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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whites being slaughtered by marauding Blacks in South Africa - another testimony.

Some people questioned the veracity of the reports regarding South African Whites being persecuted and murdered by blacks en masse. Here is more evidence, by Dan Roodt, head of PRAAG ( Pro-Afrikaans Action Group). According to reliable reports, the slaughter is ongoing, severe, and totally blacked-out by the media, similar to what happened during the Holocaust, when the mass murder of Jews was deliberately kept silent. We have to expose this terrible genocide, which the powers that be have a vested interest in keeping under wraps.

This segment also shows you the Afrikaaners' deep attachment and loyalty to the People of Israel and to the Land of Israel. Who knows, maybe that is the very reason they are being persecuted?  They clearly deserve our support and need our help urgently.

Demonstrations in their favor must continue, because the media won't expose their plight. This certainly should override any concern for black Muslims, even if Sudanese victims, as the latter have traditionally been our enemies, whereas the good Afrikaaners have always supported us and our causes.

Their website in Afrikaans is: 

While here is PRAAG in English:
You can also contact Dr. Dan Roodt directly for exact details. Here is his e-mail address:

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