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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It all makes sense, doesn't it: this is exactly WHY they wanted the Jews out of that specific hill; the work of Amalek's and Edom's angel, Samael, the Satan himself - with full cooperation of Peace Now and the israeli government, of course.


First Hebron, Shechem, Jericho, the 'mosque' at Kever Rachel, and Har Habayit ( the Temple Mount), of course, even the Kotel these days: HOLY PLACES is what they are after, to try to sever the connection between the Jewish People and God. They won't succeed.

Realize, though, that "THEY", meaning the Europeans, and Edom/Esav, knew exactly what they were doing by taking the case via Yesh Din to the Supreme Court of Israel, and it is no wonder that the corrupt court and corrupt government went along with the charade; we know who their masters are. You see, the story of  Beth-El is very important to the goyim, in particular to the British royals ("the divine right of kings"), the heads of the NWO,("the princes of Germamia and Edom"), and to Rome herself. According to their replacement theology, the idea of religious Jews holding on to the very spot where Jacob had his dream is unthinkable: it turns all their history, all their beliefs on their head. No wonder they are willing to move the residents, even a few hundred meters; anywhere but there!! One more reason why we should fight tooth and nail to hold on to that sacred place. 

And Hashem is clearly showing His displeasure, what with 40 degree weather in Rome, massive storms and floods in Great Britain, deadly heat wave and storms in the US, catastrophic fires, displaced people all over those last two countries. And look who is getting it this time: the Washington elite, the Capitol Hill neighborhood, fancy country clubs - Edom who thought nothing could ever touch them... well, this time is different.

 See here:

 "Sorry you don't have power. Neither do I." White House press secretary Jay Carney

Here Dr. Haggai Ben Artzi, Bibi's brother-in-law, presents the history of Beth-El with documentation in great detail. If anybody should know about the importance of the site, it is our prime minister; I guess it doesn't matter to him, or else he must be mighty scared of the devils! 

( If you notice, one of the guys who was accompanying Ben Artzi in his video is standing on the side of the articulate young man in the first video. The speaker turns to him repeatedly to seek confirmation for what he is saying. Watch. Nowadays the guy looks somber and sports a beard, but it is the same person. He should know, he got all the info from Ben Artzi).

Finally: about the city of Luz, the prior name of Beth-El:

 The last thing our enemies would wish for us is a city where Jewish people don't die - if King Solomon's account is of any value: one more powerful reason to expel our faithful residents!

 See also here for a concise, updated overview of the catholic church's machinations regarding our holy places:


DS said...

David commented:

Holy War of the Crusaders of course.

DS said...

Reply to David:

Good point too, David. I was thinking of the spiritual side, considering this is the work of Amalek. You are right.


no said...

Thanks for posting this, Dr. Stern.

The speaker mentions "Luz" and I disagree that "Luz is for losers".
The City of Luz was the place where people lived forever, and if someone told a lie he was expelled from the city.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Stern, thanks for posting this. About the "Luz is for losers" line, i disagree. Residents of the City of Luz lived forever, but if somebody lied they expelled him.


DS said...

SHmuel wrote:

There is simply not question about it.
We, the Jewish people have been bushwhacked by the unJews and their islamic and other "partners".
I see no prospect of us ever forming up to change that.
Sorry but the unJews treason plan go on unabated.


DS said...

And C. said:

You are right re: the holy sites.

DS said...

Dov says:

I believe that Netanyahu knows precisely what his brother in law knows, and is trying to run circles around the Supreme Sewer beings. He has delayed this for over a year in a series of slick moves.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Seems like a nice camping trip and a cosmic, holy sleeping adventure. I have now been to Ulpana Hill about five times. So all I need to find is the exact spot where Ya'akov Avinu placed those twelve stones and pitch my tent on top of that spot. Sweet dreams and good night. The key is to learn about 36 years prior to camping out without sleep. But since I can't do that, I will work it out like a boy scout. It is said that the top of that ladder was over Ulpana Hill and the bottom of the ladder was in BeerSheva. And the mid-point of the ladder was over Yerushalayim. I will go there and give it the old college try. Again sweet dreams and good night.

DS said...

What a great comment, Dov! We should all try it out. And try to enter the old City of Luz. What do you say?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I should mention that it was Rashi who said those things about the ladder and the part where Ya'akov did not sleep for 14 years. I was slightly mistaken. He was separated from Yitzchak for 36 years of which he spent 20 years in Lavan's house and two years traveling home. He then spent 14 years in the Yeshivah of Eiver before falling asleep on Ulpana Hill. still a long time to go without sleep.

DS said...

Cynthia said:

The first video is beautiful. What a statement of faith!!!!