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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Didn't I warn you? It's starting.

  Meanwhile, as I had warned already in February, now Lieberman is talking about accepting Syrian refugees. This was already planned months in advance.

  They will start with the poor little children and will end up with the Shabiha and all kinds of monsters, while trying to give up the Golan.

Bring in more and more goons.


A. to eliminate the settlers; we are the thorn in their side. But they have to do it little by little, so there won't be massive revolution; b
it by bit, like the frog in the boiling pot of water. Even they admit that much ( link compliment of Dov-Bear) : .

B. to erase national borders - the Mediterranean Union envisioned by Shimon Peres, the pope, King Juan Carlos, & Co. 

Interesting that Shimon Peres is flying to the US just as this scenario is unfolding.

As I am writing this my dear correspondent C. sent me a slew of related info, below. I find it interesting, and so appropriate, that just as Spain and its king are trying to grab the loot THEY are the ones falling apart; Divine Justice I guess:

MU: Euro-Med MPs gather to give renewed impetus to relations

Re-launching Euro-Mediterranean relations and improving the effectiveness of the Union for the Mediterranean will be at the centre of a two-day working session of the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA UfM) with the participation of the European Commission, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Investment Bank and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

"This meeting is an opportunity to give renewed impetus to Euro-Mediterranean relations both politically and economically… Deeper and stronger relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean would be mutually beneficial: they would prop-up much needed growth for the EU and would help to consolidate democracy in post Arab Spring countries," said EP President Schulz who holds the presidency of the PA-UfM until March 2013.
The working days will include discussions between members of the PA-UfM Bureau with experts and think tanks on operational orientation for the future of the Union for the Mediterranean, as well as meetings with the leadership of the four main institutions involved in the various aspects of the Euro-Mediterranean process in order to consider ways to improve the financing and implementation of the projects under the umbrella of the Union for the Mediterranean.

European Institute of the
Mediterranean (IEMED), Brussels

6 June 2012
But our neighbourhood, and in particular, the evolution of the Arab world, is an issue for our immediate attention, be it for our own security (through terrorism, radicalisation of segments of European population, illicit traffics), or our own prosperity (through exports and investments). In fact, increased involvement in our neighbourhood is part of the solution to our own internal problems, not part of our problems.
I am also keen to ensure that regional cooperation in the context of the Union for the Mediterranean is put back on a successful track. There are regional challenges that need to be addressed by regional solutions. We have renewed engagement with regional organizations such as the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab Maghreb Union or the 5+5.
Among them the Union for the Mediterranean plays a special role. It is the inheritor of the Barcelona process and a unique forum where 43 partners can hold a dialogue and develop common strategies. As outlined in our communications, it is fully complementary to the renewed European Neighbourhood policy. Also, the decision by EU Foreign Ministers, to transfer the UfM Northern Co-presidency to the EU demonstrates our commitment and responsibility to support the UfM.

Ufm: secretary re-launches action plan, 2012 new start

ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JUNE 8 - A new secretary, a new action plan and a new start of the Union for the Mediterranean in 2012.
.'' This ''large conference'' will be held in Marseille in the second half of 2012 or the first half of 2013, and will be organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation. (ANSAmed).

KJC/Saudi Prince

  NATO etc. want the same scenario as in Libya.
Part of Gog and Magog, invading Israel FROM THE NORTH. I discussed this in so many earlier posts, read them.

Meanwhile the poor Alawites will be received here en masse, compliments of Likud, Ayub Kara, Lieberman,
Benny Gantz, Ehud Barak, Bibi, NATO, Obama, the pope of course, & Co ( going up the Erev Rav/Amalekite food chain in reverse order).

" ....As for the suspected use of chemical weapons and other unconventional weapons against the rebels in Syria, Kara said he received several videos that were taken in Syria and which prove that the killing was not done using light weapons. In one of the videos, he said, bloated bodies can be seen, indicating the use of hard chemicals.
Kara also said he has seen a number of videos in which “black clouds appear while the sun is shining.” These clouds were seen over a village, which in later photographs appeared entirely deserted, even of vegetation. “This must be a result of chemical or other weapons,” he said.
He noted that Israel does not want to be seen as taking sides in the conflict but, being part of the free world, it feels compelled to act to rescue the beleaguered citizens. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Kara said that Israel is working to spread the information and evidence it has received in different ways, some of which cannot be detailed.
Kara explained his comments on Saturday, when he said that Israel would be willing to help treat casualties from the ongoing fighting in Syria. He said that the idea is to bring the casualties to Israel in order to examine what materials were used against them by Assad's forces..."
The brainwashing is starting, pulling at the heartstrings of gullible Israelis. Just watch the flood of Syrians to add to the flood of Africans, the flood of illegal Arabs, etc.

If you think this wasn't planned.... it was the whole idea behind the Arab Spring revolution, Libya, and Syria. 

Of course I am not discounting the very real threat of war from Syria once Assad is gone, with chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein's arsenal, mind you. Of course the instigators of the revolution, NATO, knew perfectly well the consequences of their actions.

We need a miracle....

Well, according to the Prophets and all the Scriptures, the miracles are coming. We just don't know how or when exactly; very difficult, tough times ahead, but all for the best:

Shavuah Tov



I love it when two Reshaim of the first order fight it out, each accusing the other of the evil he is doing; at the end, we passive observers learn the truth about both. Thank you God.

 U.S. Denies Arming Syrian Rebels

The United States denied on Wednesday Russia’s claims that it helped arm the Syrian rebels.
The exchange of accusations between the two countries began after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of sending helicopters for use by the Assad regime. Moscow denied Clinton’s accusations.

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