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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Sometimes a situation occurs that really tests your mettle. The situation with these boys is one of them. Pretty much the same as when the Nazis asked the German people to join their party, and loyal Germans had to decide whether to do what is safe, that is, join the party, or do what is right, and refuse, and risk arrest, concentration camps, and death.

This is just one of these situations. The junta in place has decided that holding on to power is more important to them than morality, Jewish law, Israeli law, even international law ! And for that they have created their own rules - gag orders, etc - that make it impossible for good people to know the truth about the horrible travesty of  justice and abuse of human rights perpetrated by their "law" enforcement, courts, etc. As I had said , SODOMITES in the full sense of the word. And now we, including public figures, are called upon to take a stand and show what we are made of. This is our test from Hashem! We only get one chance to show Him and the whole world our true heart.

 Nobody can wage this war against lies, corruption, perversion, and plain evil alone: we all need each other. And we need the flame of indignation going. Each of us has a role he or she can play. Do what you can: if you know how to write, write. If you know how to make movies, make a movie. If you know how to speak in public, speak up. The main thing is to do whatever you can to publicize the great evil perpetrated in Israel by the junta in place calling itself government. Until now they might have been a government, but with their whitewashing of the terrible crimes  committed by the Jewish Section of the Shabak that have come to light, they are slipping further and further down the slippery slope of illegitimacy and dictatorship. Whoever is willing to defend torture and rape of a minor in an official dungeon and call it legitimate, shows he or she has completely lost his or her moral compass, and should leave government immediately before he or she is impeached and convicted of complicity in the crime. And whoever recognizes that aiding and abetting such actions is tantamount to committing them, please speak up now! If not in the name of Torah, if not in the name of Hashem, than in the name of human decency!

We bloggers have a special role. We each have something to contribute in our own way. One day one is down, the other day another is too busy with personal matters. So we need to help each other, take turns, share information. This is what I am doing today. I am sharing with you one great post by a great blogger, here:

And another one here:

Please spread the word. Pass on the torch, let the flame of truth burn high and shine its light on the evildoers, until they will have nowhere left to hide.

And don't forget to read "Guantanamo..." and "Meanwhile the tenth of Tevet....." for the full story....

...On another note, this is what I found on A7 later tonight:

I have not seen the video mentioned. But I ask you, Rabbi Lau: 

In YOUR view, torturing and sodomizing young Jewish men IS Judaism?

Did you cry out when the young men suffered this horrific attack? 

Do you PERMIT sterilizing an animal?

What about sterilizing a young Jewish man against his will by selectively maiming his organs?

What is a more important halachah:

the issur against Mishkav Zachar, specially in the form of RAPE of a Jewish man?

the issur of maiming and endangering another Jew's life by brutalizing, burning, torturing him?

or the issur against rejoicing over the downfall of your enemy and/or his family? 

 Which caused Sodom's destruction: the above sins against the young men?

Or the sin of rejoicing over the pain of your enemy?

I think you know the answers as well as I do, if not much, much better.
I am very disappointed in you, Rabbi David Lau. Your words ring so empty, it is so sad.

Thank G-d other Jews understand the REAL issues: in New York, I am gratified to see AFSI members participating in a heartfelt demonstration against this outrage.

Here is a video of this demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate; Yasher Koach to you, friends!


Anyway, to make up for it here is an article that contains pictures similar to the video, with a lot more information about the boy:


Danile said...

I'm new here so perhaps I'm projecting my American experience onto Israel, but in America we have a concept called innocence until guilt is proven. The idea is that police make arrests on the basis of probable cause and the courts take over from there. Police have a tendency to see guilt in everything. Some policemen will blame the ocean tide on beach sand. Judges (and in America juries) strive to be impartial and to render judgment through weighing of facts, testimony, evidence, and arguments made by prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys. Each side has a chance to speak. Forgive me for being pedantic, but it's not clear to me that such mechanisms are in place in Israel so I feel that I actually need to explain the concepts.

As far as I can tell outside the veil of gag orders and secrecy, the defendants in the Duma arson case have not had their day in court, another American phrase. Yet, they are being subject to something else that is banned from by the American constitution - cruel and unusual punishment. That's something we are not supposed to do even to the guilty.
Certainly, the American justice system falls short of these goals on a regular basis. However, the President and his cabinet members would never brag about it. They might cover it up, they might look away, but they'd never say, Oh yes, we are torturing these citizens because we just know that they are guilty. How we know? The police told us.
One of the reasons I moved to Israel is because it seemed to me that the American system is crumbling. I wanted to be part of a real democracy again and that is how the State of Israel was sold to me. Yet suddenly, my appreciation and yearning for my birth country has grown immensely.

The Israeli cabinet has their little rationale of course. They are dealing with terrorists, one said. They are a threat to the existence of the State. The Jewish Hamas said another.
I see three teenage boys and an isolated incident. In the USA, we'd get them a psychiatrist, give them their day in court, and send them to jail if a jury deemed them guilty. Then we'd get them another psychiatrist and hope they get better and get away from whoever has confused them and lead them on this sad path. It's hard to believe that these three teenage boys are a threat to the mighty IDF.

We have another expression in America. When your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see everything as a nail. I understand that the State of Israel regularly contends with real life terrorists of the worst sort. And the security apparatus and leaders have developed certain attitudes and methods of dealing with it. However, authentic leaders need a mix of tools, each to be applied to different situations. Unless we are facing epidemic terrorism by Jewish settlers, the hammer is not the right tool for this situation. We need something else, like a court system, with rules, rights, impartiality, and maybe even a little compassion. These things are sort of fundamental to democracies. Israel claims to be the only democracy in the Mideast, a claim I have come to view with genuine suspicion.

Neshama said...

Thank you for the link. I'm waiting for your take on the wedding video.

DS said...

Thank you, Danile, for your excellent comment. We need more people like you, who understand the issues.

Spread the word! And welcome to Israel. Not the state, the Land.

Yisrael K said...
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DS said...

I hear you, Yisrael, but don't agree with you. It is a known fact that the Left hates religious Jews a lot more than they hate Arabs. Instead they are typically "merciful to the cruel and cruel to the merciful". Antisemitism is very deeply ingrained in the Erev Rav, while they constantly try to ingratiate themselves to Edom and Yishmael, whom they love with great love. So your theory doesn't necessarily hold. Plus don't forget that the intelligence agencies are an international body under direction of the Vatican, having the CIA, British intelligence agencies, etc, as partners. The Jewish section is NOT under direction of the Israeli police, but of an international organizations. And they are under strict orders to internationalize Jerusalem and divide the Land of Israel. That is their goal. Torah and Torah Jews are obstacles to their goal and they will stop at nothing, including Inquisition techniques, torture, to reach it. Not to mention the ritualistic aspect of burning Jews, which they demonstrated equally well during the Inquisition, the Holocaust with the crematoria, etc.

So I don't agree with you, Yisrael, based on all of the above. Their cruel instincts might be unleashed here and there against arabs, but the focus of their hatred is Am Yisrael and Torah.

Yisrael K said...
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DS said...
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Yisrael K said...
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DS said...

After Shabbat. It's beginning here in Israel!

Shabbat Shalom.


Yisrael K said...
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DS said...
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