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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Re: What a sad waste of a life! He spend most of his days since the Holocaust fighting G'd: what good did it do to him? I understand his bitterness, his anger, because of his trauma: still, people should learn from him, what NOT to do!

Shalom DS
The Holocaust created far more than the 6 million direct victims of its horrors.  Many were mangled for life and generations psychologically.
Those of us, my immediate family that is, that escaped that by being for many years in South America before WWII, cannot possibly internalize in full the malignant effects of the monstrous acts against our people.
What is even less possible for me is to understand why would anyone that survived it, attack other Jews just because they believe in G.d.
The victims themselves can possibly be understood on their bitterness, but not against other Jews. 
That is unforgivable and on the later Mr. Lapid was even worse as he was key to the Pogrom against Jews in Gush Katif-Shomron.
I hope the Lord has pity on him and allows him to find peace after a very terrible life.

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