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Friday, June 6, 2008


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by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

I recall reading Tanach (Torah, Prophets, Writings) about the prophecies that speak of the nations gathering against the Jews - at which time HaShem would wipe them all out. It has to be at least 50 years since I first thought about that passage as a serious matter that could now be imminent. Since that time I have always been mindful of that promise and, as events transpire, I add them to my mental list. I have written and published 7 articles entitled: "THE GATHERING OF NATIONS" which outline adversarial assaults by the world's nations against Israel.

I feel we are close to the prophecies going critical - just as a nuclear core reaches a critical mass before a nuclear plant explodes. The Ishmaelites (Arabs, Islamists, Jihadists, Muslims) who have ramped up Terrorism, are passing past their threshold of rage by means of Terrorism and then they proceed onward into war. Their mixture of a pagan religion, machismo and the excessive wealth they extorted from all of us for the earth's  oil under their countries is lethal. Tied together, this gives them a sense of power, invincibility and purpose, namely, to rule the world by Sharia laws under Islam.

First, they feel they must challenge and destroy Israel - along with her Jews. This will confirm Allah's superiority over the G-d of the Jews. Then they will expand their war against the Christians and their lord who was a Jew.

As oil users, the nations in the continents of Europe, America, Asia have, in the main, fallen into line to demands of the Arab Bloc, leading to the West's subsequent subservient appeasement policies. They have adopted the hatred of the Muslims for the Jews as a gesture of business friendliness. However, once you carry water (dirty water) for a people or nation with certain hostilities and prejudices, you begin to adopt their attitudes.

This is happening around the globe as oil become almost unaffordable. (Some in Africa call oil "the Devil's excrement".) The nations who are suffering have to placate their own populations for fuel and food shortages - as well as exorbitant prices for both. Frustrated people who are in dire economic straits or even when starving, can easily be directed against other people as a source of their pain. There's no logic when you're starving. Riots are breaking out in different nations as famines, wars, droughts, ethnic cleansings continue and grow.

But, there is more.

Global climate change is causing parts of our planet either severe long term drought leading to famine, or deluge of rains which flood the fields so crops cannot be grown.  If the ice continues to melt, we shall have flooded cities and shrunken land mass.  It's not just the polar bears who are threatened.

Let us look forward into the immediate future. Our planet is going through some sort of re-adjustment. The earth's tectonic plates are shifting, causing small to massive earthquakes and volcanoes erupting - leading to violent weather. The earth is over-crowded with 6.5 billion people who have built over the earth's tectonic fault lines, with cities too easily toppled. We watch on TV the total displacement of millions of homeless humans suffering starvation, disease and death.

"We are now firmly ensconced in the Age of Extreme Weather" according to the May 31st New York Times Editorial by Charles M. Blow "Farewell, Fair Weather". According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, this Earth has had 4 times as many weather-related disasters in the last 30 years than in the previous 75 years. The United States has experienced more of those disasters than any other country. (1)

People are rightfully angry, hysterical and desperate to blame someone.

We humans may not have the sensitivities of animals, birds and fish who sense coming earthquakes and tsunamis shortly before their occurrence but, we do pick up some of the signals. What do humans do when the earth's molten core is agitated? When humans suffer undefined agitation, they riot; they start wars; they look for someone to blame for their pain. For decades, the Jews served as their lighting rod to relieve their frustration and rage.

This is happening now and, indeed, the nations are gathering to assault the tiny nation of Israel as a cure for their pain. Naturally, the more primitive they are on the scale of civilization, the quicker are to go to war. Enter the Ishmaelites, Arabs, Muslims, Islamists (Muslims who war for Islam) or whatever name suits your thoughts.

The questions are: Will they go to war first? Or will their cities be leveled by massive earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes which come alive to spew ash and darken the skies for a year or two so nothing can grow? Or will they suffer crippling drought, famine and devastating forest fires? By the way, hurricane season began on June 1st.

Israel's dedicated enemies must go through several phases to achieve their goals.

