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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

.... And look what happens in America when Jews are thrown out of their legitimate homes in Israel because of U.S. pressure; it also happened right after the Gush Katif expulsion: Hurricane Katrina; and same thing in Migron: Hurricane Lee.

Colorado wildfires: 32,000 evacuated as blaze jumps perimeter near Colorado Springs

The Waldo Canyon wildfire burns near Colorado Springs, June 26, 2012. (Gaylon Wampler/AP)
A fast-moving wildfire near Colorado Springs forced as many as 32,000 residents to be evacuated on Tuesday, as the blaze—fueled by 65 mph winds—jumped a perimeter set by firefighters trying desperately to contain it.
The Waldo Canyon fire—which was first spotted Saturday near Pikes Peak—doubled in size overnight to more than 24 square miles, according to the Associated Press.
The blaze has destroyed an unknown number of homes, caused roads to be closed and shut down part of the U.S. Air Force Academy. About 2,100 residents of the academy's campus were told to evacuate on Tuesday.
No deaths or injuries have been reported.
Fire officials said the fire was just 5 percent contained, and dry, searing triple-digit heat in Colorado was not helping.
"This is a firestorm of epic proportions," Colorado Springs Fire chief Richard Brown said at a news conference late Tuesday.
"From the vantage point of a command post about 10 miles from the path of advancing flames," Reuters said, "the entire community of Mountain Shadows, a northwest subdivision, appeared to be enveloped in an orange glow after dark."
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who surveyed the fire from the air, said: "It was like looking at the worst movie set you could imagine--it's almost surreal. You look at that, and it's like nothing I've seen before."
Hickenlooper added: "This is the worst fire season in the history of Colorado."
Local residents have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr to post photos of the towering flames and billowing smoke.
The wildfire is one of about a dozen burning in Colorado, including the High Park Fire—Colorado's second largest ever—which has scorched more than 83,000 acres, destroyed 248 homes and is blamed for at least one death. Overall, four people have died due to wildfires in the state this year.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency authorized the use of federal funds to fight the Colorado fires, according to MSNBC.
On Monday, four C-130 military aircraft tankers were called in to help battle the blaze, dropping 3,000 gallons of fire retardant on the fire in shifts.

.. And look what else happens in America when state supported thugs attack and brutalize Jews in Israel, and the U.S. State Department is all for it.This is happening all over: the NWO in action, plus Muslim Obama the caliph wannabe helping it along. Only Israel can stop this; if we stop it here, it WILL stop in America. We let it go here, it will only get worse and worse, there  and everywhere else. Is this what Jews want for America, for the world? Is this what our left-wing Jews want???

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DS said...

Dov wrote:

In honor of the 9th of Tamuz and the various reasons to fast on that day, it looks like many things will be crashing today and tomorrow. Baruch HaShem. When Hurrican Lee destroyed 1550 homes outside of Austin Texas last September it was because of this reason:

Back in September 2011, three families in Migron were rather abruptly and violently removed from their permanent homes in Migron at 2 am. Within three hours, 57 wildfires were lit in Texas by the dry winds of Hurricane Lee. Those 57 fires proceeded to burn over 1550 homes near Austin, Texas over the course of three days. That is a more than 500 to one ratio. 1500 homes in Texas destroyed for just three homes in Migron. G-d is watching the Ulpana families so-called voluntarily leave their homes. My guess is that the Eibishter is not happy. The one thing that should be noted is that Texas was hit because the former Austin, TX Governor Gog W. Bush, Jr. would daily complain to A. Sharon about the continued existence of Migron through his ambassador Dan Kurtzer, yemach shmo. His obsession with the destruction of Migron almost became obscene in large part because Dan K. would prod him on to make the continued existence of Migron a major issue. Thus came the Texas wildfires after three families in Migron lost their homes.

Now we have 30 families being forced out of their permanent apartment buildings in Beit El. You do the math and multiply 30 by 500. How many families are losing their homes in Colorado even before the buildings are destroyed or moved? Is it about 15,000? Crazy huh? Anyway this is just the beginning. The main culprit in the Ulpana expulsions is really Europe because the evil Erev Rav organization filing briefs before the Supreme Court of Evil here to destroy Ulpana was Yeish Din, a wholly sponsored European NGO. We will leave it at that for now. They are having an Ayin Ra (Euro) conference today and tomorrow. Pray that their currency is destroyed. Really, pray for it. Maybe we should arrange a minyan to pray for the destruction of the Euro.

Yeish Din. There is a Judgement and there is one True Judge.


DS said...

Jack said:

And the High Park fire, west of Ft. Collins, is much bigger.

DS said...

