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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

There are no coincidences in this world, only Hashgachah Pratit, Providence - Chanukah is all about illumination, isn't it.... Happy Chanukah, Chanukah Sameach to all!

Tonight I was supposed to do an radio show on the Barry Chamish program, but because of telecommunications issues, I was not able to get on. So I have decided to write instead.

I had pretty much decided on the topic, which was Turkey, Syria, ISIS, the Vatican, the US and the CIA....I had already gathered most of my documentation, but I also wanted to review my earlier posts on this blog, because I had written lots and lots of articles on the topic, and I knew that most of the news outlets, whether mainstream ( to be expected), or alternative ( not necessarily) had only part of the story. As I was reviewing the various texts, I found the smoking gun, the one post that illuminated all the others and put everything back in perspective. And guess when it was written? Almost exactly three years to the day on the Jewish calendar: on 12/10/12, two days before the 4th candle of Chanukah. Tonight we have just lit the 3rd, ..... how is that for a coincidence? Or rather, how is that for one more proof that Hashem, G-d, is in charge of the affairs of man? My intentions were good, I wanted to do what every good Jew and Jewess wants to do on Chanukah: do my part in the war against the enemies of Hashem and His People, and by default, Amalek.

So here I am: this is my own personal Chanukah war against Amalek who is a product of the marriage between Esav and Yishmael - between the West and Islam -; Amalek, whose very memory we are commanded to obliterate.

I was puzzled by the various articles, videos, etc, which mention Turkey in one breath with ISIS and Syria on one hand, and ISIS with the CIA and Obama/ Hillary on the other. Russia has been very good at exposing the dirty secrets of the not so secret oil deals between Erdogan, his son Bilal and his relative, Minister of Energy on one hand, and ISIS on the other; whereas various Western websites have repeatedly exposed the massive arms trafficking from Turkey to ISIS in Syria, weapons purchased with the profits from oil stolen by ISIS, related to the Benghazi arms deals with Clinton's knowledge and direct involvement, weapons provided by the US, paid for by Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, etc.; they have exposed the relationship between the CIA, Obama and ISIS, the repeated false flag attacks in Europe and the US, etc: recent world events prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the complicity of the US, the CIA, NATO and Europe in general with ISIS in the Middle-East, and with the Muslim terrorist invasion of Europe and the US. What was left out of the broad picture was the role the Vatican is playing in the midst of this whole saga. As I was researching the articles on my blog about Turkey, I read many where I had already years ago elucidated the central role of Rome in current events, particularly regarding Turkey, and pope Benedikt's close relationship with Turkey, to the point where I had actually pointed to TURKEY AS A FRONT FOR ROME! The name of Fetullah Gulen kept reappearing as a chosen protege of the CIA to replace Erdogan who has been making a disgrace of himself. I had seen pictures of Gulen with Pope Jean Paul II, and knew that he was the protege of the Church. But that one article suddenly clarified the whole situation.

You don't have to believe everything I said, obviously some things were wrong - but then quite a few were right!

Bottom line: the Vatican, - in particular the Jesuits including the current Jesuit pope -  is determined to establish a world dictatorship ( the so-called New World Order) , to massacre countless human beings, and it is using ISIS, which is one with Turkey and NATO/US/CIA, really,  - not to in any way exonerate their myriads of Muslim 'willing executioners" - to reach its goal. They plan on installing their man, Fetullah Gulen ( him and/or his first in command Abdullah Aymaz), who poses as a moderate Muslim, but who is in reality an extreme Muslim radical, to accomplish their aims. In the process, of course, they are benefiting tremendously financially ( notice how Malta, another Church front, is directly involved in the lucrative oil deals of Bilal Erdogan; how much money flows from those deals to the Vatican coffers?). Don't think that Putin is a good guy, though; he is also part of the plot, just on the other side of this burgeoning world war. And the ultimate goal is to eliminate first and foremost Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael, as we are the people of Hashem in the Holy Land as long as we follow G-d's commands. THEY are using INTERFAITH, of which "moderate Islam"( as they like to call it) is a part, as a front to mask their satanic aims. So it is really a war of Amalek and his angel the Satan against G-d, against Hashem, to the death. And of course we already know Who will win this war. 

