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Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Stench of Deceit", PART V: Some foul smelling Washington D.C./ Chicago stuff on Israeli soil!


It appears to me that Israel's mercenaries, Israel 's "special unit" to deal with the settlers, is bought, paid for, and manned by the U.S. of A., Barak's bravado notwithstanding. That is the conclusion I am drawing from the evidence presented below: the timeline is just too close to be coincidental. Barak's boasting of his "special unit' was made possible by a "special grant" from Obama: how else to interpret the uncanny and tight correlation?

Those cracked skulls; those freezing babies taken away from their warm homes in the freezing rain; the looted jewelry; the abused girls: it appears that we have to directly thank America, and thank Obama, "Israel's best friend" of the "only democracy in the Middle East."

Can you honestly find another explanation? A priori this seems the most logical explanation to me, but it would have to be confirmed of course. Frankly it saddens me to think I might be right, and I would be happy to hear other interpretations. It is clear that Dyncorp is here to assist the PA security forces; but what else are they here for, is the question. Ditto for Triple Canopy: U.S. citizens themselves are asking the same question, they would like to know where their money is going.


I am only mentioning Blackwater as a background, so you will understand the nature of such organizations. Blackwater is NOT involved in Israel. If they were in Israel, they would be on our side, and that is why they will never be hired by Obama to do their dirty work here! However Dyncorp and Triple Canopy, below, are another story, they work for Obama.

( Outside of Israel, though, Blackwater - Academi - still has contracts: )

"America won’t get an apology from Prince, because in his view, he did what he had to do and, crucially, what his government asked him to do."

(Written in November 2010)

..."The Golden Age for Contractors & Mercenaries"

Blackwater/Xe may have been dropped from the State Department’s Worldwide Personal Protective Services contract, but Xe founder Erik Prince’s vision for his industry is being realized on a scale that even he could not have imagined — with firms such as DynCorp International and Triple Canopy (both now located in Virginia) racing to fill the contracts denied Xe. How big are we talking? Despite being an outspoken critic of private contractors during her 2008 campaign for president, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon preside over a private army in Iraq that dwarfs that of the Bush era. Here is a look at the current Obama administration’s security plans for Iraq.
On August 2, 2010, President Obama announced: “Our commitment in Iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats.” To keep those diplomats safe, however, the State Department plans on doubling — to roughly 7,000 — the number of private security guards and low-paid foreign mercenaries assigned to U.S. personnel and locations.
Approximately the size of Vatican City and costing $592 million, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is among the largest and most expensive in the world, even though it was built with cheap, imported labor. A bunkerlike complex of 21 buildings, it spreads over 104 acres and houses 835 employees. Private guards maintain the complex and other facilities in Basra, Erbil, Hillah, Kirkuk, and Tallil.
2,500 ARMORED SUVs and 50 MRAPS
To enable our diplomats and nation-builders to move safely around Iraq, the U.S. Embassy has ordered up a fleet of between 2,500 and 3,200 armored sport utility vehicles at a cost of approximately $150,000 each and has asked the departing U.S. military forces to leave it 50 MRAPs — 28,000- to 42,000-pound trucks built to withstand massive roadside IED explosions.
Twenty-five Black Hawk helicopters and a small number of fixed-wing aircraft and air-support crews will also be used to transport embassy staff between locations. Blackwater pioneered the concept of using “Little Birds” with two snipers to protect SUV convoys (and as rescue or escape vehicles). DynCorp International will replace Blackwater in providing this air support.

2.DYNCORP: Very curious and unusual job description: to my understanding, it could easily correspond to the job description of a manager, overseer and organizer of lower level Arabs from the P.A., via USSC, doing the dirty work of expulsions and looting of Jewish homes: what you do think?
 Logistics and Maintenance Coordinator- Palestine ( PASST) Jerico, Israel

 Company Description 

DynCorp International is a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, and international development. DI operates major programs in logistics, platform support, contingency operations, and training and mentoring to reinforce security, community stability, and the rule of law.


Advisory To U.S. Applicants:
Many of the positions we offer require a Security Clearance (level depends on the position) or the ability to obtain/maintain a Security Clearance as a condition of employment. Your recruiter can provide specific details for the position you are applying for.
Please click the Security Clearance link in the Resources Section (above) for helpful information regarding the clearance application process.

