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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Don't be Freierim!" First-hand account of unspeakable evil of the Israeli government - against Jews. So when will you wake up???

... And he still speaks of convincing people? What is needed is war against the Erev Rav, not words.

At least Rabbi Ronsky got it right - partially. Maybe thanks to him at least some people will awaken. But even he warns against even raising a finger against the Amalekites. How foolish: how on earth are you supposed to fight a war of passive resistance against a heavily armed enemy? The government is already speaking of sending thousands of troops there. It is like saying to the Jews of Warsaw, just resist passively; seriously, idiotic, recipe for failure, recipe for masses of people being hurt, maybe even killed; wrong, wrong... I guess his position doesn't allow him to tell the whole truth.

May Hashem give us the wisdom to know exactly how to handle this situation.

Rav Ronsky: Give 'Em Hell in Beit El

Former Chief Military Rabbi wants large scale passive resistance, says "rules of the game have changed" since 2005.

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 6/13/2012, 8:25 PM

Rabbi Ronsky
Rabbi Ronsky
Yoni Kempinski
Brigadier General (res.) Rav Avichai Ronsky, the former Chief Military Rabbi, issued a call through Arutz Sheva Wednesday for Israelis to come to Beit El and join the struggle against the destruction of 30 homes in the Givat HaUlpana neighborhood.
Rav Ronsky, who heads the Itamar Yeshiva and is a part of Naftali Bennett's new faction in the Jewish Home, explained that he is less naïve than he was during the 2005 "Disengagement" pullback from Gaza. "Since that sorry expulsion, the rules of the game have changed," he said.
"I have sobered up in the course of the last year," he said. "There is a battle of titans here inside our society, a struggle for the character of the country. Will the state of Israel be Jewish and democratic, or will it be 'a country of all its citizens.' And on the other side we have all kinds of elites that are close to the media and are also inside the systems of the state and the State Attorney's Office, for whom the end justifies all means."
Those who hold Israel's character dear must come to Beit El, he said. "We have to go there and protest. Protest like we did in the distant past in Samaria. In all of the times we ascended to Elon Moreh, when there were attempts to evict, we lay down on the floor. The soldiers and police took us with their hands. That is passive resistance, but when many thousands are there, carrying out the eviction is a very difficult thing."
"We must not be naïve and sit on the sideline and let the convoy pass as the dogs bark," the rabbi added. "We need a harsh protest here, of course – without raising a hand on soldiers or cursing, but rather a tough passive protest by masses of Jews."
Rav Ronsky said that he is convinced that this is a war against the forces of evil. "Any thinking person who sees the coldness and meanness of the authorities, both legally and morally, understand that there is a wicked intention here, which cynically uses all means including lies."
Rav Ronsky said that his eyes were opened when he saw the representatives of the State Attorney's Office lying. This happened, he said, when a parole committee was convened to decide whether Shlomi Dvir and Ofer Gamliel (of the "Bat Ayin underground" group) could go free after serving two thirds of their jail sentences.
"I saw with my own eyes how the representatives of the State Attorney's Office lied," he recalled. "I gave an affidavit in which I said they were lying, and I was ignored. That is shocking and as far as I am concerned, that is when things changed. Government officials lie to advance their world view."

Expert: Court Acted Illegally in Ulpana Case

Legal expert Attorney Aharon Papo: The residents of the Ulpana neighborhood weren't properly represented.By Elad Benari
First Publish: 6/14/2012, 4:16 AM

Givat HaUlpana
Givat HaUlpana
Israel news photo: Flash 90
Legal expert Attorney Aharon Papo said on Wednesday that it is now clear beyond any doubt that the Supreme Court order to demolish the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El was illegal.
Papo explained in a conversation with Arutz Sheva that the demolition order is illegal because the Court did not hear the position of the neighborhood’s residents.
“The Supreme Court acted illegally in this case,” he said. “How could it be the Supreme Court issued an order following a petition without giving the residents a chance to respond to the petition and defend themselves?”
He said that the fact that the petition of the leftist organizations, headed by Peace Now, against the Ulpana neighborhood was accepted, did not exempt the judiciary system from protecting the defendants.
“How could the State Attorney’s office accept the claims made in the petition without holding a hearing on it?” said Papo. “The Supreme Court always says that whoever may be affected by the petition must be a part of it. The respondents in this case simply did not receive any representation.”
Papo added that he believes the Ulpana case must go back to the Court, saying, “This is legal practice in all petitions; a person who may be affected by the petition must be represented.”
“The residents of the Ulpana neighborhood should have responded to the petition and taken an attorney to argue in their defense,” he said. “They could have offered to compensate the landowner, if there is one, or to expropriate the land. They would have required those left-wing organizations and Arabs to prove their claims in the Magistrates Court or in the District Court. The order was given here without justice being done.”
Brigadier General (res.) Rav Avichai Ronsky, the former Chief Military Rabbi, issued a call through Arutz Sheva Wednesday for Israelis to come to Beit El and join the struggle against the destruction of 30 homes in the Ulpana neighborhood.
Rav Ronsky, who heads the Itamar Yeshiva and is a part of Naftali Bennett's new faction in the Jewish Home, explained that he is less naïve than he was during the 2005 "Disengagement" pullback from Gaza. "Since that sorry expulsion, the rules of the game have changed," he said.

 Ashton: Settlements are the key obstacle....

May I also remind you how NATO decided to tackle the Israel issue piecemeal, as they realized that they didn't have the manpower or the means to do it all at once. This is why we see this drip-drip effect, one settlement at a time. This is their tactic; let's stop being blind and see the ongoing implementation of their strategy.

Make sure to read the two follow-up articles here, the first one of which contains a radio show interview, on the Barry Chamish show. Please listen to it, you won't be sorry.

