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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Stench of Deceit, Part XIII: Bye Bye, Gaza; Bye Bye, Givat Ha'Ulpana

Shomron Residents Vow to Fight

This video was shot June 1st, 2009( sorry, the first video frame failed but I am unable to remove it)


IF, and only if the situation described in the article and video below is for real, then I will take back all my words, and the Ge'ulah is truly here. By the way this rabbi does look very decent and honest, and I hope I did not misjudge his actions; if I did, Al Chet Shechatati, and I ask for his forgiveness

It doesn't change past wrongs, though: Gush Katif, Amona, Havat Gilad, Mitzpeh Avichai, etc. will never be forgotten, and not forgiven either, certainly not at this stage of the game.

Could it be that the government of Israel is actually doing Teshuvah? Could there be such a thing? Miracles, miracles?


Shalom Y' all,

It is with deep emotional pain that I am writing this post; normally I like to share what I have discovered with my readers, but this time the reality of it all hurts me to the core.

Last night I appeared on Barry Chamish's radio show again; this has become a regular occurrence, as every so often Barry asks me to be his guest; he is a knowledgeable radio host and cares tremendously about current events in Israel,  so we always end up having lively discussions. This time was no exception, as the topic of Givat Ha'Ulpana touches him to the core too: after all he even wrote a book about the expulsion from Gush Katif, called "Bye Bye Gaza". We discussed Givat Ha'Ulpana last night: after uncovering what I have uncovered, the only thing I can say is, "Bye, Bye, Givat Ha'Ulpana". You will understand the title as you listen to the show:

( I have included both links in case one of them gets removed after a week, as Barry mentioned).

 The audio pretty much says it all, but in addition I have included links to my sources. In addition I have written an update, a separate post, with some new understandings that just occurred to me re: the rabbis' strange behavior; please bear with me and read it, I think it is important; what I said in the audio interview re: the rabbis being the Erev Rav is not necessarily correct, even though a Talmid Chacham ( Torah scholar) came to that conclusion ( incidentally I don't have the name of the author of that paper).

  • For starters, I would like you to watch the video, MERAGLIM, Part I- IV, which you will find in the sidebar of this blog: see for yourselves! I have to warn you: the videos load extremely slowly.
  • Here is an article which describes how Givat Ha'Ulpana was purchased, who the buyers were, and what happened: 

  • As you can see from the above video shot three years ago, some residents in the Shomron had no intention of giving up without a fight; they were upended once again.
  •  If you want to understand what military forces they and other settlers are up against, see here; the best SWAT team in the world, among others:

 (The following articles show you the lethality of some of the weapons to be used by the attack forces against residents.)

 ( Arutz 7 reported that 1000 police personnel, including Yassam, SWAT teams, border police, mounted police, etc, were prepared to be deployed against the residents, and training was on the way).
  • To get an idea about the level of brutality perpetrated against Jewish civilians removed from their homes on other such occasions, often in the middle of the night, on coldest winter nights and with utter barbarity, check out the labels on my blog:

"israeli police torturing settlers", and  "criminal police"

 The first label also includes information on Barak's special unit against the settlers. And on some videos you can clearly see masked mercenaries who barely utter a word or two of Hebrew. The second label is very relevant to my coming UPDATE.

  •  Now after you have been informed that both Ketzaleh and Rabbi Melamed were the main purchasers and builders of the piece of real estate named Givat Ha'Ulpana, see first of all their bravado after hearing about the plans to use brutality against the residents, see how right away they said ' no violence', how Ketzaleh described the savage attackers as the residents' brothers ( yeah, right!), and then observe how they immediately folded. See how the Yesha Council, and Zambish himself, are directly involved in the Givat Ha'Ulpana situation, and how once again the residents trust him completely, even coming to his defense; naivete knows no bounds.Yes indeed, a deal was agreed upon and promises made. What are they worth, though? What is the government's record????