They must enlist the people - particularly those in pain. Hitler and his advisors understood this very well. Because of extensive financial depression in Germany, Hitler redirected his peoples' anger toward the Jews. This tactic worked as ordinary Germans and other Europeans joined the Nazi killing machine with enthusiasm.

How will it work this time? As before, there will be a great effort to recruit Christian organizations to join the Ishmaelites. This is already happening where the twisted logic of Islam is being fed into Church organizations, telling them Islam is not a Terrorist religion and is only killing globally because Jews and the Jewish State are falsely claiming that the Jews have returned to the Land given to the Jewish people in perpetuity.

Recruiting academic Leftist intellectuals to rationalize hatred for the Jewish State and Jewish people was not difficult. Strangely, leading the pack attacking Jews are Jewish academics who despise the idea of their being Jewish and having to follow Torah law - which they equally despise. Recruiting such Jews who hate the ground that Israel sits on is key for the radical Ishmaelites and their radical followers.

Jews called Leftists are important because they are a volunteer "Fifth Column", working from the inside in Israel and in the Diaspora to push the nation of Israel into extinction. Such Jews have been with us from the time Moses took the Hebrews out of Egypt. They were called the "Erev Rav" who hated the restrictive laws that G-d gave the Jews to govern human behavior even before receiving G-d's Ten Commandments and Torah Law. These Jews carry the hatred of their own people and bond with the Ishmaelites in their hatred for the truly observant Jewish people.

Therefore, in order to extinguish the "Light Unto the Nations", the radical Islamists must recruit the nations, Leftist Jews, hostile Christians to gather and wipe out the Jewish nation as so often and vehemently expressed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. (Note! In this description, I do not include Christian Zionists who believe in the Jewish State as fulfilling G-d's Promise to the Jewish people.)

It is well known that today's Jewish leaders in Israel are weak, have no belief either in themselves or the Land gifted by a G-d in Whom they do not believe. They believe the radical Ishmaelites can be appeased and they offer pieces of the Land to assuage the Muslims' anger. When it doesn't work, as Olso I and 2 and Wye failed, they believed their "gifts" were insufficient and so they plan to surrender even more.

Surely, they think, there must be a level of gifting where the Ishmaelites will finally be satisfied. They also hope that IF the Jews can satisfy the radical Islamists, the nations of Europe, America and the West will also ease up and no longer have to be a target of Arab Muslim anger. Of course, none of this will happen.  The weak Jewish leaders are ignoring the nature of the radical Muslims visceral hate for and goal to eliminate "first the Saturday people, and then the Sunday people".

As predicted, inevitably, a clash of civilizations and nations will go against Israel and their G-d - HaShem. Much as Pharaoh was moved step-by-step toward his own destruction so, too, will the nations ratchet up their hostilities to a final confrontation and, sadly, be destroyed.

Jews search for underlying reasons for such rage and hatred. The answer has always been there but, it's an answer that cannot be undone. The Jews accepted a mission and obligation to carry a message to earth's people that there are universal or cosmological rules given to the Jewish people by G-d. The message of restraint as in the 10 Commandments and the 613 rules of conduct in Torah Law were hated by humanity. Humans do not wish to be restrained or to carry guilt for all the rules Torah Law teaches.

Even when modified by new religions, these laws kept man from doing what his nature drove him to do or want to do. Who brought such laws to humanity? The Jews brought Torah Laws from a G-d the nations did really not want. They could not confront or bargain with a G-d they could not talk to so they assaulted the next best targets...His messengers, the Jews. Killing Jews became a global sport - although part of what the messengers brought was blended into the three Monotheistic religions.

Jews cannot retract the message because it now floats in the ether. In the warped thinking of the nations, their solution is to get rid of the messengers and burn the Torah scrolls.   The ancient laws would simply vanish with the extinction of the Jewish people. Then, they would have to find this irritating G-d, put their own demands in front of Him or banish Him to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

But first, they must find Him.


1. "Farewell, Fair Weather" by Charles M. Blow New York Times May 31, 2008

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