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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Meanwhile the 10th of Tevet is tomorrow night...and it looks like I have egg all over my face.... but not necessarily. Thank G-d no major disaster in NY for now, but what is happening in Israel is beyond horrific!

Hi to all,

I do have some explanations re: the Comex: the emergency was averted so far before December 16 as some big gold buyer settled for fiat currency in exchange of physical gold; see here ( don't have the exact location on the tape, sorry) :

And so far it didn't cause a mass attack, just a huge hoax large enough to create a major diversion - in schools, of all places, - although charter schools were exempt, interestingly..

In addition, it appears I misunderstood the concept of delivery date. Based on the chart provided in my earlier posts, I had assumed the deadline was December 16. But I was wrong, apparently the delivery is ongoing, see here; please remember, I am an amateur "financier", this is not my field, and I goofed on this one

Now Bill Holter who unlike me IS a Comex expert and deals with these issues on a daily basis still holds that Comex is being completely emptied of its gold THIS MONTH, DECEMBER 2015!

So a big disaster could still happen THIS MONTH, I might just have been wrong on the date. Or maybe before next delivery date, January 2016. So maybe my hunch might still be correct, although I pray it doesn't happen, I have a lot of family there, not to mention everybody else.

As for the FOMC meeting: time will soon tell what the consequences will be.

Sorry, I have been quite sick, am not quite recovered yet. When I feel better, B"H, and do have a minute I will follow up on this last series of posts.

Be well, all of you, and keep up the Faith! We will need it as we approach the 10th of Tevet.

Speaking of which I found this link on Tomer Devorah, which I am forwarding to all of you, wherever you may be:


Kol Tuv


 And an important PS:


How can any Jew read this and not be moved? Read the comments in the article too.

I am asking that tomorrow night, during the SHEMA prayers, we all pray that the perpetrators of this horrible crime, starting at the very top of the worldwide/ state of israel chain of command, get promptly judged by the Beth Din Shel Maala on the 10th of Tevet: and if they do deserve the death penalty - I personally believe they ALL do - that their death should be particularly painful, as painful as the tortures they have inflicted on these innocent children.
"The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power." Orwell, 1984
We cannot let them get away with this. This is my participation to this effort. This is what I can do today. What can YOU do?

And thank you, again, Rav Lior, for being the only Rav in this country besides the rabbi of the community these kids came from, Kol Hakavod to him too, - my G-d , what have we come to? - to open your mouth about this horrific crime perpetrated by the Israeli government, Yemach shemam, against Jewish children in Eretz Yisrael. How dare they? Who do they think they are? We cannot let them get away with this. NO. Not in Eretz Yisrael. "Moshe looked right and left, saw there was NO ONE "- nobody would do what needed to be done. So HE became that man, to do what needed to be done. These government figures have to be disposed of before they commit any more such crimes. Let the Beth Din shel Maalah be the judges, and let us be the MEN, OR WOMEN, who defend the oppressed Jews of Eretz Yisrael againt these Erev Rav Amalekites; let us be the ones who make sure that those demonic creatures from hell don't stay one more day in their positions of power, which they have forfeited forever.  Whichever form it takes.

Their cup of evil is now full.


IMPORTANT UPDATE, right before 10th of Tevet,

By Hashem's providence, as usual, I was led to take a route I never ever take, that led me to the  front of the President's residence in Jerusalem, where I found a young sweet couple with a baby holding signs. It turns out the demonstration is for the husband of the young woman's friend, who is at the present held in the dark dungeons of the Shabak. He is not quite 18 years old, or so. The young man was crying, sobbing that he has zero information to give his tormentors, he has met with his lawyer who saw that he tried to slash his wrists out of desperation, yet they keep torturing him even though he is completely innocent. THE JUDGE EVEN SENT HIM BACK TO THE DUNGEON EVEN THOUGH THERE IS ZERO EVIDENCE IN HIS CASE. I asked the young woman if the perpetrators are "Jewish", she answered me, regretfully, that for the most part, yes, they are.