By the way, if you want the key to all these affairs, I would suggest you review articles on my blog having to do with PETER SUTHERLAND. There is a lot more to this bad guy than meets the eye. Read on my blog how for years he was practically family, a "Ben Bayit" in the Vatican, as financial advisor or so to Benedikt ( he might still be, I haven't followed his activities there lately); notice his dominant business role in Turkey:

 And now he is the UN man in charge of international migration? How is that for one more smoking, flaming gun?!

I find it amazing how ancient biblical prophecies are unfolding one after another: this shows us how Hashem rules the world; His will was revealed to His prophets from times immemorial, and everything that happens, happens because G-d wants it so.

It is a joy and a privilege to find oneself on the right side of this war.

Chag Sameach!



Last day of Chanukah

Make sure to read the comments, particularly the comments of December 14th: they provide proof that everything I have been saying about Gulen, the Vatican and the CIA is true. 

Also, read Part II and Part III for a lot more information. Thank you. 

 Hashem has given us the precious privilege of shining light on these enemies of His throughout this whole Chanukah. Hallel!

UPDATE #1 on the 4th night of Chanukah:

MORIAH posted a fantastic article plus video here:

First of all, this is a great and very informative piece, thank you Moriah.

In addition, in good Chanukah tradition, a LIGHT went on in my head, and I instantly connected the contents of this article to puzzling information I had been gathering as well, the links to which are also to be found in my sources below, and to which I could not find an explanation. Now I do.

You see, I am very familiar with ISLAMBERG in Hancock, NY, a major training ground for Islamic terrorists in the US:

 Whatdoesitmean recently reported that top ISIS terrorists had been secretly smuggled by the CIA from the Levant to ISLAMVILLE, Dover, Tennessee. Islamville is a branch of the same mother organization in Islamberg, which used to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, - we know the Muslim Brotherhood completely infiltrated the White House, as exemplified by Huma Abedin and several others whose names I don't recall off hand; not to mention that CIA head John Brennan is a Muslim - ; now somehow the Islamberg network has become  Jamaat Al Fukra, headed by Pakistani Sheikh Gilani. ( I am not sure what happened to their Muslim Brotherhood connection.)

Then we have the report, again from Whatdoesitmean, of 14,000 " Syrian refugees" who were rejected by Sweden, yet were brought to the US thanks to Obama. 

In addition I had included a video in the previous post , see link above, that discusses UPS airplanes sighted depositing under cover of darkness  in Harrisburg, PA, instead of packages, enough men to fill 30 buses. Those buses full of men then left Harrisburg in the very direction, on the very same highway leading to the headquarters of Gulen in Saylorsburg; however they stopped in Annville, PA.

 Why did the men land in Harrisburg of all places? Why are they in Fort Indiantown Gap? Who are they and where did they come from? What are they doing in Pennsylvania?

It so happens - see below - that I had researched how long it takes from various points of interest to the Gulen headquarters ( read about Gulen in the previous post, linked above); I also researched how long it takes from Annville to Saylorsburg. Lo and behold, they all take less than two hours by car; that is less than a full tank of gas!

Distances to Gulen's compound:

Exactly 2 hours from NYC;
Harrisburg, Pa to Saylorsburg also less than 2 hours
from Annville, PA, Fort Indiantown Gap where the UPS trucks are going: 1 hour 38 minutes

On the other hand, if they had landed in Harrisburg, PA to reach one of Islamberg's training camps, either in Hancock, NY, or the closest one in the Poconos, PA, it does take a bit longer, although it is not impossible.

The closest Jamaat Al Fukra terrorist training camp to Harrisburg and Annville is in the Poconos;

from Harrisburg PA to Hancock, NY - 3 hours 2min
from Annville, PA to Hancock NY - 2hours 49 minutes
 from Annville to the Poconos Islamberg training camp: 2 hours  13 min.

