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Friday, June 6, 2008

Justice,, Kfar Saba Leftist israeli style. This " JUDGE" belongs behind bars!

One-Minute Hearing Sends Woman Nationalist Back to Jail

3 Sivan 5768, 06 June 08 11:01

( A Kfar Saba judge held a hearing of less than one minute before ordering a 29-year-old woman nationalist back to jail, where she has been held for two months without charges. Attorney Aviad Visoly said he will appeal what he called "a mockery of the law" by the judge, Nitza Maimon Shashua. She accepted police evidence against Meirchik but refused to hear defense arguments.

Visoly said that the judge also is not abiding by the court's decision to bring the woman before the court at least once every 48 hours. Judge Shashua did not schedule another hearing for Meirchik, who was shackled in leg irons for her court hearing.

She was arrested April 2 in Shvut Ami near Kedumim for allegedly assaulting a police officer. She maintains that she was beaten by police but refuses to recognize the authority of the court to try her.

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