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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's going on with these rabbis? Are they going off the Derekh? First, you are allowed to violate the Shemittah to settle the Land, now you are allowed to build on Shabbat to settle the Land: next they''ll say you should disobey the whole Torah to

Ofra Rabbi Oks Arabs To Build Jewish Homes on Sabbath

9 Sivan 5768, 12 June 08 11:53
( Rabbi Avi Gisser of the community of Ofra, north of Jerusalem, has ruled that Arab workers may work on the Sabbath to build homes for Jews because of the possibility of a High Court halt to construction. Left wing groups have appealed to the court to halt building of nine homes in Ofra, claiming that the land belongs to Arabs.
Jewish law prohibits working on the Sabbath except in special cases or if lives would be put at risk by not working. Non-Jewish workers may work on the Sabbath, but Jews generally may not tell them to do so on their behalf. In this case, Rabbi Gisser explained that the commandment to settle all of Israel overrides the prohibition.

However, other rabbis differ from his decision and say that preservation of the Shabbat is the most important consideration if there is not a direct threat to life.
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