA. So maybe they don't need Gulen's network as they already have their Islamberg network. The difference is, with Gulen they would have loads of money and Vatican backing for sure.

Is that where the Syrian "refugees" who disappeared from their absorption centers in the US could be hiding, with help from the CIA, the State Department and the White House.... and the Vatican too, of course? How plausible, I am afraid.

 Are Muslim Brotherhood/Jamaat al Fukra training camps and the Gulen network connected, via the CIA? Maybe Gulen is part of the deal with his huge fortune, maybe not. But either way the training camps are ready, running, protected by the CIA which is run by a Muslim boss, and obviously do have money. If Gulen is part of the plot then they have tons of money. The imported and locally grown terrorists have plenty of places in the Tri-State area, within a two hour drive from New York, in which to stay, train and do all the bad things terrorists do.

So we can see how ISIS threats to attack New York City are very credible. They have many men, they now also have top brass, they have training grounds, they have funds, and they have CIA/Vatican cover. What is missing: an order from above?

I would be very scared if I were in New York, right now. What are they planning? And for when???


UPDATE # TWO, same night of Chanukah:

OMG, I just found a motive,....

                ....       an address,....

               ............and a date:

...Do they know something we don't?


If you were the Fed, i.e. the USG,

and if you had to mask the fact that there is no gold left in your vaults to satisfy your wealthy customers who paid you in full already,

and if you had to deliver their fully paid gold to them by December 16, 

and if the public revelation that there is no gold left in your vaults had the potential to completely destroy you, 

and if you had at your disposal a whole army of murderers eager, ready and willing to destroy the building housing the gold, tenants, workers and visitors included, and everybody and everything else around that too,

and if you had the ability to blame somebody else for it, 

and if it had been done once before, ...

what would you do? 

The only question is: when would be the best time to do it before the date so as not to raise suspicions?

Vehamevin yavin,


May Hashem protect all our brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren all over the world. 

Have a Happy Chanukah, Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov


PS#1:  This is NOT part of the reprint from last night.

Just got this in the mail: man, this guy got it right! Jew or Xtian, he's got the right understanding. Take his warnings for what they are worth, and Chanukah Sameach to all.

PS #2 : Fifth night of Chanukah:

And see what Bill Holter, of JSMineset, whose article about the Comex I linked to last night, is saying about Yellen raising interest rates on the FOMC meeting, due on the exact same date, December 15-16, as the Comex Delivery date - this is a double whammy if ever there was one; I don't see how they will get out of this one -:

" Will we be the recipient of some sort of false flag they point at and say their policy would have worked if not for …whatever? They must come up with some sort of “reason” not to raise rates or they will be de facto pushing the big red button on the financial system!"

He comes to the same conclusion I came to. G-d have mercy. 

..... And more Bill Holter, December 11:
"The way I see this, the U.S. now has very big problems on the credibility front.  You can add to the above monetary fix we are in with a multitude of other U.S. “pictures” just not adding up.  U.S. “policy” is now being found out geopolitically thanks to Mr. Putin dropping a few “truth bombs”.  The domestic economy is already in recession and Christmas (the politically correct term is now “holiday”) sales will be a disaster.  “Truth” is beginning to slip out from behind several different curtains.  I hate to say it but a giant false flag will have to come out very soon in order to keep cover and divert attention from the truth.  I do not see any other options left, the reality MUST remain hidden or attention diverted, …or the unravelling comes."

PS #3: 

I just thought ... it could also be that the FOMC meeting alone is a good enough reason to have a major event in the US, without needing to do it right where the gold is, NY. Some had predicted a major attack in Washington, DC. How far are the men from DC?

 Annville, PA to Washington, DC: 2 hours 39 minutes.
Dover, Tennessee to Washington, DC:11 hrs, 21 minutes
Closest Islamberg training camp to DC: there seems to be one there too, I don't know its name and exact location.

So both New York and Washington, DC are logical addresses for a CIA controlled false-flag Islamic terrorism event.

PS #4: 7th day of Chahukah:

I wrote a Part III to the story, here:

PS #5: 8th night of Chanukah

Guess what, it appears that this article got the attention of the Gulen people in Saylorsburg; and if not them, then one of their neighbors within a 30 minute drive. Usually when the tracking system marks the location of the IP address, they will mention a city within the vicinity, not exactly the one where the computer is located. For instance, Tel-Aviv can mean Jerusalem! So, B"H, it seems that they know they are being watched. Who knows, maybe they will think twice, now that they know WE know.

Chanukah Sameach, May the lights of Chanukah, the OR HAGANUZ, the very light of Creation, continue to shine on Am Yisrael, and reveal NISTAROT to all of us, bring healing to Am Yisrael, and may Hashem continue to show favor to Am Yisrael.

PS #6: 8th night of Chanukah

 I also had the "pleasure" of a visit from the United Arab Emirates. I guess the story is reaching their circles. Good! Let them know they are being watched. It will put the fear of God in their hearts. Know, Pere Adam, Wild Ass of a man, Yishmaelite, that you are being watched from the Holy City of Hashem, under His watchful eye, on the holiday of Chanukah when G-d performed so many miracles for the people of Israel. Do you think he cannot take care of you too? Just you wait.

PS #7: 8th day of Chanukah

8th day of Chanukah:

Wow. Moriah just provided the most damning information yet about Gulen, his direct involvement with the CIA and the Vatican - and this, from Leo Zagami, a Jesuit Illuminati Vatican insider turned whistleblower. Of course the Clinton connection is extremely important too, but I find the proof of the complete CIA/Vatican/Gulen  cooperation - they are one and the same - most interesting. It is confirmation of everything I have been saying about Turkey, the CIA, and Rome. 

This is TRUTH, folks! Oh, how the light of Chanukah is shining on these evildoers! Thank you so much, Moriah. And of course thank you Hashem.

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