Logistics and Maintenance Coordinator- Palestine ( PASST)
Location: Jerico, Israel Job ID: 45436
Status (definition): Vacant Position Type: Full Time
Benefits: No Lodging: Yes
Category: International Police Officer - Other Meals: No
Contract length: one year Security Clearance: Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT)

Contract Name: PASST

  • Ability and willingness to travel and work extensively within the countries of Israel and Jordan, as required, under sometime austere conditions

  • Company Description
    DynCorp International is a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, and international development. DI operates major programs in logistics, platform support, contingency operations, and training and mentoring to reinforce security, community stability, and the rule of law.
    Position Description
    Logistics and Maintenance Coordinator- Palestine ( PASST) Job Code: 311958

    Job Summary:

    The Logistics and Maintenance Coordinator will provide (OCONUS) operational support, assist, and advise INL and USSC in all matters relating to Logistics enhancement programs in West Bank. Assists with the planning and supervises maintenance training curriculum for the PASF. Conducts follow ups in the West bank after training to develop and improve future training and logistics initiatives.

    Principal Accountabilities:

  • Working directly with USSC/INL and select members of the PASF the Joint Training Coordinator will be expected to do the following key tasks:

  • Trains and mentors Palestinian Authority Security Services Logistics Team members to locate, procure and maintain standard and nonstandard equipment and supplies through security and non-security supply sources to meet unit readiness and operational requirements

  • Supervises Maintenance programs and Maintenance training programs for the USG donated fleet of vehicles.

  • Teaches basic and intermediate principles of maintaining all authorized equipment on hand.

  • Teaches implementation of oversight procedures to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse

  • Instructs Palestinian Security Force non-commissioned officers and junior officers on the proper way to supervise and perform warehouse management functions in order to maintain equipment records and parts

  • Trains junior logisticians the proper process to reviews and verify quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents

  • Assists in the development of processes to maintain full accountability during Unloading, unpacking, visual inspection, counting, segregation, palletizing, and storage of incoming supplies and equipment

  • Implements a supplied computer based stock locator system and administers document control procedures.

  • Establish procedures for Brigade-Level Operations to Prepare reports on labor and equipment, available storage space, relocation of material, warehouse refusals, and stock requirements

  • Teaches field expedient manner of repairing and constructing wooden containers. As well as the packing, crating, stenciling, weighing, and banding equipment and supplies

  • Ensures that processes to conduct inventories and location surveys are performed in accordance with established  procedures

  • Assists unit intermediate maintenance personnel in planning maintenance program

  • Mentors newly developed Food Service Management program serving more than 15,000 meals per day in cities across the West Bank.

  • Oversees curriculum development for training in stock replenishment, price changes, inventories, security, and stock receipt.

  • Assists in the computation requirements of the Basic Daily Food Allowance.

  • Ensures subsistence items are in stock.

  • Coordinates with USSC Logistics Officer and USSC Operations Officer to assist the Palestinian Security Forces with the implementation of The Palestinian Security Plan in regards to self sustainment and best practices in logistics.

  • Trains, develops, and mentors supply and non-supply personnel on supply policies, processes, and procedures in order provide independent supply chain management capability

  • Delivers training on above topics when necessary

  • Coordinates with Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement for delivery of equipment, supplies and support functions

  • Participate in critical meetings between INL and USSC.

  • Attend Intermediate Progress Review and Training Coordination meetings in Jerusalem as required by INL/USSC

  • Synchronizes priorities with planed training events in the West Bank. 

  • Arab language skills preferred.

  • The position is located in East Jerusalem and Jericho, West Bank.

  • May be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, including extreme weather conditions and rudimentary infrastructure.

  • Place of duty and environmental conditions can be extremely austere, harsh, and work can be performed under hostile and life-threatening conditions.

  • Extensive travel throughout the West Bank is required.

  • Periodic travel to JIPTC is required

  • And who is USSC? One friendly organization:

    United States security assistance to the Palestinian Authority

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    United States security assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been provided since the Palestinian Authority was established by the Oslo Accords in the mid-1990s. The security assistance was given on an ad hoc basis and often covert at the outset. Since 2005 the U.S. State Department has provided direct financial and personnel assistance to Palestinian security organizations when they established the office of the United States Security Coordinator (USSC) for Israel and the Palestinian territories through their Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). In 2007 the USSC team began training certain Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF) including the Palestinian National Security Forces (NSF) and the Presidential Guard with the intent to train, equip, and garrison 10 NSF battalions by the end of 2010. U.S. security assistance to the Palestinian Authority has expanded over the years and has received praise as well as criticism from American, Palestinian, and Israeli groups.