You can also read the preceding two articles here, they have additional information about the Erev Rav and Amalekites, in particular, and some cosmological - is that a word? - perspective.

 S. said:

"The same old shinola.  Either fight or pack and stop the pretend.
Anyone attacking using military forces MUST be confronted by equal or more forces and intent.  Only idiots could possibly believe the Peresyahu speechster and his associates.
Theatricals are obscene and must be rejected from the root up."

Dov said:

 ...Watch as Heavenly reinforcements arrive starting on the 28th of Siwan.

Y. said:

Very good selection!

DS replied:

Thanks.  I saw some of our 'soldiers' today: no Jew to be found among them. How much longer are we going to tolerate this? The IDF and/or the israeli police managed to attach to itself types the likes of which were responsible for pogroms in old Europe. Really time to open our eyes to the reality. Somebody has to speak up, it is not going to get better on its own, everybody is so scared, so brainwashed, so meek: one would think it is old Europe all over again.

Even when the Jews had to face the Philistines they were petrified; when they had to face Pharaoh's army they were petrified. Jews have been cowards for times immemorial. We are one cowardly nation. Then came David who did have the guts, and Hashem helped him: it only takes a few courageous ones, and everything can change in an instant. What we need is sudden enlightenment, sudden understanding of our predicament. We are facing the Philistines, and we are scared. The goons, the Yassams, the Turks, the Druze, the Russian goyim, the Arabs that Ehud Barak enlisted in the IDF are scary, they are big, "like giants". We need to find the same spirit Yehoshua and Caleb had, we need to understand that against these brutes it only takes one David who has Hashem's blessings, and that's it, they will flee like flies and topple over.


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...

Listen to me and listen to me good.

Make a vow NOW to keep Shnat Shmitta - in every detail, including the release of all debts.

If you will do this HaShem will make miracles for you.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...


תשמעו ותשמעו היטב

תנדורו, כולכם, נדר לשמור שנת שמטה הבאה עלינו לברכה כהלכתה - כולל השמטת כל חובות והי יתברך יברכו אתכם. זה יותר קשה להלחם ביצר האומר לכם לסמוך על פרוזבול מאשר להלחם בצה"ל. אם תתגברו על היצר ותבטיחו לה' לעשות שמטה כדעת וכדין, תשארו על האדמה ותחוגגו את השמטה בשמחה ובשפע ברכות

שבת שלום ומבורך

DS said...


I agree with you. I do that anyway, personally. Very carefully. Do NOT, repeat, do NOT go by Heter Harabbanim. Actually, search for the word Shemittah on this blog, and you will find SEVEN articles ( interesting, 7!) about Shemittah and we have to observe it fully.

I do agree with you. In retrospect it makes eminent sense, since the Torah specifically mentions Shemittah as the reason for our exile.

Thanks for reminding the readers.

Shabbat Shalom

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...

I'm delighted to read this.

There is no doubt in my mind that if everyone living in Yehudah and Shomron were keeping Shmitta as we are supposed to that these problems would not be happening.

I also have a blog concerning Shmitta:

Please God we can work together to encourage more and more Jews to keep this critical mitzvah.

It is the hardest mitzvah for Jews to keep, I know. That is why it is the most important.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...

I see that we share a very similar outlook.

There is information about Aquaponics on my Shmitta blog and I am subscribed to a few of the newsletters sites you mention.

My name on Facebook is Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan.

I think we're gonna be friends - and allies.

DS said...


Thanks for your comments. I don't know if it is the most important Mitzvah of all, I just know it is very important, and as you say, directly connected with exile. Gush Katif refugees and other communities under threat would do well to ponder that truth.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...


Please God I'll explain in a video why Shmitta is the most important mitzvah. It should be clear that there are many mitzvot that one must keep in order to keep Shmitta, which is called שבתון

For the time being, I'll just show you that:

השמטה = שטנ = ההשמדה

משמט = שפט = פשט

שבתון = שבת עולם = ברך עולם

It is the keeping of Shmitta that cancels רוע הדין and turns it to sweetness.

If one does not keeep Shmitta, if one has, G-d forbid, signed on a שטר that they do not cancel their rights to debts, then HaShem does not cancel their debts to Him. And if they also lend on interest and penalties, so it is at their מפשט in the בית דין של מעלה

But if one does keep Shmitta, then:

דין = שחרור and they are freed of their debts to HaShem.

It is the ultimate mitzvah, because it is the one that turns the Kategor to the Sanegor.

Those who do not keep Shmitta are never reach the level of פשט in learning Torah, which is not the lowest level, but rather the highest.

DS said...


I always like to ask: what are your sources?

Just to make sure it is not your own interpretation, which is very nice, mind you, but does not carry the weight of Chazal!


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...

I suggest you direct your questions to HaShem.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...


One of the effects of not keeping Torah is not being able to recognize true interpretation of Torah when one sees it and growing increasingly dependent upon questionable authority.

מצוה גוררת מצוה ועבירה גוררת עבירה

One who has dulled their sight and their heart to be able to accept incorrect and unjust rulings, like Prozbul, has made oneself partially blind to Torah.

I can't give you back the eyes you have plucked out or turn your heart back to flesh once you have hardened it to stone. I can only direct you to HaShem to do that for you.

I will tell you this: All of the socio-economic injustice in the world is given strength by Prozbul.

We either face down our yetzer and return to HaShem or we should not be surprised when evil armies show up at your door yet again - and, in our next incarnation, yet again in a yet worse form.

Either the Jews will keep Shmitta in all of its details, or the world will be ruled by sociolo-economic perversity and distortion.

I've told you the Truth. Only you can decide to accept it or not.