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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't worry, be happy... or not???


I have a dilemma; maybe you have some insights, dear reader?

On the one hand, I do see clearly that Hashem is performing miracles of miracles for us and for all good people on earth; Edom is on the way to the sewer, and with it all that cling to it. On the other hand, I see that the government of Israel, and by extension the NWO, i.e. Edom, i.e. Amalek, has not changed its spots one iota; the hypocrisy is greater than ever, destruction is in the works, lies, false promises are the order of the day. There are a few good people in the Knesset, granted, and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately they are not the ones pulling the strings. As far as I am concerned, the hunger strike will be about as effective as the march to Gush Katif was in 2005. Bibi, Barak and company wouldn't let Arab prisoners die, but Jews, who cares? Let them kill themselves, why should our Amalekites give a rat's ass? Just as well, one less Jew to deal with! Wasted effort; there must be a better way. If anything, remember Kfar Maimon, and how it turned out that this sneaky tactic to weaken the people so they would be unable to resist originated from the Shabak. I would not be one bit surprised if this hunger strike is another one of those tricks to weaken the people so they won't have the strength to resist the GOI when destruction comes. Whose idea was it anyway? It is absurd. If the rabbis want to call a fast, let them, I am all for it. But a hunger strike is a goyish thing to do, it will only weaken our people. DON'T HUNGER STRIKE, prepare for battle instead.


So now plans are in place to uproot Jewish trees in Netzer, uproot Jewish families in Beth-El, etc. etc. The wide coalition is perfect for fulfilling the PTB's goals, a Jew- free Yesha, and hopefully a true- Jew- free Israel altogether. As far as Iran, a distant priority at best.

So, my question is, what is going to happen? Is Hashem going to perform miracles for us this time? Or will evil once again prevail?
I know the End of Days fans are convinced that this is it, that the Geulah is here. I am not so sure. 

So my question is: should we worry, or should we be happy?

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Shabbat Shalom



Anonymous said...

I personally think the stage is set. I think Hashem is testing to see if people are ready to return to him or if they like the way things are.The chosen are suppose to be a light unto the nations, although there is not much light at the moment.People need to decide for themselves,do they want to continue to worry, or try a new way and be happy.

DS said...

SHmuel said:

Much rather than being happy or.... I would suggest to be prepared.
The stupid general that visited Bet El to deliver his warning was by no means doing "his own thing". And As I warned for years the unJews will do MEGA disengagement. A Nobel for each is waiting for them... and much more.
Do you remember the stunt with the Har HaBait "about to collapse" bridge the degenerates tried to pull?
Expect many more of those things.
So netanyahu promised in writing... LOL I cannot believe that we can be so lame as to
believe the skunk.
And as I said for over a year. Iran does not have a thing to worry about either.

People's harsh reaction. Not in the cards.
The hunger strike is as you said... not at all relevant.

DS said...

Shmuel continued:

I remember the idiots pushing baby carriages to Kfar Maimon, even if it was clear as day that it was a sure trap.
Consider Ulpana gone and lets observe the same old unJews pretend to be upset.
And many other Jewish homes and lives.
We just do not have the ability to face reality. Genetic I am sure.

DS said...

My reply to SHmuel:

I know. Just awful, 2000 years of Golus have done that to us. We just don't know how to fight, Tsahal or not tsahal, we have been conditioned to be victims.

DS said...

My question to Anonymous:

Why stay anonymous for a comment like this? It is so parve, so harmless, no need to hide your face!

DS said...

Ron wrote:

No miracles? Please look again! Israel is just one big miracle – have you forgotten how Israel was re-established and then the manner of the victory of the Six Day War? What about Entebbe?! But remember that when the Israelites left Egypt, it was a mixed multitude that went forth and so it is today. You have a mixed multitude in the Land which is nothing new but sadly, these are numbered amongst your leadership.

The promises that were given to Abraham, were not because he deserved them but simply because God loved him and chose him. Those that inherited the promises did not do so because they could point to Abraham as their progenitor, but because they also were loved of God. Abraham simply believed God and that alone (not his deeds) is what was counted for righteousness. It is all in God’s choosing, so don’t be dismayed by what you see around you today. That fact that you are concerned at all, is evidence that you are amongst His chosen. Hashem is right on track. His promises to your people for the End of Days cannot be overturned. Just stand still as Joshua did, and you will soon see and experience the glory and salvation of God. He has not begun to fulfil his End Day promises to your people in order to then abandon you. That would set the Scriptures back a thousand years. The fulfilment is at the very door!

DS said...

SHmuel writes:

A few days ago I traveled to Haifa by bus.
Impossible to get into a bus as the terminal was almost totally clogged with "soldiers", about half of them females. Going home I guess...
Manicured to perfection, neatly dressed, totting expensive luggage, iphones, etc, but missing any real soldier profile.
About 15 of us, old civilians could not get to the buses. I was very angry but I realized fast how base and stupid the whole circus was and started laughing. The other civilians realized the context and also joined. Two of the stupid creeps in uniform turned menacingly to us and we all got up from the benches as one walking in their direction to beat the c..p out of the sewer rats...
Guess what happened... they scurried away.. run.
And a few other soldiers started laughing as well...
Not all but a vast number of so called soldiers are YIENTZ in uniform.

In what I am telling you there are two messages to the Jews in Y & S. I doubt they will understand or be willing to test the subject themselves.
I will not longer "support" losers. Jews that send children with videos to face them "soldiers". Husbands??? that send their wives pushing baby carriers in "protest".
Hunger strike? NUTS!
Vigils, IDIOTIC!
Letters to the "mk's".. INSANE. (every single one of them knows the plan and pose for photo ops).
"Speechsters" at picnics? MORONIC!

For six years we tried to warn them. Told them I was and others were as well ready to help train them. They still keep sending out lists of MK's to call...!!!

I would believe the Y & S folk being ready to do something if I see them resigning from the "idf", police, courtier jobs, state rabanim jobs, shabak and other state jobs in masse.
Since nothing is shown in that vein...
Sorry... They lost already.

DS said...

SHmuel continues:

I warned them for SIX years and offered help to train and protect. Either they are congenitally affected or otherwise are idiots waiting for a brute to crush them.
They much rather volunteered to the "idf" or published endless protest notes.
Even now the items stay like zombies waiting for the bulldozers and beasts to take them out.
The primary job of a husband is to physically protect the family. The "parnasah" angle is unacceptable. The American Revolution troopers, the San Martin volunteer army and many others, including the US soldiers during WWII, did their jobs and the WIVES built aircraft and tanks, etc, and kept the house running..
The video camera totting, sapling kissing, protesting weaklings act like impotent items and make me sick. They expect others to go into the fry on their behalf or what?
Either they commit to defend themselves or they all, wife, children and the "gever" will end up either massacred or rolled over by the bestial entities running this joint.
Their choice and they better not run, cry and dance with Sefrei Torah in lieu of putting up a fight because if the do I will personally kick their butts Patton style.