    JIPTC: another friendly organization:

     Petraeus has explicitly linked JITPC to attempts to legitimize the failed peace process in the Israel-Palestine conflict. "These efforts will likely prove critical in the continued development of legitimate security forces in Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories and, as a consequence, in the long-term viability of the peace process," he told the senate committee.

    See also:


     April 2, 2009 

    What's more, Obama is not just using the company in Iraq, but also as a U.S.-government funded private security force in Israel/Palestine, operating out of Jerusalem.....

    ... But according to federal contract records obtained by AlterNet, the Obama administration has also paid Triple Canopy millions of dollars to provide "security services" in Israel. In February and March, the Obama administration awarded a "delivery order" to Triple Canopy worth $5.5 million under State Department contract SAQMPD05F5528, which is labeled "PROTECTIVE SERVICES--ISRAEL." According to one government document, the contract is scheduled to run until September 2012. (Another document says September 2009.) The contract is classified as "SECURITY GUARDS AND PATROL SERVICES" in Israel. The total value of the contract was listed at $41,556,969.72. According to a January 2009 State Department document obtained by AlterNet labeled "Sensitive But Unclassified," the Triple Canopy contract is based out of Jerusalem.
    According to federal records, the original arrangement with Triple Canopy in Israel appears to date back to at least September 2005 and has been renewed every year since. The company is operating under the State Department's Worldwide Personal Protection Program (WPPS), which provides for private security/military companies to operate on the U.S. government payroll in countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, and Israel. 

    ...As for Triple Canopy's role in Israel, Obama's administration should explain exactly what these forces are doing on the U.S. government payroll.


    "Ever since this government was established, the situation on the ground in Judea and Samaria has only gotten worse," said Yossi Dagan, spokesman for the Samaria Council. "The Defense Ministry led by Ehud Barak is acting like an extension of the U.S. State Department and has not ceased to chase after the communities in Judea and Samaria and their residents."

    Activists on the ground report that the police have formed a new unit to deal exclusively with evacuations in Judea and Samaria. The force, which is composed of Border Guard police officers, regular police officers, elite police forces, and mounted units, recently trained for evacuation scenarios in the IDF Adam facility near Modi'in. 

    "The police are planning on starting with these 11 small sites in existing communities and then moving on to bigger evacuations," said Akiva HaCohen, a Samaria activist. "This new unit has nothing to do with defense and nothing to do with terror. It was created exclusively to destroy Jewish sites in Judea and Samaria."

    5.AND NOW??

    It is true that Ehud Barak also imported, on his own, 800 Turkish thugs a few years ago, to work in Misrad Habitachon. He is guilty of his own enthusiastic hiring. However most of the ones caught lately were Arabs. So my understanding is, this is only adding insult to injury. Who is whose hire, who gets paid by whom, is information that will have to be sorted out in a court of law when the time comes to bring these criminals to justice. Meanwhile.....

    "Regarding the Turkish regiment size "worker teams", those were found out by me as I exposed the construction in Central Israel of a secret US base later claimed to be a joint project whose details were secret... Later the IBA Radio had no choice but to pick up the issue of the Turks. Barry did a good job of following up as usual. He ferreted out more details on both the Turkish vanishing work gangs and the secret base..

    In reality there are no traces of those 800 "workers" imported from Turkey by the Misrad Habitachon "industry"... by Anonymous.

    We see that either Barak learned how to use mercenaries of his own very well, or those are the very same U.S. mercenary companies sent by Obama ( and Bush) years ago, organizing and employing USSC Arabs, - terrorists, with other words -, to do their dirty work, just as NATO has recommended, and just as Basher-el Assad is doing with his Shabiha in Syria ( see " The Stench of Deceit Part III").  Fact is, ever since the U.S. army, 9,000 strong,  arrived on Israeli soil this January, persecutions of the settlers have gotten much worse, much more frequent, and much more brutal. So I strongly suspect that these shadow U.S. forces are involved in the U.S. 'war effort' against us.