Interestingly enough, though,  there are closer airports to Saylorsburg , Hancock or to the Poconos than Harrisburg; so, is there a link between those men and terrorist training camps?

Closest airports to Hancock, NY: Binghamton, NY, and Scranton, PA.
Closest airports to the Poconos: Stroudsburg and  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
Closest airport to Saylorsburg, PA: Lehigh Valley, Wilkes-Barre and Morristown.

If Sibel Edmonds is right and Fetullah Gulen is arming and training terrorists in Central Asia and other places, why wouldn't he do it in the US too, since he has the protection of the CIA?
Is that where part of his ill-gotten wealth would be spent?  What a wonderful money laundering operation that would be: imagine, teachers have to return half of their officially earned money to the organization, probably in cash, under the radar: the money would be earned in the US and immediately funneled to local terrorist training camps, buried in plain sight. 
On the other hand, there is the Islamberg Jamaat al Fukra training camp in Pennsylvania, connected to Islamwille where the top commanders were flown to by the CIA. So maybe they don't need Gulen's network as they already have their Islamberg network. The difference is, with Gulen they would have loads of money and Vatican backing for sure.

Is that where the Syrian "refugees" who disappeared from their absorption centers in the US could be hiding, with help from the CIA, the State Department and the White House.... and the Vatican too, of course? How plausible, I am afraid.

 Are Muslim Brotherhood/Jamaat al Fukra training camps and the Gulen network connected, via the CIA? Maybe Gulen is part of the deal with his huge fortune, maybe not. But either way the training camps are ready, running, protected by the CIA which is run by a Muslim boss, and obviously do have money. If Gulen is part of the plot then they have tons of money. The imported and locally grown terrorists have plenty of places in the Tri-State area, within a two hour drive from New York, in which to stay, train and do all the bad things terrorists do.

So we can see how ISIS threats to attack New York City are very credible. They have many men, they now also have top brass, they have training grounds, they have funds, and they have CIA/Vatican cover. What is missing: an order from above?

I would be very scared if I were in New York, right now. What are they planning? And for when???


UPDATE #2 same night of Chanukah:

OMG, I just found a motive,....

                ....       an address,....

               ............and a date:

...Do they know something we don't?



If you were the Fed, i.e. the USG,

and if you had to mask the fact that there is no gold left in your vaults to satisfy your wealthy customers who paid you in full already,

and if you had to deliver their fully paid gold to them by December 16, 

and if the public revelation that there is no gold left had the potential to completely destroy you, 

and if you had at your disposal a whole army of murderers eager, ready and willing to destroy the building housing the gold, tenants, workers and visitors included, and everybody around that too,

and if you had the ability to blame somebody else for it, 

and if it had been done once before, ...

what would you do? 

The only question is: when would be the best time to do it before the date so as not to raise suspicion?

Vehamevin yavin.


 Here are some of my sources for the first and second part:

Most notably, the Vatican Nuncio surprised a visiting Congressional delegation during a recent breakfast meeting here by not just enthusiastically praising Gulen, but also presenting the delegation's chairman with a book about him. (Gulen's meeting with Pope John Paul II several years ago excited much controversy in Turkey, with some rival brotherhoods/lodges accusing Gulen of selling out while other pious Turks who have been among our best contacts assessed the move as the ultimate in hypocrisy.) Gulen has also attracted steady interest among commentators. Some writers, mainly those who write for the Gulenist daily "Zaman" or who teach at the Gulenist Fatih University in Istanbul, or who have otherwise identified themselves with his movement, assert that Gulen's public message of "dialogue" is a more mature expression of Islam. Given the Gulenists' penetration of the National Police (TNP) and many media outlets and their record of going after anyone who criticizes Gulen, others who are skeptical about Gulen's intentions feel intimidated from expressing their views publicly. Privately they note: (1) Gulen's sharply radical past as a fiery Islamist preacher in the 1970's-1980's; (2) his ruthlessness in banishing people from his more inner circles (Gulenists have admitted to us that they are petrified of making a "mistake"); (3) his and his inner circles' insistence that followers of Gulen mediate their study of Islam totally through his writings, i.e. no tolerance of dissent or critical thinking; and (4) the cult-like obedience and conformity that he and the layers of his movement insist on in his global network of schools, his media outlets, and his business associations.