The young couple, who looked very tired and were leading a lone struggle there, are collecting money for the families of the victims. If you happen to walk by there, please donate. I just donated too. And give them moral support, it is important too. If you can, go there, it's a mitzvah.

They also informed me that the protests are continuing tonight, starting at 6:00 PM.- less than an hour from now - in Jerusalem, same place as last night, at the entrance to Jerusalem. They have them in T.A. too, under some strategically located bridge, I forgot its name, maybe Tel-Avivians would know.

If you can, please help combat this evil, devilish injustice. I want to remind you that it was Ehud Barak who, with the financial support and cooperation of Obama, started the "Jewish section" in 2009 and decided to  enlist in this unit the worst sociopaths, criminals,etc., the dregs of Israeli society. Now we understand why. This is what they were preparing for. I have a whole article on this topic on this blog, don't have the link at this point, but it should be easy to find. Search with words such as Ehud Barak, Shabak, yevsektsia, Obama and Israel, etc. There is more than one article if I recall, actually.

Thank you Ehud Barak, and thank you, Obama. The Beth Din shel Maala is waiting for you.

And thank you, demonic, despicable, arrogant judges, Uzi Fogelman, Manny Mazuz and Daphne Barak-Erez, who condemn the innocent while letting the guilty go free. SODOMITES, all of you. May the fate of Sodom await you and your fraudulent courts.  And wait until REAL judgment day arrives for you, in front of the ONLY TRUE JUDGE.


[ Oh, my mistake:  I failed to name the ARAB judge put in charge of deciding what happens to the group of kids months ago already; what can you expect from a Pere Adam given life and death powers over Jews - just by whom, exactly?]

Other accomplices to the crime - DRESSED IN BLACK -; how will they ever justify their actions before the Divine Court, even if wearing a million kippot on their heads?? It breaks your heart.

And here is one more good for nothing accomplice wearing a kippah, only as a disguise I would say. His face says it all and radiates cunning and deception; what a lowlife; just you wait, buddy!

But thank G-d, there are good people too. Here is one good and smart MK. G-d bless him!

... AND LOOK, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES: THE PROTESTS ARE SPREADING!! Let's hope and pray that this is only the beginning. We will NOT let these evildoers destroy Am Yisrael, no matter how much they want to. THEY will be destroyed before Am Yisrael is.

And see this sickening, harrowing account by the father of one of the boys:

This gag order is a bunch of BS, they only do that so that Am Yisrael won't arrive en masse to the families of these desaparecidos. PINOCHET all over again,  Disgusting. I think we should all break the silence, together. Now THAT is a REAL BREAK THE SILENCE. Break the silence, break the beast. 

Do you know what else I think too? That the Duma arson was very possibly a FALSE FLAG ATTACK PERPETRATED BY THE SHABAK THEMSELVES. Improbable? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. As a matter of fact that is how both Rav Meir Kahane.  and his son Binyamin and daughter-in-law Talia, were murdered . So why put it past them to use the same technique for framing his grandson Meir Ettinger? They have plenty of Arab tools to do their dirty work for them!
Unless it was the CIA of course - they are all part of the same international organization anyway, headed by the Jesuits in Rome. They needed a tool to dismantle the hilltops? They created it. Plausible? I am not saying I have proof; I am only saying, the way the whole thing is developing makes me think.....No wonder the whole thing reeks of the Inquisition, because frankly, it IS the Inquisition. 

Finally, excellent article here, that tells it just like it is. Why does it always take Americans Jews to have clarity of vision? Why can't average Israelis see that their government is acting like criminals when they are? Thank you, David Rubin, may you continue in your holy work for many years.

Let's have a fruitful fast of Asara Betevet; may Hashem finally have mercy on His People who are suffering so much under the thumb of Edom and Amalek.



Neshama said...

DS, I think Meir's mother is the daughter of Kahane, but don't trust my 'think'.
I am distraught about what these Zionist bullies at the behest of Boogie are doing!
I don't believe this. What will happen next? What can the parents, lawyers, and people do? Read this:
"High Court rejects Duma suspect's petition. Lawyer's request to let him see client after legal limits breached, and to stop brutal torture and abuse, thrown out by judges."

