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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Re: The Hitler prophecies; please watch: actually, I owe Alan an apology: he is the first that sent this to me. Jack followed.

From Jack:

We do listen to Bilaam. We even quote him, every day: "Ma tovu ohalekha, Ya'akov…." As to the latter seers, they are not prophets. A prophet is one who speaks for Hashem which they did not do. But the Pieszeczner Rebbe, Kalonymos Kalman Shapira, hy"d, explained that it says something like Bat kol yotzeh kol yom mhHorev." (A [heavenly] voice goes out every day from Horev) in the present tense. That means it still goes out today and we can pick it up. The problem is that we live in a very low place and reception is lousy. We have to learn to hear and properly ID what we can while we try to get to higher ground. It seems that Bilaam's folks can also "hear" it if they listen properly. I did a search on "Stormberger" and found the following stuff: Pretty chilling.


From Alan:

 yes madame blavetsky y'shm would be a bilaam like character. point was that the history channel produced it. ulster not ireland

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