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Monday, January 17, 2011

I had a feeling something was not quite kosher about the Arizona shooting: now it all makes sense!

Sheriff Mack is one of my great heroes: courageous, truthful; if he says so, it IS so! 
Not only that: this assassination was so politically convenient, I could not help but compare it to the various politically motivated assassinations in Israel; the pattern is the same, the media response is the same, the finger pointing is the same, the character assassination of the right is the same. Something just didn't fit; I thought maybe a "Jewish" ( she is apparently not halachically Jewish) congresswoman would be an convenient victim while targeting the right. But that the judge should be the actual target didn't cross my mind. 

Thank you, Sheriff Mack, thank you, Alex Jones, and thank you, Judge Roll: may your memory be blessed.


DS said...

Shmuel said:

It could be mere coincidence but I doubt it. Only a superbly trained expert hit person would know how to point blank shoot somebody on the head and prevent total destruction.
Meanwhile he took out the Judge cleanly and from a distance.
Days will tell.
If the heat gets higher the poor Representative may suddenly take a turn for the worse...

Something is not quite right.

Anonymous said...

i knew from the start this was a fraud... a set-up... in america 21 yr olds do not even care to vote let alone take an ideological political stand that would contemplate targeting opponents for assassination... absurd... lo haya v'lo nivra... there does not exist such a 21-yr old political animal here in the u.s.... this was all designed to help get obama re-elected by discrediting the tea party movement... same thing by yigal amir with rabin... same political machinations of the far left socialist fascists and by the right wing ones as well... the slime in toto... it is all just one fascist bird that we are up against and as all birds... it has a right wing and a left... both steering the bird in flight to accomplish it's goal of reaching it's destination (nwo/owg&religion)... that's all this was... mosh.out...