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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you have the time, this might be worth your while; quite interesting and relevant.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
Visit for more information on THRIVE. THRIVE uses the Yekra player technology.  See for more information.

Jack shared this. Thank you.
 I know, we have other, more pressing concerns right now. Still, without remembering the underpinnings of our concerns we might miss an important part of the total picture ( it doesn't mean I agree with all of the speaker's philosophy - still, a lot of his information is true, interesting and relevant).

Hmmm, some unexpected correlations found here...

  "Torus" the "fundamental life energy pattern"? The word sure sounds like another name I learned for the "tree of Life", the "Torah" (Toras Moshe in Ashkenaz pronunciation).

And ask Dov-Bear Bar Leib what some Mekubalim say about the number 64: the gematria of Kelipah Nogah which we discussed during the Venus Transit is 64. See an interpretation here:

Tomorrow night I will be doing a radio interview on the Barry Chamish show, B"H. There I will be discussing the Givat Ha'Ulpana situation, Syria, and related topics. But for now, enjoy watching this intriguing video.

On a related theme, I had written a well-researched article a couple of years ago, here:

If you have the time, please do review it, it might be worth your while as well ( in particular from Chapter 3 on).... but maybe not; in retrospect it was a very informative article, but filled with bizarre people and their unholy ideas.

Till next time.

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