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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit, Vote on the Regulation Law in the Knesset: two cosmic events converging this coming Wednesday Israel time.


Today I decided to pay a visit to the hunger strikers' tent in Jerusalem

 to get a feel for what is happening there. My goal was to speak with various people, exchange ideas, and make my own contribution to the national effort - but not by hunger striking!

What I found were a few very special and dedicated people from different communities, Beth-El, Migron, etc, who deep in their hearts feel that hunger striking is what they need to do right now, it is their way to share in this struggle. There were also a few men learning Torah and saying Tehillim, which is very good. On the other hand I also spoke to one media savvy rabbi who was all about show and PR; and felt turned off by a few other participants as well. Overall I must say that my feeling was rather negative, as I was disappointed by the intense "politicking" going on. It seems to me that at such a critical juncture Jews should be focusing on God and prayer, not on politics and the media (and/or preparing for battle in case they are being attacked by savage beasts in uniform)! My overall impression was one of a general lack of deep awareness of the real issues in the religious zionist public, and I find this disturbing. 
Trying to share my views with leaders there, I approached a couple of very nice and pleasant rabbis.This was my message to them, which was quite well received:

I discussed with them the upcoming Venus Transit, to which Dov Bear Bar Leib of the blog End of Days ( see sidebar) had alerted me extensively recently. The transit will happen tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 6 PM EST, and will last 6 1/2 hours. Here in Israel it will be visible at sunrise, about 5:36 AM Wednesday morning for about two hours, until about 7:40 PM. Dov has been explaining in great detail (which I don't understand fully) why this transit is so important. Please read his blog for his own explanations. I also reviewed the information on this topic from other sources such as the blog Yeranen Yaakov ( see sidebar), as I knew nothing about Venus and the Zohar. In short, Nogah, the Hebrew name for Venus, is also the name of the last Kelipah of the Erev Rav according to the Zohar.

 (Kabbalah uses the term Kelipah to describe evil. Literally, Kelipah means a “peel” or “shell,” as in the peel of a fruit).
Here are some quotes from the following book on the Erev Rav:

" The Kelipah called NOGAH is full of desires and lust and lies, all this in order to rule and deceive other creatures,..."



And here is one more reference to the Kelipah Nogah:

Apparently this Venus transit, happening during the '60 days of Black Fire in the Rakia' ( see the blogs mentioned above for details) this year is very significant, and could signal the end of the rule of the Erev Rav, which has an Amalekite-like soul. God willing!

So I suggested to the rabbis that, rather than a hunger strike, it would be more beneficial and more befitting for Jews to call for a public prayer (and a fast if necessary) during this important time of the Venus transit. I also reminded them that during the prayers for Birkat Hachamah three years ago, on Yom Yerushalayim/last solar eclipse, and right after Shavuot, awesome events favorable for Yisrael/Yaakov transpired where Edom's symbols of power, cathedrals, churches, etc. were destroyed en masse. Remember that Edom, i.e. Esav, is the origin of Amalek.  I asked the rabbis to discuss this with Rabbi Levanon, who was too busy to listen to my suggestions, and who apparently has the clout to call for a public prayer. They agreed.

So it was with surprise and satisfaction that I found the following announcement ( below) on Arutz7 tonight. Whether the two are related I don't know, but you could say there was a meeting of the minds. I hope the prayers are successful; prayers of Jews are powerful! 

 B"H the Ulpana neighborhood, and by extension many more Judea and Samaria communities, won't be destroyed. Let's pray hard for the demise of the Erev Rav.....
...Or maybe there is another meaning to this transit, which just occurred to me: 

Maybe actually the Erev Rav will destroy the Ulpana neighborhood, and the transit's importance will be in the pretty goddess-like mask finally falling off the Israeli government Erev Rav, the illusion vanishing, and national-religious Am Yisrael finally seeing them in all their Amalekite ugliness, Amcha finally stopping their worship of the 'Medinah', and realizing that our God-given duty to destroy Amalek also applies to the government Erev Rav, since, as you read just now, the war against Amalek IS the war against the Erev Rav. Maybe the transit will be the trigger that infuses Jews with the courage and motivation necessary for the war that is bound to occur between true Jews and their long-time oppressors in Israel, if the latter persist in their destructive and ruthless ways.

( For the uninitiated: the term Erev Rav, i.e. the "mixed multitude" which left Egypt with the Jewish People during the Exodus, comes from the Torah; it generally refers today to the enemy within, the fifth column, the enemies of Jews, powerful people who are Jewish by birth, yet cause enormous problems and suffering to Torah Jews; this Ulpana situation being a prime example, as well as Amona, Gush Katif etc; Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Peace Now, the NIF, the Supreme Court judges, etc. being typical members of that despicable group; - by the way, notice the interesting similarity between the name NOGAH and the acronym NGO... just an observation!)

