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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Hitler prophecies; please watch: actually, I owe Alan an apology: he is the first that sent this to me. Jack followed.

 Jack sent this.

Interesting, scary...but whose prophecies are more powerful: the Bible, or these convoluted , bizarre thoughts?

And where does the Catholic Church fit in all of this? I can see Masonry, i.e. Jesuits, but I don't see the pope here! Where is the connection between the Vatican and Hitler, that was apparently quite strong?  This philosophy is very close to the NWO philosophy. So going by that, according to these later day "prophets", this third leader, after Hitler, would have to be a follower of the same philosophy; it couldn't be an Ahmedinajjad. The BLACK POPE ( i.e. the Jesuit General) would be a closer fit.

Anyway, why should we listen to Bilaam?

Feedback, please


This video is a must see. Fascinating and terrifying.



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