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Sunday, December 13, 2015

There are no coincidences..... Part III: new info about Gulen, Hillary, and various US government figures; and Geneva story, the scoop.


Chanukah Sameach - 7th day - and Chodesh Tov to you.

Today we really need this brachah, because Tevet does not look good so far. Rosh Chodesh is devoted to Kapparat Avonot, atonement of sins, sort of a mini Yom Kippur ( my interpretation); I would suggest we use this occasion for really, from the depth of our hearts, doing Teshuvah, asking G-d for forgiveness for the things we did wrong, and asking for His help so we can do right from now on. It is the only thing that will save us from the coming horrors, clinging to Him for dear life; this and charity. The saying is: charity saves from death. Literally. I heard a shiur not long ago where the Rav said that this coming 10th of Tevet is supposed to be The big day. I forgot what his sources were, and who he was. Still, we better be prepared.

To get back to my theme, which I frankly don't relish at all, I was having misgivings for being such a bearer of ill tidings, doubting myself. But Moriah just sent me three powerful links with unbelievable information, which confirm my general worries about the direction the USA is taking. Thank you so much, Moriah, you are a wonderful help!
This should be publicized: do people know that Hillary is the chosen one of the pack? We could tell from her record, but this is our third smoking gun.... what an evil woman. Tell everybody you know what she is really up to!

And it's not only her: so many government figures are completely corrupted:

This guy Gulen has been at it since 2008, apparently:

8th day of Chanukah:

 From the blog "Mashiach is coming":

It is said in the name of the holy Rebbe, Rav Yisroel Rhiziner zechuso yagen aleinu that “what the tzaddikim of the generation accomplish through their lofty Neilah prayers on Yom Kippur, a simple Jew can ask and accomplish with his prayers on Zos Chanukah, the eighth day of Chanukah”.
Read more:

Wow. Moriah just provided the most damning information yet about Gulen, his direct involvement with the CIA and the Vatican - and this, from Leo Zagami, a Jesuit Illuminati Vatican insider turned whistleblower. Of course the Clinton connection is extremely important too, but I find the proof of the complete CIA/Vatican/Gulen  cooperation - they are one and the same - most interesting. It is confirmation of everything I have been saying about Turkey, the CIA, and Rome. 

This is TRUTH, folks! Oh, how the light of Chanukah is shining on these evildoers! Thank you Hashem.

Gulen is a very dangerous man with his money. Not only does he sponsor terrorism worldwide, but he buys off politicians and infiltrates the US government in very high places. Not surprising, considering that the White House is only white from the outside of the building these days, if you know what I mean. Brown and black inside in every respect, spiritually first and foremost.

And did you hear about the immediate chemical terrorist threat in Geneva, Switzerland? The city is under severe military and police guard. The truth is, they had it coming, they have been involved in nefarious activities for so long, did they think Hashem is not watching? Payback times are coming. And I don't say that with an easy heart, I grew up there and love the city, it used to be such a nice place. But the bad guys are proliferating in that open environment unfortunately: the UN, the CERN, the Red Cross/Red Crescent ( do I need to remind you about the true Red Cross record?), and the open border with France bringing the worst murderous the way, "they" are targeting synagogues and Jewish establishments in particular; this has been reported by the local press, LA TRIBUNE DE GENEVE. It should be a wake-up call to all Jews residing in places susceptible to terror, which includes Europe, the US, Canada, etc, etc, etc, etc.

" Selon nos sources, un véhicule utilitaire immatriculé en Belgique, avec à son bord deux hommes, est entré sur le territoire suisse dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi. Puis il a été aperçu à Genève avant de quitter la Suisse. Cet élément semble suffisamment inquiétant pour qu'une mise en garde ait été adressée dès hier à des membres de la communauté israélite de Genève. Le message est clair: si le véhicule est aperçu aux abords d'un site, la consigne est de mettre à l'abri les fidèles et d'appeler le 117.

