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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Could that be the "Stockholm syndrome"?? Anything Jewish is bad, while anything non-Jewish is good: that includes Islam, "the other white meat", "Sylvester", African illegals, etc, etc. Wonder why?

Question asked by C. , who sent this video:

"Any similarities to our country, Israel?"

I would say: absolutely - although with a slight variant, typical of "post-Zionist" Israel: anything non-Jewish is good, while everything Jewish is bad, horrific, racist, or worse. 

The list of "imported" hostile items and people grows by the day, while Jewish quality of life decreases proportionately.

Well done, New World Order!

How long shall we let them get away with it? Will there not be even one little voice of resistance? Will there not be even one small and determined group ready to "JUST SAY NO"???

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