secret US leaked cables [Warning: It is illegal under US law for US federal employees or military personal to click on these red links],

According to this report, this “beyond staggering” plot by the CIA to overthrow the current government of Turkey was first started in 2008 by the US military-intelligence establishment supported think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) whose board members are a “whose who” of American military connected individuals, including former US Vice President Richard Cheney, and whose research papers advocated the United States creating what they call a “moderate Muslim” majority in the Middle East to battle Islamic extremists and whose target nation for this action was Turkey.
the smoking gun

less than 2 hours from  lake como, PA
 exactly 2 hours from NYC
harrisburg, pa to saylorsburg also less than 2 hours
Annville, PA, Fort Indiantown Gap where the UPS trucks are going: 1 hour 38 minutes
Caroline Glick


For nearly five years, it has been an open secret that Turkey serves as Islamic State’s logistical base. Almost all the foreigners traveling to Syria to join IS transit through Turkey.

For nearly two years, we have known that Turkey is Islamic State’s major arms supplier. And for six months we have known that they are their partners in oil exports.

In an article published this past summer in Middle East Quarterly, Burak Bekdil reported in January 2014, Turkish prosecutors acting independently from the government, dispatched forces to a border province with Syria to intercept a convoy of trucks laden with missiles, rockets and ammunition making its way to Syria. One of the truck drivers testified at the time that he and his colleagues had “carried similar loads several times before.”

The forces charged with seizing the cargo were shocked to discover the trucks were being escorted by Turkish intelligence officers.

According to Bekdil, “all hell broke loose,” after the prosecutors ordered the men arrested and the cargo seized.

The provincial governor swooped in and insisted that the convoy was traveling on direct orders from Turkish leader Recep Tayip Erdogan. Months later, the military took over the case. And today, the men who executed the arrests and cargo seizure are on trial for “international espionage.”

Bekdil reported that two months after the cargo was intercepted, a meeting took place between then foreign minister and current Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, his deputy, Feridun Sinirlioglu, the head of Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan and deputy chief of the Turkish general staff, Gen. Yasar Guler.

A recording of the meeting was leaked to social media. In the recording, Fidan is heard saying that “he had successfully sent two thousand trucks into Syria before.”

As to Islamic State oil sales to Turkey, this past May, US special forces executed their first known raid inside Syria. The commandos descended on the home of Islamic State’s financial chief Abu Sayyaf. US forces killed Sayyaf and seized his computers and hard drives.

Sayyaf directed Islamic State’s oil, gas and financial operations.

Last July the Guardian reported that the computer data revealed close, direct dealings between Turkish officials and Islamic State members. According to one senior Western official familiar with the contents of the documents, just from what had been uncovered in the initial study of the material, “the links [between Islamic State and the Turkish government] are already so clear that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara.”

Yet Wednesday, in the face of an overwhelming mountain of evidence, the Americans rejected out-of-hand Russians allegations that Turkey is the main consumer of oil exports from Islamic State.

This past July, two senior Defense Intelligence Agency analysts assigned to US Central Command submitted a formal complaint to the Defense Department’s inspector general. The two claimed that their intelligence reports on Islamic State were doctored and distorted as they made their way up the feeding chain to Obama. Fifty intelligence analysts have stated their agreement with the allegations in the complaint.

The doctored reports systematically rendered portraits of the US campaign against Islamic State as successful and Islamic State as a nearly spent force, along the lines of the narrative presented by Obama and his advisors. According to the analysts, the picture painted by the doctored reports bore little resemblance to their far more negative conclusions.