    See below: in Yericho... Arabs... who could those possibly be? Any connection to the DynCorp job offers, "Arab language skills required" in "Jerico, Israel"???? If it turns out it indeed was DynCorp that did the dirty deed, then by all means both DynCorp and the U.S. Government should be sued, not forgetting a hate crime suit for the slurs. There is a good chance of winning such a lawsuit in a decent U.S. lower court, I think.. Also, don't forget the looting aspect, and the organized, IBM like inventory capabilities of Dyncorp.... IF it is Dyncorp.... I know you won't like the comparison, but I do remember one other regime that systematically looted Jews' possessions; you do remember heaps of gold teeth, don't you...

    Outpost Residents Say Arabs Looted their Homes

    Residents of Mitzpe Avichai, who were evicted from their homes, saw Arab stealing their valuables.
    By Elad Benari
    First Publish: 1/16/2012, 4:14 AM

    Mitzpe Avichai
    Mitzpe Avichai
    Courtesy E.Y.
    Residents of the outpost of Mitzpe Avichai near Kiryat Arba, who were evicted from their homes in the middle of the night last week, are reporting that the Arab workers who came to clear the rubble that was left of their homes stole jewelry and other valuables.
    Rabbi Shimon Ben-Zion, a former member of the Kiryat Arba local council, told Arutz Sheva that residents of the outpost told him that when they returned to the ruins of their homes to take some belongings that survived the demolition, they found that the Arabs had stolen valuables.
    He stressed that the thieves were not residents of nearby Arab villages, but rather the employees of the company that had been contracted by the Civil Administration to destroy the outpost.
    Witnesses told Rabbi Ben-Zion that they spotted bags on the tractors used during the demolition, which they believe contained the stolen valuables. They added that the more expensive belongings were stolen, while the simpler and inexpensive belongings were left behind.
    Meanwhile the Civil Administration, which was responsible for carrying out the demolition, rejected the allegations and told Arutz Sheva that the residents’ claims were investigated and nothing was found that would confirm that any thefts took place.
    The Civil Administration noted, however, that the demolition was carried out by a contractor, a fact which limited the Administration’s ability to thoroughly investigate the claims.
    Rabbi Ben-Zion rejected the Civil Administration’s response and said that one of the residents told him he had seen the Arab looters stealing heavy equipment from the homes but when they saw they had been spotted, left the heavier equipment and took the smaller items.
    Rabbi Ben-Zion added that when the residents began chasing the looters and sought the help of policemen who were on the scene, the officers responded by saying, “Who told you it’s yours?”

    The prophet Ezekiel was so right: they are doing this for greed, because the U.S. is broke, the Western powers are broke, and the Arabs of Judea, Egypt, and other countries are also broke; just like they looted Libya to the core, they are in the process of looting Jews in Yesha, their next target. Filthy, sickening animals.But nothing will prevent them from collapsing, if Hashem so decrees.

    Police Brutally Evict 5 Families from Yissa Beracha Outpost

    Police violently evicted 5 families from the new community (“outpost”) of Yissa Beracha early Thursday. Nine protesters were injured.
    By David Lev
    First Publish: 1/19/2012, 9:10 AM

    Police violence
    Police violence
    A7 archives
    Police early Thursday morning evicted five families from the new community (“outpost”) of Yissa Beracha, a new neighborhood of the town of Mitspe Yericho, located between Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. Police violently removed the families and beat protesters who had come to demonstrate against the eviction. Nine protesters were injured in the police violence.

    The operation, for all practical purposes, constituted a classic “invasion” of the neighborhood, with police sealing off the neighborhood for three hours before the eviction, while others blocked off access roads, preventing protesters from reaching the site, and beating with with clubs and sticks when they tried to reach the site. Police said that three officers were injured, after they fell off a roof they had climbed on in order to remove a resident.

    Three of the protesters sustained injuries to the head, and were taken to Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital for treatment. Protesters said that one woman was injured when she was run down by a security vehicle; another protester who was hit on the head by police was refused medical treatment, witnesses said, with police preventing doctors from treating him until the evictions and demolition of the structures in the neighborhood were finished. Protesters said that, as has been the case in recent outpost demolitions, police used Arab contractors who gleefully ripped down the structures, cursing and laughing at the Jews while they did their work.

