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Friday, June 13, 2008

See various answers to the letter from the Inbal manager, and for my praise of his action; among others, from the Women in Green : Great answers!



Herb's answer:

I am sure that if Hitler Dichter asked Colonel Sanders to fry baby for dinner, the chef would get out the bread crumbs.

AC's answer:

Is he doing it deliberately get himself and his hotel off the hook?

From Jon:

Are you really surprised??? soon the PLO flag will be flying over all of Yerushalayim!


Women in Green's answer:


 Mr Sanders,

You write; "I had no choice but to follow the request of the Ministry".

This is where you are wrong. You DID have a choice.You could easily have said "No" to Mr Dicter's request.

You could have said:

" I am sorry Mr Dichter. The Inbal Hotel has a policy of not flying the flag of Arab terrorists whose platform is: Murder Jews and destroy the State of Israel. In fact, we here at the Inbal Hotel would like to understand how you Mr. Dichter invite  the Palestinian Authority at a conference which title is : "Challenges to Homeland Security" when our homeland security is exactly  being challenged by those PLO terrorists!

We at the Inbal Hotel are loyal to the people of Israel and to the Land of Israel. We refuse to insult and hurt the feelings of thousands of victims of Arab terror in Israel and abroad and hence the Inbal refuses not only to fly the PLO flag but we refuse to host your conference."

You could have said all that. But you didn't.

Sadly you chose to "obey the orders".

The time has come for all Jews to understand that no orders are holy. The fact that a Prime Minister or a minister or a policeman  or a IDF officer gives us an order, does not mean that we immediately must obey. We must think twice before executing the order and ask ourselves: is this an order that I, as a Jew, loyal to my People and my Land, should carry out.

we assume Mr Sanders that if some extreme leftist minister would have asked you to serve pork in your hotel, you would have refused. So why did you not refuse to fly the PLO flag?

People who blindly follow orders are punished by the people for their disloyalty.That is what is happening now at the Inbal where so many people have cancelled their stay.

Let this be a lesson to all the minor officials everywhere in the country, in the government, in the army, in business....: the sentence "I believe I had no choice" is a sentence that must be erased from our vocabulary.

Ruth and Nadia Matar

Women in Green

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