  •   Read articles entitled " The Stench of Deceit ", starting with this one:

all the way to number XII - this post is number XIII ; not all articles are directly related, some have an indirect relationship, but in essence they show the government of Israel's duplicity, its evil plans against the Jews of Israel, and its complicity with the powers of evil, i.e. Amalek.

  • Read here about the Erev Rav: the article is important, but upon reflection I don't necessarily agree with the author re: who he assesses the Erev Rav represents, and in this case I don't think we are dealing with Erev Rav rabbis, on the contrary. Their case is a completely different story. There is a reason the video series about Gush Katif was called 'Meraglim', 'Spies'. Please read my update - linked above -, in a separate post, regarding my own interpretation of the rabbis' behavior. I therefore have to retract the spoken words I said about them in the radio interview. My apologies for calling them Erev Rav: just because another  writer said so doesn't mean it's correct, even if he is a Talmid Chacham.

  • The label "NATO" will  allow you to discover the piecemeal strategy against Israel. If you access the NDC website, article #21 will prove to you that NATO is broke. It will also make you understand who the players against Israel are. After all NATO is a joint army comprising Europe, the US, and various other participants. The US gives the most money, has the most clout, and has the most influence on Bibi, Barak and company, but in essence the strategy is coordinated at the highest echelons, and directly supervised by pope Benedikt himself. 

We are truly in the war of Gog and Magog described by the prophets. It is actually encouraging to watch those said NATO forces on one side, and Russia, Iran and China on the other, at each others' throats in Syria. Do not forget that Syria IS part of the Land of the Bible given to the Jewish People. So when the prophets said that Gog and Magog would find their graves here, I think they were not so far-fetched. We can already see how enemies of Israel are warring against each other, how Arabs are killing each other. So there are some encouraging signs; but meanwhile here in the state of Israel, we see our inept and corrupt Erev Rav government follow at best Menachem Begin and his disastrous approach during the Altalena episode,

- as MK Ayelet Shaked aptly pointed out in different words:-

rather than the dictates of the Torah, which has commanded us to defend Eretz Yisrael and to destroy Amalek. 

So the bottom line is, we need to stop being so naive, we need to stop following leaders who betray us for whatever their reasons are, and we need to start to do what God has commanded us to do.

Time to do REAL Teshuvah, in this respect as well.

Reminder: re: the rabbis and their behavior, please read the upcoming post, UPDATE on  Bye, Bye, Givat Ha'Ulpana.

Kol Tuv,



DS said...

SHmuel writes:

It seem that some still secret deal was made by representatives of Peresyahu and of the Barak and state attorneys aggregate and the residents involved plus Rav Melamed.
There are contradicting reports regarding officials signatures.
Even if signed and recorded, I give ZERO credibility to the "deal".


DS said...


Same here.

DS said...

Such BS! And where was that meeting held? At Amana, of which Zambish is the head. Duh.....So let's try to figure this one out. Zambish is the leading figure of Amana, makes the decisions, gets the authorizations, handles the money, what else.... he is the conduit between settlers and the government, the go-between, it seems. And also one of the top people of the Yesha council. So why wouldn't they condemn slashing his tires, I ask you. Such BS, such nonsense, such lies.

Yesha Leaders Denounce Violence

Leaders of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) denounced "Price Tag" vandalism and other forms of violence, Sunday evening, at an emergency meeting of the Amana housing movement, held in the Samarian community of Amona. The meeting was called following last week's slashing of the tires of a vehicle belonging to Amana head Ze'ev Chever (Zambish) by activists in protest of the planned uprooting of 33 families living in the Ulpana neighborhood of nearby Beit El.

Citing Zambish for his efforts on behalf of the settlement enterprise, Chairman Gershon Mesika of the Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council called the attacks "grave and shameful". At the same time, he said that denouncement of violence should not stifle legitimate differences of opinion. Chairman Danny Dayan of the Yesha Council of Jewish communities in the region said, "Neither Obama nor Barak are the danger for the settlement enterprise. Violence and price tag are our danger in Judea and Samaria." He said he did not know if he would continue as chairman but if not, he would go from community to community to tell people that the path of violence can lead to the cause being lost.