And I had commented 3 days ago to some friends;

Tomorrow they are starting to evacuate the families of Givat Ha'Ulpana. 4 families refuse to leave, the others claim they are moving against their will. Very tragic. how will it all end? Meanwhile this:

Being paid back thousand fold. And the fires are uncontrollable. You don't often read about this kind of fire in the US.

Moreover, it is about 75 mi. from Denver, which is supposed to be the next capital of the US under the NWO. They are the ones that have the horrible frescoes of death at their airport.

DS said...

And I had commented 3 days ago to some friends;

Tomorrow they are starting to evacuate the families of Givat Ha'Ulpana. 4 families refuse to leave, the others claim they are moving against their will. Very tragic. how will it all end? Meanwhile this:

Being paid back thousand fold. And the fires are uncontrollable. You don't often read about this kind of fire in the US.

Moreover, it is about 75 mi. from Denver, which is supposed to be the next capital of the US under the NWO. They are the ones that have the horrible frescoes of death at their airport.

DS said...

A parallel reality:

17 more Ulpana Families Evacuation Thursday

Following the eviction of 16 Ulpana families on Tuesday, 17 more will be evicted Thursday, some starting from 09:00 AM, others from 12:00 PM. The families will be relocated to the Bnei HaUlpana mobile home neighborhood.

One of the families has announced that it will refuse to be evicted.

DS said...


Evicted Ulpana Children Suffering Trauma, Says Expert
The Welfare Department in Beit El is helping the evicted children of the Ulpana neighborhood get over the trauma of losing their homes.
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By Elad Benari
First Publish: 6/28/2012, 4:15 AM

Ulpana eviction
Ulpana eviction
Hezki Ezra

The director of the Welfare Department in Beit El, Hedva Ariel, said on Wednesday that the children who were evicted from their homes in the Ulpana neighborhood are suffering from trauma. She said that the trauma has created many problems within the families who were evicted.

“These are families who have been under a threat of eviction for a long time, be it voluntarily or involuntarily,” Ariel told Arutz Sheva. “The families who were evacuated this week underwent situations of uncertainty and difficulty, wondering whether they will be evicted or not, how and when.”

She added, “We have been in touch with these families since the beginning of the year. We provided assistance to the children, who have experienced a lot of fears and nightmares as a result of the anticipated eviction. We held for them some workshops with psychologists, and provided parents with training on how to help their children with fears. We also provided them with some joyful activities, in order to facilitate the difficult and traumatic experience.”

The first 15 families moved out of their homes in the Ulpana neighborhood without any resistance on Tuesday, following an agreement between the Beit El leadership and the government, which has promised to build 300 new homes in Beit El. Another 15 will leave their homes and move to a nearby neighborhood of temporary caravans on Thursday.

Ariel said that the fact that the residents left their homes without any resistance caused even greater problems for the children.

“The word voluntary is a very difficult and inappropriate word in this case,” she said. “To the children it was not a voluntary eviction but a forced one. They wanted to continue living in their house and saw no reason why they had to leave.”

She added, “The fact that there was no resistance made it harder for them to express their protest and the feeling that it was not voluntary. The media presented it as though it was voluntary and that also increased their anger, because they wanted to stay there. The fact that they did it voluntarily because they were forced to do so, is causing them to now turn inward because they did not get to express their pain.”

Ariel noted that the best experts who helped treat the expellees from Gush Katif are now trying to minimize the damage caused to the evicted families in Beit El.

“We have professionals to help them express their pain,” she said. “We’ve had some success but we still have a lot of work. Children are most vulnerable because they do not have the tools that adults do, and even for an adult it takes a while before he can process the loss.”

“We must also pay attention to see how each child responds, because everyone reacts differently,” added Ariel. “Some children experience fears and nightmares. We saw some children in Gush Katif and Migron who could not attend school. They had difficulty concentrating in school because they were emotionally overwhelmed by pain and anger. They found it difficult to collect themselves and needed much investment to help them psychologically. We hope that everyone in Beit El will rehabilitated quickly.”

DS said...

Ironic how the media swoon over the story of one family who had to leave over their possessions because of the fires, how they stress their attachment the family feels towards the place they raised their young children. You can find the exact parallel in Givat Ha'Ulpana, Migron, etc: the families stressing the same trauma, one family was evicted one week after the brit mila of a child, and were thrown our heartlessly in the middle of the coldest night. Now all of a sudden U.S. media understand what that means - when it affects their own. People only learn through suffering. And see this:

"You don't have the authority to tell me I can't go back into my house," one angry homeowner said. "I looked this up. I'm not flying off the cuff here. I have rights as a property owner."

Hmmm... rights, heh? And what about the violated rights of the Jews in Givat Ha'Ulpana, etc???