Prayer Rallies to Save Ulpana Homes

A major prayer rally will take place Tuesday night in synagogues throughout Israel, with thousands praying that the law that will enable residents of the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El becomes law when it comes up for a vote Wednesday. A second prayer rally, with children from dozens of towns and cities throughout Israel saying tehilim (psalms), will take place at the Kotel on Wednesday, as the discussions in the Knesset on the law takes place.

The rallies are being organized by the Kommemiyut organization. Musa Cohen, head of Kommemiyut, said that “prayers are needed to prevent the destruction of settlement in Judea and Samaria. The Prime Minister's stance was clear already six months ago when we tried to pass a similar law regarding Migron. The danger has only increased, and the train of destruction is gathering speed, with Prime Minister Netanyahu the engine,” he said.

For Part II see here:


Shifra Hoffman said...

Kol Hakavod!

S-HALOM uvracha, Daisy

is always the best way to deal
with Jewish problems, both
collective and individual for
only HE can help us.
It is important to publicize that people should come
in great numbers the Knesset Wednesday morning before the vote.
B'ahavat ELOKIM vEretz Yisrael
Shifra Hoffman
* You can also listen to the live interview I did on Arutz 7 this past Sunday the site of the hunger strikers tent. (The Tamar Yonah
Show 3:00 to 4:00 p.m

DS said...

Dov Bear commented:

The Mazal for the month of Siwan is the Twins. Like the entire zodiac the various mazalot are really channels of G-d bringing down his tZiDKut to the world in 12 or 13 separate portions in the course of the year. See the word ZoDiaK in tZiDKut. It really is the same shoresh. So the month of Siwan is the ultimate choice between Good and Evil, everlasting Life and everlasting Death. Our two inclinations for good and evil are really equal in size and scope, creating true tests of moral free will where the benefits of one over the other are really equally appearing choices. One definitely has more immediate gratification. Living in a world of constantly seeking positive world approval is definitely in the category of immediate gratification. Then there is the higher soul of the thoughtful Lonely Man of Faith, who sees infinite Truths that 99% of humanity might choose to ignore. Believe it or not this is an equally powerful choice and is the only choice that will attach one's soul to the Eternal. Nothing less than this is the choice that the members of the Knesset have this Wednesday. The good news is that either way, the Geulah will be here by Tisha B'Av. We can either choose the more sunlit road of enlightened Truth or the depraved road of groveling before World Public Opinion. I hope that we choose the former rather than the latter this full moon of Siwan where this choice is most pronounced. Either way we should be properly equipped no matter which road Klipah Noga (the Knesset) might choose on the day of the Noga Transit. Klipah Noga unlike the other klipot can be attached to sanctity as easily as it is attached to the profane. Is it a siman tov that Noga itself will be choosing the sunlit road on that very day??

DS said...

SHmuel said:

You know me Daisy at least by our talks.
It is a lost cause. The good Jews are doing exactly what the bestial entities planned for and will end up just as destroyed as in Gush Katif.
It is so terrible to see our total inability to understand WAR... terrible.
King Solomon's admonition... There times for....

DS said...

Elise said;

thank you so much!

DS said...

Shows you who he is too, doesn't it?

Report: Bibi to Fire Ministers who Support Regulation

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will fire any minister or deputy minister who votes for the Regulation Bill, Channel 2 reported Tuesday evening. Several ministers have said they will support the bill.

The Regulation Bill aims to protect Israeli homes in Judea and Samaria by stating that legally built homes will remain standing even if Palestinian Authority Arabs lay claim to the land. Those claiming ownership would be given financial compensation.

DS said...

Dov said:

Since over four hours of the Venus Transit will take place while the sun has not risen in Eretz Yisrael, you can watch the Noga Transit here:


Slooh usually does a splendid job covering eclipses with many locations that can be accessed at the same time. Programming begins on feeds starting at 3pm American Pacific DST. That would be about 1 am here in Israel. The feeds will begin to broadcast pictures of the sun a few minutes before Venus begins to pass in front of the face of the sun. The ones from California should be nice because at least four hours of the transit will be visible from there with very little cloud cover. I am assuming there will be feeds from Hawaii and Australia too where the full 6 1/2 hours of transit will be visible.

DS said...
Interesting. Major transit and transition, really!

DS said...

Another way that I understand the transit of Venus:

Since the transit is equivalent to an eclipse, it means that Klipah Nogah, the evil force of the Erev Rav, is for a while ECLIPSING the Sun, the world. But only for a while. It won't be able to eclipse goodness for another 100 years, after this past transit.

Maybe that is why the previous commentators suggested that this transit might signal the end of the power of the Erev Rav