According to the Daily Beast’s report, intelligence analysts began complaining to their superiors about the distortion of their reports in October 2014. Some of those analysts were urged to retire early, and some did.

According to the publication, “one person who knows the contents of the written complaint… said it used the word ‘Stalinist’ to describe the tone set by officials overseeing CENTCOM analysis.”

Following the jihadist attacks on Paris on November 13, Obama maintained his insistence that climate change is a graver threat to US national security than terrorism. It could be that this prioritization of concerns is playing a role in the administration’s apparent determination not to seriously fight Islamic State.

In an interview with Charlie Rose last month, former CIA director Michael Morell explained that the administration decided not to bomb Islamic State’s oil infrastructure “because we didn’t want to do environmental damage.”

According to the Guardian, Islamic State makes between one to four million dollars per day from oil sales.

Perhaps the shooters in San Bernadino were just mad at their boss. Maybe Farooq suffered from clinical depression or ADD, or PTSD, or something.

And maybe Islamic State, with its new colony Sirte in “liberated” Libya, just 400 miles from Italy, is on the run. Maybe as well, Turkey is just a patsy and Russia is really Islamic State’s largest trading partner, or maybe Israel is, or Ireland.

But if facts are to be taken seriously, then the fact is that in December 2015, the US is acting with pathological devotion to ideological narratives that bear no relationship to reality."

Leo goes on to explain that the people of the Gulen movement, under the guise of interreligious dialogue, are in close but secret collaboration with the Vatican and the Jesuits.[1] It is known that Abdullah Aymaz together with Fethullah Gulen was received by Pope John Paul II in 1998. The secret plan is for the Muslim system to stealthily substitute the faltering Roman Catholic Christian system as a means to keep subdued the people and maintain control over its lower level leadership. Leo states that "forty Cardinals have already secretly converted to Islam and have submitted to Fethullah Gulen." Gulen is the present head[2] of the (also called the "Golden Chain"), "a chain that goes on since the time of Prophet Mohammed." A secret organization secretly in charge of people in the metaphysical realm and the geopolitical establishment.

Leo explains that the planned secret takeover of the Roman Catholic power structure by the Muslim Illuminati, headed by the Gulen Movement while working hand-in-glove with the Jesuits will only apply to people in positions of power who are to secretly convert to Islam while outwardly still professing traditional Christian creeds. The masses of people will be allowed to carry on professing their traditional religious creeds all the while being impervious to the notion that their leaders are really crypto-Muslims doing the bidding of the all powerful Islamic-Jesuitical hierarchy. Therefore, ideally, the common people will not notice the secret religious changeover in their leadership.
Leo goes on to explain that the people of the Gulen movement, under the guise of interreligious dialogue, are in close but secret collaboration with the Vatican and the Jesuits.[1] It is known that Abdullah Aymaz together with Fethullah Gulen was received by Pope John Paul II in 1998. The secret plan is for the Muslim system to stealthily substitute the faltering Roman Catholic Christian system as a means to keep subdued the people and maintain control over its lower level leadership. Leo states that "forty Cardinals have already secretly converted to Islam and have submitted to Fethullah Gulen." Gulen is the present head[2] of the (also called the "Golden Chain"), "a chain that goes on since the time of Prophet Mohammed." A secret organization secretly in charge of people in the metaphysical realm and the geopolitical establishment.

On another topic of this post:

If you have the time, read here the part about the Hadron Collider experiments, to see how they use the occult and science together to try every which way they can to attract evil forces to this world.  I have one more earlier post that discusses this topic.

About the Nazis links to Satan:

 See also my earlier related posts, of which the first is the longest and most detailed, but they altogether constitute one whole:

 זָכוֹר, אֵת אֲשֶׁר-עָשָׂה לְךָ עֲמָלֵק, בַּדֶּרֶךְ, בְּצֵאתְכֶם מִמִּצְרָיִם

 battle between the prophets of Baal and Eliyahu Hanavi - KINGS 18:25. Of course Eliyahu won, because he was defending God's honor.

