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Thursday, January 6, 2011

We need to follow the Monsanto story closely: it appears the sterility gene from corn gets transmitted to mammals; and that would include YOU!

It appears that the gene for sterility can be conveyed downstream to whoever ingests it. Scary stuff! Specially considering the ongoing population reduction battle being waged. Time to reexamine those issues, wouldn't you say?

Thank you, Wikileaks.

Posted this mainly for the Monsanto story, the rest is so-so.

PS: This past summer by accident I planted a corn seed in my garden; I watched the plant grow and grow, larger and larger, and was anticipating one nice, fat ear of corn. But surprise, surprise, the seed must have been sterile, because instead of one fat ear of corn, I got an utterly useless bouquet of dangling pretties.

So I am wondering: is GM corn being fed to us in Israel? It would appear so. Not something to be proud of, nor to eat if we can avoid it. Further investigation necessary, unless somebody has the answer already.


DS said...

SHmuel said:

How did you come about that corn seed? From a corn harvested being fully mature?
Some of the vegetables, fruits, etc, are "treated" using significant doses of gamma radiation. If the highly penetrating radiation destroys insects, fungus, bacteria, (not virus), etc, I would assume it also severely affects the fertility of the seed.
While "radiation" does not become resident, genetic harm does.
I would follow that trail...

DS said...

SHmuel continued:

srael does not produce enough corn, as far as I know, to cover our uses for corn, oil, corn meal, canned corn, animal feed, etc. I know we import corn because I have seen it being unloaded in Haifa Port.
I assume that the corn produced locally is OK but I would not bet on the imports.
Grains in general. Rice is not produced here yet the packages are not marked indicating production origin. Many other grains would also be imported.
We use only sunflower and olive oil.

If it was moldy it was not irradiated. But the mold may have damaged the seed. In the other hand if it was not mature, (a hard reddish yellow seed), the germ may not have been ready.

I would try to plant seeds sold for planting after checking that they are Israeli and not GM.

DS said...

DS responded:

Thanks for the info!

If corn gets imported, most likely it is US corn, wouldn't you say? i.e. GM. That could also explain the sterile seed, wouldn't you say?

FredR said...

The tassle at the top of the corn plant is the pollenator or male part. It needs wind to spread it around to other corn plants for cross polination. The female parts are in the leaf axils. Only having one plant from one seed was the cause of your futility. Your paranoia may have been caused from your infant sexual trauma. It happens to a lot of us.

DS said...

Too bad, you got it wrong, Fred Rhodes: you are one very confused person yourself, judging from your blog and articles:

It just so happens I am a non-Muslim female: so much for your theory. However, thanks for giving me the answer I was seeking about the corn. So you see, no paranoia here, and no infant sexual trauma, you only wish.

nevertheless, let me address your obvious obsession with anti-circumcision: I read with interest your article linking infant circumcision with suicidal depression. I will have to read more about the topic, that is certainly an interesting point. However, you should know that circumcised Jewish males seem to enjoy sex just as much as non-circumcised men; witness their large families. I think you have some schizophrenic and depressive features yourself. Is that why you blame Jewish parents? Were you circumcised? Are you a Jew for J...? Have to find a culprit to blame for your own mental problems???