DS said...

I know, I saw. If you go back to my post, you will see that I added a link to the A7 article, together with big clear pictures of the 3 reshaim, the 3 judges involved. With proper wishes for each and every one of them.

What can we do besides daven? If you are young, healthy and strong, and capable of handling physical confrontation with the animals, I would say, join the riots. If you can't - I can't!- give money for the families, all the moral support you can. And publicize the evil of this government all you can. There are good people, at least I hope so, among MK's; we need to empower them to do what is good for AM Yisrael, and be willing to speak up when necessary. There are 5 aspects to war, and war of words is one of them. You can do battle on the war of words as long as you trust in Hashem and know how to write, or speak. Do videos if you know how....
Expose, fearlessly.

What more can I say. Bear arms if you can. Sometimes only physical confrontation will do, that is what we have soldiers for. The Hareidim understand that, and they don't bend to the beasts. They are truly Amalekites and we have a duty to get rid of Amalek. I am surprised at Manny Mazuz, though, considering he is a scion of a rabbinic family, but unfortunately every family has its bad apples. Look at Herzog.

Look at whom we are dealing with here, just as an example. THIS is the kind of book thatoman found interest in writing:
quote of the Haaretz writer:

"....It is not multiculturalism but, rather, a new national identity that has replaced traditional Israeli national identity. The new identity is increasingly built on a rejection and even hatred of the other, in its right-wing European form. The decline of the prior cultural heritage has given way to living in a “villa in the jungle” – as former Prime Minster Ehud Barak once described life here."

Neshama said...

I see some words work better in a foreign tongue :-)
I don't know what traditional Israeli national identity is?
What cultural heritage do these leftists think they have?
What is a secular heritage? Shopping, eating, movies, concerts, sports, sex? Very wholesome, indeed.
I really don't expect answers because there really are none.

Maybe someone should try to get a hold of the names of these Shabak monsters and take them to trial; a trial will open up all they did to the public. Also, notice how Boogie's name has not been in the news lately; i wonder if he's hiding behind Media Silence. The same way they dig up dirt on any MK just to get him out of office, the same should be done to these Shabak Torturers. Why can't we take the Judges to court? Why can't the people sue them? Why can't the people have a committee interrogate Boogie and why he thinks so confidently that these boy are guilty?
I don't think so, but if one of them is guilty, this is still not the avenue of torture they should be coasting on. It is illegal, and ruled so by the same court that won't let the lawyers see their clients. Why? Well they might see scars and wounded boys instead of their once healthy clients.

Yes the commenters are doing a great job, but its not enough.

Neshama said...

Yes, his mother, Tova, is Kahane's daughter.

"Ettinger, 24, the grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach ... and Ateret Cohanim yeshivot, and Tova, the daughter of Rabbi Meir Kahane. ...."

DS said...

Thanks, Neshama. So he COULD be Mashiach ben Yosef, unless he is a Cohen too by his father's family, or unless he is a Levi or a Benjamin. ( I don't believe we Jews know our heritage otherwise, do we?)

What can I say? The pain is just too great. The gag order is probably also in order to protect the identity of these monsters. I don't think they would sleep too well at night knowing that their neighbors know what they REALLY do during the day, when they 'go to work'. The lawyers probably know their names, Honenu does too I think it would be a great Kiddush Hashem to reveal all these names. Maybe Rav Lior could give a psak halachah for that, but then I would fear for his life.

Neshama said...

We can't let this fade away. People Protest Torture

DS said...

Thank you, Neshama. Let the protest spread like wildfire. You just never know whom your words will reach. And let us not be afraid to voice controversial opinions, specially when we feel threatened in our bones. That is when Emunah comes in: trust that Hashem is protecting us while we do His work.

Mah Yaaseh li adam...

Neshama said...

Its worse than we think ... This is SICK