«C’est une information qui circule en effet», confirme Johanne Gurfinkiel, secrétaire général de la Coordination intercommunautaire contre l’antisémitisme et la diffamation (CICAD), qui met en garde contre tout emballement.

«Nous sommes dans un état de vigilance accru aux abords de la dizaine de lieux israélites de Genève. La sécurité reste une priorité comme toujours et est réévaluée en cas de besoin, en lien avec la police genevoise, comme c’est le cas à chaque alerte particulière en lien avec l’actualité internationale. La nouveauté aujourd’hui, c’est que l’alerte est locale."

With all the pain we are experiencing here in Israel, despite our Erev Rav Bolshevik government, courts and police, I believe it is still the safest place, because we are under the direct protection of Hashem Himself, and we have so many Tsaddikim here.

Kol Tuv


Please refer to Part I and Part II for the whole saga.

PS #1: 8th night of Chanukah

Guess what, it appears that this article ( Part II) got the attention of the Gulen people in Saylorsburg; and if not them, then one of their neighbors within a 30 minute drive. Usually when the tracking system marks the location of the IP address, they will mention a city within the vicinity, not exactly the one where the computer is located. For instance, Tel-Aviv can mean Jerusalem! So, B"H, it seems that they know they are being watched. Who knows, maybe they will think twice, now that they know WE know.

Chanukah Sameach, May the lights of Chanukah, the OR HAGANUZ, the very light of Creation, continue to shine on Am Yisrael, and reveal NISTAROT to all of us, bring healing to Am Yisrael, and may Hashem continue to show favor to Am Yisrael.

PS #2: 8th night of Chanukah

I also had the "pleasure" of a visit from the United Arab Emirates. I guess the story is reaching their circles. Good! Let them know they are being watched. It will put the fear of God in their hearts. Know, Pere Adam, "Wild Ass of a man", Yishmaelite, that you are being watched from the Holy City of Hashem, under His watchful eye, on the holiday of Chanukah when G-d performed so many miracles for the people of Israel. Do you think he cannot take care of you too? Just you wait.

PS #3: Good comments in the comments section. Follow there too! 


Moriah said...

Gulen is very clever and had very much foresight. He has through his efforts and money created heavy plausible denial ability - meaning he will have many defenders- dupes and useful idiots testifying on the righteousness of his cause. This brings something to mind.. Who will utilize those FEMA camps, G-d forbid? I have been skeptical all along about this in regard to the ability if BHO to fill them. But reading about the deviously cunning and thoroughly dedicated Gulen, suddenly I can see trainloads of unbelievers headed for the camps under that liar HC.

DS said...

Wow, is this guy devious. It is easy to fall for him when you hear his syrupy language. However, look under the table, and what do you see? Terror, death and misery.

Who is telling the truth? Who is lying?

He reminds me of the Catholic church, that two-faced entity, to which he is so connected.The two faced god Janus is the symbol of Rome; alternatively Rome is called the wolf in sheep's clothing. That guy fits the profile perfectly. No wonder the church loves him - unless they actually trained him!

vincent said...

The good news might be that Gulen and Erdogan hate each other. You know ? The competing Alpha males of Da Hood ! BHO is Erdogan's pal, HRC is connected to Gulen, what's new ? let them all rot in hell !!
We have Gulen in Holland, it is a grass roots thing with schools and stuff. Very fanatic though !

DS said...

Good point, Vincent! So those schools are known in Holland too, eh? He seems to have a worldwide reach.

Moriah said...

Here is another excellent in-depth article on what's going on More On Gulen

DS said...

Thank, Moriah. This article summarizes the situation quite well, and ads a few new points. What I see missing, though, is the worldwide terror activities of this character.

If the article is correct, then I was right to link the arrival of the 14,000 refugees to Gulen, and maybe also those men dropped at Harrisburg airport. They might have been on their way to Saylorsburg.

Moriah said...

Erdogan filed charges against Gulen in American courts to have him extradicted. Gulen has to respond. We'll see what happens if Erfogan wins..