    MK Michael Ben-Ari said that “the time has come for the national religious public to understand that the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is bad for the Jews. The obsessive and ongoing demolition of Jewish homes has reached the levels of the eviction of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria. Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are persecuting residents, evicting children from their homes, and injuring protesters – and afterwards they wonder why there are 'price tag' actions.”
    Along with the demolition and eviction of five families in the new community of  Yissa Beracha, a new neighborhood of the town of Mitspe Yericho, police and border guards also evicted the Slonim family in the Oz Tzion neighborhood of Givat Assaf. Police tore down the building, with police waving guns and rifles at residents during the eviction. Police deny the report

    Newlyweds Among Those Evicted from Outpost

    Newlyweds Tzvi Yitzchak and Sarah Cohen were beaten and evicted from their home in Yissa Beracha. "We will rebuild."
    By Elad Benari
    First Publish: 1/20/2012, 5:46 AM

    Mitzpe Yericho
    Mitzpe Yericho
    Israel news photo: Archive
    Among the five families evicted from their homes in the new community (“outpost”) of Yissa Beracha in Mitzpe Yericho early Thursday morning were newlyweds Tzvi Yitzchak and Sarah Cohen. Their home was razed.
    Tzvi Yitzchak Cohen told Arutz Sheva in an interview on Thursday about the terrible violence used by police against local residents during the eviction and demolition.
    “Yissa Beracha is a new neighborhood which was established about a year and a half ago following the murders of Yitzchak and Talya Imas, Avishai Shindler and Kochava Even Chaim who were murdered in a terror attack near Hevron,” Cohen said. “Until two months ago, when we received notices that we were outside the boundaries of the community, we had no problems.”
    Cohen, who lived in a trailer until the wedding, when he and his new wife moved into their permanent home, said, “After the engagement and before the wedding we built the house and entered it immediately after the ceremony. Since then we’ve dedicated more houses and a synagogue in the community, but last night everything was destroyed.”
    “They behaved brutally, they sprayed pepper gas at dozens of guys, threw one of them from the roof of a home,” he added. “They used Arabs to remove our belongings and then demolished the houses. They took us out of our home while beating us.”
    Cohen said, “They want to break us but they will not succeed. We will build everything again and anyone who can contribute – a blessing will come upon him.”

    6. SO WHAT IS YOUR CONCLUSION??? Mine is quite clear.....


      If you want to see what's happening to the disaffected black ghetto youth in the U.S., see this shocking video. How many of those brainwashed elements are incorporated in Dyncorp and Triple Canopy? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Thanks, G.



    DS said...

    Anonymous said:

    If the Jewish morons continue to allow to be misled to waste time sending letters to the MK' or calling ministers or planting 20 saplings, they and we all will be destroyed.
    I am preparing for our self defense.
    Suicidal maniacs are not in my priority list.

    DS said...

    Interesting comment by Doug Casey. I introduce it here because that is exactly NATO's predicament, and why it is using cheap Arab men for warfare against Jews, akin to using Mexicans to wash your floors.

    "... Right now the Eurocrats in Brussels really only have the power to regulate, which is bad enough. But if the European Union had the power to tax, it would become an actual empire. Especially if they then created a European army - there's no telling what kind of mischief they'd get into.

    On the bright side, they can't really afford an army. That's the bright side of all these governments being bankrupt: They spend way too much on welfare and debt service to afford much warfare... I guess that makes welfare and debt good things, in a perverse way."

    DS said...

    But Doug Casey didn't count with NATO cunning, using cheap labor to do the dirty work of killing. Killing they want, and killing they do. And don't forget all the loot they accumulate; that should pay their salaries quite well, unless looting is their 'tip', similar to waiters and waitresses receiving pocket change instead of a salary. Think of it this way: Let's say you are NATO, or one of their members. You tell those unemployed criminal men: "Look, I have no money to pay you, I can only pay you ten dollars a day. But whatever you find there you can keep." That would make it quite profitable for those arabs to do the dirty work, and enjoy it at the same time. A win-sin situation, everybody is happy, the arab gets to brutalize and rob the Jews, and the government gets the Jews out of here.

    DS said...

    Make sure to read the whole list of 'The Stench of Deceit" articles, 6 altogether, not counting earlier articles about NATO and Israel.