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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Important information about the JEWISH EMERGENCY READINESS CAMP taking place this summer, July 25 to Aug.3. Pictures of last year's camp included. Great program! Past participants loved it.

Kitat Konenut New York
New Yorks only Jewish Emergency Readiness
Squad is having it's third annual
Israeli Military Training Camp
The dates are Friday July 25th through Sunday August 3rd 2008.

Training will include:

*Krav maga
*Edged weapons training
*Rifle training
*Pistol training
*Scoped Rifle, long range shooting
*Non-Lethal weapons training
*Endurance marches
*Overnight wilderness hikes
*Masa alunkot, 10-25 Kilometers
*Histaarut, prat, kita and chulia
*Identification of suspicious objects and how to deal with them

The course will also include discussions on:

*Torah and Halacha
*Understanding and confronting terrorism
*Fighting antisemitism
*History of the Zionist movement in Eretz Yisrael
*Know your rights- learn how every American can and must be legally armed and how to express the second amendment. Understand US gun laws and how they compare to other countries.

Instructor positions are also available for those who have served in combat units of the IDF or US military or veterans and members of US law enforcement agencies.

To register for camp contact us.


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