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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whom do you believe? Has Dorit Beinisch been corrupted by a $20 million grant from the Ford Foundation, yes, or no? And if she HAS been corrupted, should she be allowed to stay at the bench even one more day? Shouldn't all her former decisions be re-examined as well?

 Thank you, Yisrael Medad, for bringing this extremely important information to our attention:

 See below:

 $20 million did exchange hands in September 2007, this is fact.

Let's try to analyze the various possibilities:

Did the New Israel Fund website make a mistake in its caption? 

Did Dorit Beinisch see the check at all?
Was she only the conduit for the check? 

Did she accept the check for herself and the NIF? 

( I am playing the devil's advocate here, since some people blindly assume that the $20 million went straight into her pockets. So let's assume a best case scenario).

Either way, she was somehow involved in that momentous grant from the Ford Foundation to the NIF, or her picture would not have appeared in this context, with all the specific people mentioned here. One way or another, she KNOWS that the Ford Foundation is funding the NIF and all its subsidiaries, and every time a court case involving one of those said NGO's is taking place, she knows exactly who is buttering that bread, she knows who is watching, she knows who her friends are, and where the money is coming from. She knows that in a court case involving one of those NGO's, one of the litigants is none other than the Ford Foundation; with other words, the CFR, the most important behind-the- scenes political force of the U.S.A., since the Ford Foundation, by definition, is one of the main pillars of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, where the initials sometimes stand for Carnegie- Ford- Rockefeller. Not to mention the strong Nazi connections of Henry Ford, the founder and precursor of the Ford Foundation:

Is that called a bribe, yes, or no? According to Torah law, she would HAVE to excuse herself from the case. What about according to the law of the land?
We knew all along she was in the hands of enemy and/or foreign governments - basically the same thing. But this close?! A good thing this is surfacing now. 

2. Ford Foundation Gives Additional $20 Million to Support Partnership with New Israel Fund

NEW YORK / JERUSALEM, 6 September 2007The Ford Foundation today announced a $20 million grant to extend its partnership with the New Israel Fund to support civil society, human rights and social justice organizations in Israel.
The partnership was launched in 2003 with an initial Ford grant of $20 million.
"We are proud to renew our partnership with the New Israel Fund to support people working on social justice issues," said Susan V. Berresford, president of the Ford Foundation. "This grant is in keeping with the foundation's worldwide program to promote democratic values and will help secure peace and equality for all citizens."
Tevet 6, 5772, 01/01/12 09:49

Court Ombudsman: Beinisch-NIF-Ford Foundation Meeting Just Fine

Judicial system's ombudsman says there was no ethical problem with Supreme Court President hosting NIF heads.
Gil Ronen
Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch did not receive a contribution from the Ford Foundation on behalf of the New Israel Fund, Court System Ombudsman Judge (ret.) Eliezer Goldberg determined last week. News site News1 reported that Goldberg based his "findings" on Beinisch's version and nothing else.
The Ombudsman received three complaints in late November, based upon a photograph that appeared in the NIF website. According to the complainants, the text under the photograph said that Beinsich had received $20 million on behalf of the NIF from the Ford Foundation. The photograph was taken on September 17, 2007, on the 15th anniversary of Shatil, the NIF's operational arm.
The picture shows a beaming Beinisch with Susan Berresford, then-President of the Ford Foundation. Behind them, according to MyRightWord's Yisrael Meidad, are Israel Executive Director of the New Israel Fund, Eliezer Yaari; NIF Board VP in Israel Neta Ziv; Ford Foundation Deputy Vice President, Program Management David Chiel; Ford Israel Fund Director Aaron Back; and NIF CEO Larry Garber.
The complainants noted that the NIF website has blocked access to the photograph.
Goldberg called the complaints "baseless" and said there was "no connection between them and the true facts."
Beinisch told him that she regularly meets representatives of different organizations, from all parts of the political spectrum. She said that the NIF asked to coordinate a visit in the Supreme Court for the Ford Foundation's president and that "I met them briefly in the oval room in my bureau… The complaints that I received a $20 million donation on behalf of the New Israel Fund are a false, malicious and baseless libel…"
News1 reports that Goldberg accepted Beinisch's version of events unquestioningly and determined that the picture documented "a short courtesy meeting" and nothing more.
NIF-supported organizations such as the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Adala, the Women's Lobby and Itach (which is headed by Neta Ziv, among others) regularly petition the High Court and appear before Beinisch as litigants.


Here are Dorit Beinisch's friends - the Ford Foundation is mentioned by name ( at 10:19). So please tell me, are the Chassidim right, or wrong, to wear a yellow star as a sign of protest against the rule she enforces?


DS said...

DP said:

My Friend,

She is totally corrupted, and This is no news.

She is German, I hear.

And she is one the top sources of evil in this country.

Good morning Israel.


DS said...

S. said:

Her associates are desperately covering up at this time.
That one is corrupt by the mere fact that she is. Of course she got money and goodies all along.
She will be out in February but is still secretly trying to set up more of them "judges".

DS said...

Moshe said:

regardless of whether she is corrupted or not by taking this money... the ford foundation is a method of how the slime take over a leader and make them do their bidding... so she can never be trusted to make any decision or take any action with the best interests of jews and israel at heart... she is completely owned by these nazis now... mosh.out...