Whatdoesitmean also linked to a very interesting video about Hitler and the Nazis' work with the occult science here:


Anonymous said...

I missed you at Barry's show.
His first guest, that he had as a back-up, really was the worst he had in months.
But when interviewing you, the show always stands for good information, and very funny situations.
Thank you for your information.

But I am posting here, for information most people, including you, did not get.
From where I quote:
"This week, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra has been reinforced with up to 2,000 militants, approximately 120 tons of munitions and 250 pieces of automobile hardware coming from Turkey."
End quote.

Turkey is arming ISIS (HORUS SETH, IHS), not only buying oil from them.
It is sad that Russia is now the main role on defense against Islam, because they have a lot of Jew Hating propaganda next to good information from they military. From the Twitter account where I found the page to the information, Turkey arming ISIS, from the Russian Army, there was also a page claiming an IDF Colonel was fighting with ISIS, with a picture as supposed proof, that could just have been elsewhere than ISIS. Russia is currently aligned with the Kurds, while IDF soldiers died at the side of Kurds fighting ISIS last year.

I hope your technical problems get solved, and that Barry can interview you soon.

Moriah said...

Have you read this?

DS said...


This link that you sent me is so good, so informative, so powerful that I think I will use it as part of the main text, and comment about it. Thank you so much.

I had heard of Sibel Edmonds, but had not seen her testimony.

Please see the text for an UPDATE

DS said...


See above, I posted an update, all thanks to the link you provided.

What do you say?



Moriah said...

The more I read the more disturbed I become. I, like you am certain something very big is coming- do I say it? A big slaughter is coming to America. My husband and I filled out our tik. I hope to G-d we'll be able to leave sooner than the 18 months finances allow. Dear G-d, Sooner than later. I apologize for the piecemeal info. My laptop died.

Moriah said...

Here is something else that might interest you. Gulen funding trips of US congress since 2008. Greasing the skids and blinding the eyes. This guy has thought if everything. I apologize if I've overlooked this info somewhere on your site.

DS said...


Thank you so much, you are great, without you there would have been no part II or part III. I assume you did you see my two posts after this one? I sure hope so. You are being mentioned repeatedly. If not, here are their links:

I will read this article and add it to the other two I posted on today's blog.

We are working good together, aren't we? You will see, if you read my PS's, that THEY know they are being watched. Cool, isn't it. I have even more proof I won't mention - from the US, from the state where the men have more than one wife.

Chag Or Haganuz Sameach.

Moriah said...

Hello, yes I am reading your posts and comments and am happy to help in any way I can. I am a great lover of truth and fortunate to have stumbled onto your informative blog. Keep up the good work! May G -d have mercy on His nation! Chag Sameach!

DS said...

Thanks again, Moriah: both for your great input, and for your encouragement, which I do need. Sometimes I feel like I am speaking to a wall; and at other times I feel, why on earth am I doing this? I guess it's for a reason. Hashem is using His servants for His purpose. We are His servants.

Kol Tuv, and I wish you a very speedy arrival to Eretz Yisrael, "on the wings of eagles". Nothing like it!

Moriah said...

I have a couple more recent articles.

Gulen and the Clinton's

DS said...

8th day of Chanukah:

Wow. Moriah just provided the most damning information yet about Gulen, his direct involvement with the CIA and the Vatican - and this, from Leo Zagami, a Jesuit Illuminati Vatican insider turned whistleblower. Of course the Clinton connection is extremely important too, but I find the proof of the complete CIA/Vatican/Gulen cooperation - they are one and the same - most interesting. It is confirmation of everything I have been saying about Turkey, the CIA, and Rome.

This is TRUTH, folks! Oh, how the light of Chanukah is shining on these evildoers! Thank you so much, Moriah.

DS said...

... And thank you, G-d. That is why we say Hallel on Chanukah. The miracles never cease. Bayamim Hahem, Bazeman Hazeh: in those days, and today.